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“The Transition” by Jeff – 9.14.17

“The Transition” by Jeff – 9.14.17

Entry Submitted by Jeff at 11:39 AM EDT on September 14, 2017

I always thought The Event and Disclosure were about the public announcement of our UFO Star Families. Now I see there must be Disclosure of the falsehood of our government and banking system and an Event to oust their control, first.

Transitions in nature, like the solstices, occur over a multi-day period – i.e. to transition from shorter days to longer days. So, this disclosure of the falsehoods of government and banking TO the true systems of the Golden Age must occur over many days.

In all things, there is first the exposure of inequities, then talk about the situation, agreed solutions, then the implementation of those solutions. The public would be in too much shock otherwise. There needs to be the exposure and awareness of the problems first – i.e. the legal, public default of the false United States Inc government and false Federal Reserve banking system for all to see.

The “hold-out to the end” by the cabal leaders and/or puppets of the cabal (i.e. Netanyahu, Trump, and minions) hope to bring their “climatic chaos” to the world.

The prevention of chaos must be masterfully orchestrated by the Benevolent. It is like “flying trough the eye of the needle” to pass through the convergence of this transition from Darkness to Light, to come out on the other side unscathed.

I have full faith and confidence in the Master Planning of all contingencies on behalf of the Benevolent to pull this off. Their mastery of the Light and Love is greater than the mastery of the cabalʼs darkness and hatred.

The cabal leader/puppets were given golden amnesty packages, the opportunities to bow out gracefully and save face, but have chosen to fight to the end and loose all.

So, hopefully this publicly witnessed transition will start soon during the last weeks of September on the global stage for all to see; so that the new truthful systems will be explained publicly, and joyfully embraced – liberating all from the cabalʼs illusionary bondage.


Here are several noteworthy dates:

Sep 20 – Mercury Retrograde goes fully direct
Sep 21 – UN International Day of Peace
Sep 22 – Autumn Equinox, Muslim New Year in 28 countries, one writer noted Trump to resign between Sep 22-24
Sep 23 – Biblical Virgo Constellation Alignment in the heavens
Sep 24 – Germanyʼs National Elections
Sep 25 – End of UN General Assembly #72
Sep 29 – USA Inc. Debt Limit date for USA Inc. Default
Sep 30 – US Government Shut-Down, end of Fiscal 4th Quarter 2017
Oct 1 – New Financial System begins, USD no longer accepted worldwide

We shall see how events unfold…