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The Team via Peggy Black, April 12th

The ‘Team’ via Peggy Black: Your Physical Body is a Universe

Peggy BlackWe are here, available and sharing ideas that expand your current understanding of who you are. It is our goal to continue to stretch your awareness, to disappear your limited viewpoints.

We understand that you are most comfortable with what is the same and familiar. However you are connected with us and our information because of the magnificent multidimensional aspect of self. Know there is more and even beyond what you think of as more.

We want to invite you to begin to consider that within your physical body is a universe. We realize that your focus is generally outward. You are very involved in the physical reality in which you live, work and relate to others. In this transmission we are encouraging you to begin to turn your attention and your focus within.

Imagine for a moment that all the cells within your body are like the stars in your galaxy.

Begin to allow your awareness to consider that each and every cell is a complete system. The idea of a cell being a complete system within itself would also include that each aspect of the physical body is a complete system. These many systems of the body from the smallest cell to the most complex are guided by coordinated feedback that responds to stimulus or any disruptive energy.

Think of yourself as the CEO of an entire universe. This universe is your body. It is coded with the essential blueprint for survival and perfection. The goal of this system is to maintain balance and harmony. Realize that every cell of your body strives to bring balance between its goals for survival and perfection and the environment, as well as with the energy frequency and vibration in which it interacts.

There are generally thousands of chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reactions between your cells operate in a dynamic electromagnetic field. These chemical messages are received by the other cells as an electromagnetic resonance.

There are trillions of cells in your body and these trillions of cells are continually in communication with each other as they carry out the multitude of functions that keep you healthy and alive.

Imagine for a moment that every cell as well as the DNA and all systems are conscious receivers. They receive your communication through the vibrations and the frequencies that you offer. They are always eavesdropping on the electromagnetic field that you create by your thoughts, feelings, words and interactions with others.

Consider for a moment that your cells are always listening and responding to the emotional frequency and energy field that you are offering.

We have observed that there are scientists who have discovered that your very DNA operates with a genetic code that follows rules similar to your human language. They concluded that the human language did not appear by coincidence but would seem to be a reflection of the inherent patterns in your DNA.

Therefore this is offered for your consideration. We suggest that your very DNA can be changed by sound patterns and frequencies as well as by the spoken word. Consider that your DNA functions just like a holographic computer. It will soon be a known awareness and understanding that it is entirely normal and natural for your DNA as well as your cells to react to language. Bio-communication will become a common practice.

These discoveries also include that your DNA serves a data storage and communication function. You, as a human, are evolving and remembering the ability to hyper-communicate. You have been so focused on individual, limited communications and that is shifting. You are beginning to understand and realize that you have the ability to create a new group consciousness.

Realize that just as you use the internet with ease, your DNA can and will be able to feed proper data to, or receive or retrieve data from, group consciousness, as well as establish contact with other participants in the network. Remote healing, telepathy or remote sensing or viewing are all possible and will be moving into the mainstream awareness.

So let us return your awareness to the realization that perhaps your cells, systems and DNA might be listening to electromagnetic frequencies of what you are saying or feeling.

We are inviting you to begin a simple practice in which you consider that, as the CEO of your physical body, it might be a good idea to offer a little gratitude and love to all the hard working cells who continue to strive for the perfection of your physical form.

The method and practice will be unique to each individual. However, we suggest that you begin in some form to communicate with the various systems and cells of your body. Spend some time, perhaps just before falling asleep, to just bathe your circuits and systems with a genuine feeling of gratitude. While you take a refreshing bath or shower, begin to acknowledge your body and all its parts.

We have often invited you to flow colors through your body. You just envision your body filled with the color and vibration of red and you simply say “Any part of my body that needs the color and frequency of red take what you need, and any part of my body that has too much of the color or frequency of red, now is the time to release it.” In your mind’s eye imagine the red dissipating. Now fill your body with the color orange and repeat this process through the entire spectrum of your earthly rainbow colors.

If you are someone who regularly meditates, you can easily enter the alpha or theta brain wave states. It is in these states that communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is dramatically enhanced. We invite you to simply relax and imagine that you can talk to your nervous system or your digestive system.

We invite you to offer genuine compassion, understanding and love to any aspect of the body. You will begin to build a trust by engaging your cells and systems in this mental exchange. State that you want to establish a new conscious partnership of support and cooperation. If there is an ailment or dysfunction, be gentle and ask to be guided to the most appropriate way to restore the balance and harmony that the cell or body needs.

Be patient with this exercise and with yourself. This is a new beginning, a new phenomenal partnership. It will take some time to discover just how this will personally work for you and your connection with the consciousness of your physical form.

Remember that you are a magnificent multidimensional divine being of consciousness and are the creator of your physical reality, which includes your very own body. You have the ultimate authority over all activities that take place in your physical form. It is time that you own this awareness and this responsibility.

We offer our dedicated service to your awakening. You are dearly loved and acknowledged for who you are and for the courage to anchor more light awareness to this reality. Call upon us for support and we will be near. the ‘team’

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