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The RV/GCR Paradox by Ron Giles, July 27th, 2018

The RV/GCR Paradox

Paradox defined: a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.

Most Conference calls that blame the delays in the release of funds on the banks, are the perfect examples of a Paradox. Either the source is ignorant, has an agenda of disinformation, or both. A lack of understanding of the Quantum Financial System (QFS) stands at the base of this proliferation of misinformation or disinformation.

Reality and the QFS

The banking industry as we know it, will cease to exist; repeat, the banking industry as we know it, will cease to exist. With the QFS in place, banks are irrelevant.

Ø They will serve no useful purpose.
Ø They will not be interlopers in the transfer of money as they have been.
Ø They will not make money off of, “other people’s money.”
Ø They will not be able to receive deposits or participate in checking accounts.
Ø They will not be able to sustain the massive amount of overhead that they have sucked out of the economy, because the fees they charge will be gone.
Ø Personal finances will not be a profit driven industry because the business of banking will be eliminated in the QFS.
Ø The QFS and the personal connections into the QFS will be free; no profit incentive, ever; no insufficient fund fees, no overdraft fees, no account fees, etc.
Ø QFS is a service rendered outside of the world of profit motivation.
Ø It’s hard to understand the demise of the banking industry but start getting used to it because everything is changing.

BTW, just a side note in case I am wrong, any money extorted or made by any banker or banking institution, by delaying the release of funds, will be confiscated by the QFS. They will be escorted out of the building into the paddy wagons and the money will be returned to owner!!! Is the QFS already in place?

The QFS has been working in parallel with the present Cabal banking system, for many months now. Just ask the crooked banker that have already been caught. With a flip of the switch, the old will be gone and the new will be functional. It will be a personal resource to support our financial activities.

Ø The QFS is like a Heavenly Central Bank.
Ø It will be free.
Ø It will be secure.
Ø It will be easy to use.
Ø No fraud, no deception, no hidden fees,
Ø No Cabal type control over the movement of money.
Ø No government oversight that meddles into personal lives.
Ø There will be no income tax to use as a reason for getting into everybody’s lives. Sales tax will sustain government fiancial requirements.

When you want to make a purchase you simply initiate a transfer of money to the seller’s account. It’s all done in house. Your account can be given out to anyone because your account can never be hacked, duplicated, or used without your permission through biometric confirmation of your identity.

Back to using the banker’s greed as the delay for the release of funds.

The release of fund for the RV/GCR, will not be done through the present banking system. It will be done through the QFS. There is absolutely no way for any banking institution to interfere with the release of funds, nor have any control over its secure use by any currency holder because they will not be involved. To say otherwise is like the man behind the curtain trying to continue his deception after he is caught. The plan is in place. And when it’s time for the release, WE WILL ALL REDEEM/EXCHANGE AT THE SAME TIME – AND WE WILL ALL BECOME LIQUID AT THE SAME TIME. Reports to the contrary are false. All new Gold Backed currencies are in the QFS and as such, funds will not be released until we have access to the QFS. The education/instructions on how to access our money in the QFS will be given at the time we have our redemption/exchange appointments. ZAP, Bruce, and others who continually talk about bank hold ups, are being compromised by their sources of information. No redemption/exchange funds will be released until the QFS has been activated. Thinking or believing anything else is setting yourself up for major disappointment. The RV/GCR history is proof that all this bank talking is diatribe and of no relevance. Keep talking and believing in this stuff if you want but one needs to become astute in their thinking and reasoning. The future will prove most of the past, as wishful thinking, as a pastime to get us from, there to here, with the release of funds. For those with eyes to see and ears that hear, little tidbits of information is given to find the way to the truth, to establish the correct way of thinking about the RV/GCR.

Has your mind conceived the reality of a Trillion Dollars? A Quadrillion? A Pentillion and more? Do you have humanitarian projects that will require that kind of money? Have you taken the time to create the details of your projects? Are you thinking big? Are you fully prepared to accomplish what you want to do? If not, then the delays might be for your benefit. The delays might just be your fault on a personal basis.

There will be a time when, we, the critical mass, will be ready to begin our work. Just wanting it to happen is insufficient. Just needing to happen to solve our personal problems is insufficient. There is something holding it back and it is not the NPTB. Things have to be right. Our thinking must be in harmony with the funds we will receive. These funds are live, potential energy and are waiting for us to harmonize our intent with theirs. When this happens the release will come, the flood gates will open and the world will be ours to create abundance.

Maybe our time should be spent on preparation instead of trying to figure out why and when the money will come. We have created a speculation, infested scenario that is not serving our desired goals. As a group of currency holders, we are focusing on the wrong things. With all our getting, we need to get prepared and use this waiting time wisely. It’s going to happen when we are ready. Do your own work. Prepare every needful thing and quit complaining and resisting your need to change.

The paradox of blaming the banks is not the delay you want it to be so quit blaming them. If you are personally depending on these funds to solve your personal problems, though it will help personally, it is not the purpose for which the money is intended to be used. Put the blame squarely where it belongs; on the shoulders of the chosen currency holders who have not properly prepared for the use of these funds. See the Cabal tactics of blaming others for what it is – to hide the reality that we are not prepared, therefor we are to blame. When we are prepared, it will happen and not one critical mass unit sooner. This pivotal time in history will take everything we have to succeed. Be engaged. Welcome to reality.

In Light and Love

Ron Giles