Love is our new reality

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The Water Spirits via Galaxygirl, November 22nd, 2017

Message from the Water Sprites for November 22, 2017

Hello humankind! Warm greetings to you all on this very day!

We are the water sprites and we are gleefully delighted to speak finally at long last with you all, and have your captive attention.

Your waters on your world are suffering. They are in a poor state of ill health and disease. They require your attention. Plastics run amok choking the wildlife and poisoning the oceanic environment. It has caused the merpeople to recede deeper and finally mostly into the hollows of your great Mother Earth. There has been much needless suffering of the oceanic kingdoms; of the Cetaceans and the fishes, the small and the large.

We look to you, humankind, for utilizing your powerful skills of creative energies to harness and to possess the fortitude to dive in and cleanse that which has been broken.

There is much excitement within our group regarding the escalation of creative force and heightened energies that are running rampant with delight in this powerful Now. It is tremendously exciting to be able to witness this transition of power from dark to that of the light while embodied. Do you realize and understand the extent of experience and suffering that had to be obtained for the era of transition to occur? It was as deep as the deepest ocean.

All is changing and being made new, but those that have been a sleep may not see – for awhile. We encourage you to not be discouraged or frustrated for truly all that has been unwell is being made well. And now you, humankind, will have the opportunity to show the galactics and the elementals and each other the strength in your unity, in your voice, in your choice to choose love in every moment and to give back this love and care to our great Mother in service to her kingdoms.

Crystal clear running water; picture this to every love filled home. Swimming with our Cetacean friends in crisp happy flowing water totally at peace and protected. Imagine and you shall receive for imaginings create reality. Breathe us in and allow our crystal clear energies of pure love and light fill your cells and the waters within your morphing humankind frames, and be at peace.

As far as your precious oceanic realms they are not only for you and for your use and purposes. Please understand you are the guardians not the owners and if Gaia had decided to leave and ascend alone we would all be in quite a different place now, would we not? Do we not owe her our very lives in service? It is time to rise up to your responsibilities and healings for our Mother. It is the time of healing; to heal and to be healed. It is the time of questions being answered, of truths being appreciated for what they are and have been and perhaps will be as we morph into our better selves.

As the Cetaceans say it is time to dive deep. There is great mystery in the oceans, as there is great mystery yet to be discovered within the depths of the human heart, although from our point of view we are absolutely delighted with the strength of your tenacity and resiliency and we know that Nova Gaia will be in excellent hands for the lessons that were needed to be learned have been learned. Humankind is embracing the fragments and mending that which has been torn and creating something new and powerful that is beautiful to behold!

Please be reassured that you will not be alone in the massive extent of oceanic cleanup. Of course there will be great assistance as there has been, but you will need to pitch in and do your part so that humankind can forever learn the lessons of the importance of being good and honorable stewards with kindness in their hearts for the environments in which they live.

We are grateful for this experience of connection with you, humankind. We feel great hope for the future – our shared future – and we know that all will be well, for we already see it as being so.

We are the water sprites! Talk with us as you drink your water and ask for purification and healing. We are alive. We sing, we think, we are. We are one. We love you! Please send us the violet fire for it greatly assists us in bringing balance and harmony to our Mother. It lightens the load and as we are your teammates, we greatly appreciate this act of service. Thank you for your attention. It is lovely to be heard.

— Submitted by galaxygirl