Love is our new reality

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The Pleiadians via Suzanne Lie, November 9, 2018

Remembering Life On The Starships, Part 2 of Inter-dimensional Reality- Pleaidians through Suzanne Lie



Part 2 of Interdimensional Reality

The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

Whether you are aware of it or not, many of you, our volunteers to take an earth vessel, return to our Ships, usually that would be “your ship,” during your sleep. Also, many of you who visit us take advantage of the advanced, fifth-dimensional healing technology that you are welcome to partake of.

On the Ship there are many machines that allow us to see inside of the patient. Then we can use special “energy fields” to repair the inside of the patient’s wounded, or diseased body.

One of the things that most earthbound humans do not realize, is that they do visit our Ships. However, most humans choose to forget their experience, as it makes their life on Earth too difficult.

The juxtaposition of having a higher dimensional reality based on Light and Unconditional Love and also having a third-dimensional physical reality which has many challenges can make many people “forget” about their fifth-dimensional life.

It is for that reason that we call our friends and family who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia to remind them—YOU—of your fifth-dimensional frequency of SELF. Yes, you are ALL multidimensional beings in that you ALL enjoy many different realities within the NOW of the fifth dimensional ONE.

We say you “experience this reality in the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE to remind you that you are NOT limited to your third-dimensional consciousness.

However, on the other hand, you are limited to your third-dimensional physical body as that is the “third/fourth human form” that you must wear while you are visiting your “third/fourth dimensional planetary home of Earth.”

When you first visit our Pleiadians Ship you will feel VERY comforted by the constant Unconditional Love and many forms of Interdimensional communication.  Since we the Pleiadians, are your “hosts” during your visit, we focus first on why you have come to visit us and how we can be of assistance to you.

There is much technology here that is VERY advanced beyond the technology on Earth. You may ask us why we do not share our technology with Earth, but if you look at the GREAT misuse of your 3D technology, you will understand why too many humans are NOT ready to receive it.

The Galactics, as we often call ourselves, have come from many other Star Systems. If you feel that you are alone, just look up into the “Sparkling Lights” of  Stars, Star Systems and Celestial Bodies,.

Then, you will be able to perceive the potential reality that you will “return to” once you have completed your “tour of duty” to take an earth vessel in order to assist Gaia.

While living ON Earth, you will not only learn more about being a human on transmuting Earth, but you will also begin to perceive “outer space,” not as something that is far, far away, but as a reality/place that feels VERY comfortable and even familiar.

In some deep inner space, you remember that some of those “stars” that you perceive in “outer space” are something that surrounds and protects you, like the sky around Earth.

What if you never really thought about the blinking lights in the night sky? What if you never imagined that each blinking light was an entire world, that may, or may not, have humans living on them?

Please try to imagine that this earthbound reality is what you chose when you went to the “4D Mall” in your night body to observe your life from a different perspective.

In other words, what we are saying is that “Life IS a perspective which everyone sees through their own eyes.” Your experience of “reality” is what you chose when you went to “4D Mall” to see your life from a different perspective.

Life on third dimensional Earth gives you the perspective of reality in which many humans see only through their eyes and not through their mind and their heart. When you first go to your Starship and meet the members of your Galactic Family, you will likely NOT be able to bring that perspective back into your third-dimensional physical life.

However, sometimes you return to your third-dimensional reality via your fourth dimensional Astral Body, or via a moment of the fifth dimensional NOW in which you are able to remember “something?”

You may not know what that “something” is, but the memory of the feeling that you had when you entered your Starship and was welcomed by your friends and comrades on the Ship, will likely remain as a special “feeling.”

This “feeling” will remain within your thoughts and mind for a while, but your daily life on the third dimension will eventually dim those thoughts and memories. However, every now and then, something will enter your memory, if only for a second.

You may not be able to connect with the finer details of that memory, but you WILL feel the feeling of coming HOME to some place and meeting with your family there that you did not know you had. You will likely not use the above terms of Star Ship and HOME, but that is how your Galactic SELF will remember them.

Hence, you are left with the responsibility, probability, or honor, of being able to remember, maybe just a glimpse of your Home on your Star Ship and/or a brief moment on your fifth-dimensional reality.

Eventually, if you can believe in your SELF, you will realize that when you are asleep to your third-dimensional reality, you will have the opportunity to visit your fifth-dimensional reality on your Home Ship.

Often, but not always, your sleeping self’s perspective of your Galactic Home will be able to remind you of “Your best friends from your Homeworld or Starship.”

Also, your galactic friends on the Ship will be reminding you again and again that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who has many bodies. Because of this reminder, sometimes you will be able to perceive one, or some, of those “blinking lights in the night sky,” as your HOME.

While you are very new to your Galactic Reality, you may not be able to share your experience with others. After all, you may think you are crazy. We remind you that that is their fear and their judgment, NOT yours.

We advise all of you to write a Diary of some sort, in any manner that you please, as it is YOUR higher dimensional reality and YOUR awakening. Initially, you may write about your experiences in a Diary in order to better understand your experience and how this experience affects your life.

But then, likely when you least expect it, something will happen that will allow you to release some of your doubt—doubt in your own Multidimensional SELF—that you had to hide from others because you feared that they would judge you if they knew how very “weird” you are.

However, as you communicate more and more with your Star Family, you will not be so concerned what others say. Also, you will have learned to look at that person’s aura to see if that person is ready for your information. Then respect what you have perceived.

One of the biggest challenges for you, the “volunteers to take a physical earth vessel, is to remember who you really are. Then, the next challenge is to look into the aura of a person standing before you to see if they are open enough to receive any of your inter-dimensional information.

If that person is not ready to receive that higher frequency of information, you will see that in their un-awakened aura. That person, or even your own self, may have no idea that your higher frequency expression of SELF-resides on Gaia within this NOW!

If your Higher SELF is wearing a fifth-dimensional body, only those who have opened their own heart and mind to the frequency of the fifth dimension will be able to perceive your own fifth-dimensional SELF.

In fact, those of you who have not yet awakened to your fifth-dimensional SELF will still believe that you are “just imagining this being of light. Therefore, you will call your experience a dream.

However, when you are ready, you will be able to communicate with your Pleiadian Star Ship and/or Homeworld, which is within the star cluster called “The Pleiades.” Many have never thought about Starships till now, or distant planets, or nearby Starships.

However, once you find the inner courage, and latent memory of your true SELF, you may even be able to visit your future, and/or present Homeworld reality. You will also be able then to visit your fifth dimensional Star Ship.

In fact, when you remember how to relax into your natural resonance of being a fifth-dimensional being, you may be very excited that you are NOW in a reality that resides beyond what your Earth SELF calls “time.”

You may not know, yet, how far in your future it will be before you can have these experiences. On the other hand, you may be surprised to realize that you have had these kinds of experience your entire life, in fact, for many lives. However, your FORGOT.

However, if you listen, look, ask questions, and most challenging of all, allow your fifth-dimensional thinking, which you may have called in the past, “Just my imagination.” What if you “imagination” is real and your daily, 3D life is “just your imagination?”

Take that thought into your dreams tonight and take that thought to the Ship when you visit it in your night body. What if you could finally come to the realization that YOU are a very privileged person, as you have been able to have two lives in one lifetime?

You may ask, “How can it be that I can have two lives in one lifetime?” The answer is, “because you will have returned to your true Multidimensional SELF!”

Blessings on your Journey
Your Galactic Family, the Pleiadians