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The Team via Peggy Black, October 12th

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black:

Being Triggered to Bloom

We are here supporting you as you move through the incredible chaos and the rapidly flowing energy of change. Realize it is out of the chaos that a new reality will come forth. The very events that are occurring are pushing the evolution of consciousness forward.

We realize you might have difficulty in believing that things can change, especially when they seem so hopeless and intense. However, we are here to remind you of who you are in the unfolding of this hologame.

We truly honor you as masters of energy transformation. We see you as the magnificent multidimensional divine beings that you are. Yes, we do observe that you have a physical aspect that requires focus as well as maintenance and support. It is the maintenance of your physical focus that we address.

During these extremely challenging times your physical body can reflect the intensity of the collective chaos. This is where your mastery comes forth as you begin to recognize the dream of duality, the opposites pushing and pulling the other. You are always invited to hold this duality in a place of balance within your thoughts and actions.

You have been on this journey before and the path is well traveled by those who have anchored consciousness into this field and matrix of energy including those who anchored the energy of 5th dimensional awareness. Also included are your avatars, ascended masters, sages and saints, those who offered and encouraged a more heart based shift. You called these beings enlightened. They exemplified super-human skills and abilities. They expressed a spiritual maturity. They blossomed into their true multidimensional divine selves while in physical embodiment.

You are here to blossom as well. You are here to anchor a centered place of peace between the dualities. It starts within; you begin to invite, envision and call forth this balance in your personal experience and it will radiate out to the family, co-workers, community and the collective.

This is a reality of duality. Within your personal experience you have the duality of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for the logic, the step-by-step action, the practical, realistic, decisive, aggressive and controlling. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, emotions, freedom, creative expression, imagination, feelings, peace and a sense of oneness.

These abilities of the opposites within your very operating systems are meant to serve you in owning your mastery. These qualities are meant to be in harmony, to work together for the well being of your physical experience here in this dimension.

However, from our observation there is an out of balance in the collective. The emotional nature of the collective is one of hostility, anger/rage, injustice and violence. These toxic energies and vibrations can trigger the same emotions within each person. Begin to understand that emotional reactions and actions are contagious. They are vibrations of energy and you are a vibrational being that can be activated to express a similar misqualitied vibration of emotions.

You are being invited to be aware of how easily you can be triggered by what is occurring. When you observe these tendencies within, pause, take a breath and allow yourself to reset. As you practice this simple and conscious exercise it will become easier and easier to shift how you are reacting to the misqualifed energy and emotions.

We invite you to begin to place your awareness in your heart each and every time you feel triggered by the collective action and emotional vibrations. It is within the sacred space of the heart that all transformation takes place.

Most humans live from the energy and tendencies of the left brain. When you begin to connect with your imagination, your loving emotions, your sense of oneness you begin to bloom into your own sageness, your own mastery. The goal is to use each aspect of your brain and its awesome abilities in partnership with one another, in wholeness.

To call forth this wholeness within, it is important for you to begin to heal the wounded heart. When you are able to live from the energy of your heart, you begin to anchor more love and light on your Earth. We know that you carry memories within your DNA of pain, mistrust, abandonment and a sense of powerlessness. This is what you are here to transform, this is the misqualified energy you have the power to heal.

Find methods and use energy tools, movement, dance as well as sounds and visualizations to assist you in healing all the wounded aspects within yourself. Create alchemist chambers in the quantum field of your imagination, revisit and witness the wounded aspects of yourself and offer healing, forgiveness and freedom.

Make it a practice to go often to the energy and space of your heart, a sanctuary of peace and wholeness, a balance of dualities. Your heart will become a refuge, a retreat, a haven in which you will begin to experience the energy of non-duality.

It is from this place of non-duality that you will experience your wholeness and divine self.  We know that you are up to the task. We see you as the true masters that you are.

We will acknowledge that more and more beings in the collective are being triggered to bloom into their magnificent wholeness and you are one of them. It is our honor to share this energy and this support. We send our love, gratitude and support to embrace you.  the ‘team’


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