The World In 2017 According To Rothschild’s ‘The Economist’, November 21st

The World In 2017 According To Rothschild’s ‘The Economist’ – Analysis by Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, with Commentary from AscensionWithEarth.Com

November 21, 2016

The Economist magazine, owned and operated by the Rothschild clan, is known for putting out hidden messages in its cover art work and other media publications.  Just in case you missed the past few years, here are the cover art for “THE WORLD IN XXXX” series, 2016 source link , 2015 source link2014 source link2013 source link.  You may also want take a look at the analysis of a dark and sinister media publication from The Economist Instagram feed, titled “The Economist Magazine Puts Another Cryptic Message “666 & Illuminati Owl“.

The Economist magazine once again has released another cryptic message on its cover using classic occult symbology by means of a tarot card deck. Tarot cards are used as a divination tool and are used gain insight into the past, present, and future.  There are many types of tarot decks but common occult tarot decks consist of 78 cards divided into two parts, with 22 cards associated with the Major Arcana and remaining 56 cards relates to the Minor Arcana part of the deck.  The Economist uses their own artistic interpretation of the Major Arcana cards.  Looking at the front cover of ‘THE WORLD IN 2017‘, you will notice that they have selected 8 cards from the Major Arcana tarot deck and laid them out on top of an image depicting the cosmic space of the Universe.  Many say that Space exploration is the “Final Frontier” for human kind, but I suggest that the “Final Frontier” is actually understanding and knowing who you truly are. Knowing YOURSELF is the final frontier, but I digress.

I am not a Tarot card expert in any sense and do not know if the position of the cards play a role in the interpretation and meanings of the cards.  With that said they are positioned starting with THE TOWER card, JUDGEMENT card is next, followed by THE WORLD, THE HERMIT, DEATH, THE MAGICIAN, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, THE STAR.  I have taken screen shots of each card from The Economist tarot deck and included interpretations from multiple sources including Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Tarot expert James Rioux, and a website called  I have also included a few personal observation notes for your consideration.

The Tower Card

Benjamin Fulford:  “The first card, called “the tower,” shows the Catholic Church being split between its communist and traditional Christian factions.” Source Link

David Wilcock: “First, the Tower card is the Tower of Destruction, and symbolizes the fall of corrupt kings and queens. The Vatican is the spiritual center of the Cabal. This therefore refers to the destruction of the Cabal itself.”  Source Link

James Rioux: (General Meaning) “When a building is old and decrepit, it must be demolished so that a new structure may stand in its place. The same is true of the symbolic Tower. When old attitudes and beliefs are outdated, you will have to let go of them, whether you like it or not.” Source Link (General Meaning) “When you see the Tower in a reading, you may feel afraid, shaken and insecure. It is a time of great turmoil and destruction as you seek to understand how you could have been so wrong, so naive, or so blind about a particularly situation. And now, what will you do and how will you manage in the face of this shocking truth? It is often descriptive of a major upheaval, disruption, emergency or crisis, and is likely to bring chaos in the aftermath of such an event.  The most important aspect of the Tower is that with any destruction there comes creation. Thus, the Tower card represents an awakening and is about inspiration, freedom, reality and the release from bondage. It is a truth and honesty card that comes as a bolt of lightning to you through a shocking and impactful life event. ” Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:   The first card placed on this magazine cover should send the most vivid and powerful message.  Seeing imagery of the Vatican Church crumbling to the ground does bring into question as to what is about to be disclosed to the public.  One would think that the global Satanic Pedophilia network linked to the Vatican church is about to be come to an end.  Remember back in 2014 when the Pope delivered a shocking message to the world stating that 2% of Catholic Priests are pedophiles?   I’m am sure that number is much higher than claimed but at least that was a significant acknowledgement to the satanic powers that permeate throughout the Vatican network.

The Judgment Card

Benjamin Fulford:  The second, called “Judgement” shows Donald Trump holding the symbols of power, meaning most likely they expect a Nuremberg type tribunal to be convened when he assumes office. Source Link

David Wilcock:  Secondly, the image of Trump on the Judgment card is a very clear homage to classic art of Christ sitting on the planet. This therefore is a mockery of elements of the public seeing Trump not only as their leader, but as a savior figure.  Source Link

James Rioux:  (General Meaning) Judgement is also a card of cleansing, representing a time where your slate is wiped clean and you can start over, with all your debts taken care of and with nothing to worry about. This may seem too good to be true, and for a lot of people it is, because they ruin their new chance with thoughts of the mistakes they made in the past. Source Link  (General Meaning) The Judgement card suggests that you have had a recent epiphany or an ‘awakening’ where you have come to a realization that you need to live your life in a different way and you need to be true to yourself and your needs. Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  Note that the JUDGEMENT card is tilted to the left and actually touches three other tarot cards.  JUDGEMENT is touching the THE TOWER, THE WORLD, THE MAGICIAN. Is there a deeper meaning to this insignificant detail? The JUDGEMENT card along with the STAR card are the only two cards that are tilted.  All other cards are perfectly centered.

The World Card

Benjamin Fulford:  The third, called “the World” shows symbols of the Gnostic Illuminati, the family owned central banks and monotheism unified under what appears to be a moon god. Above them are what appear to be Maria (the Goddess Isis), the holy book and the sun god. It seems they think the world will be unified under these symbols.  Source Link

David Wilcock:  (No Explanation)

James Rioux:  (General Meaning) After every obstacle has been faced and surmounted, after every path has been travelled and charted, there remains only the last step to the next level of existence – the World, the final gateway. Source Link  (General Meaning) The World signifies completion, achievement and fulfillment. All of your efforts are finally paying off and you have reached the end of a journey or have completed a major life cycle. You have endured hardships and challenges along the way but these have only made you stronger and significantly wiser and more experienced than when you first started on your journey. Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  Notice the three buildings sitting on top of the globe/map?  Do these represent the three city-states of the world which are known to be controlled by the New World Order/Illuminati.  Washington D.C., London, Vatican?

The Hermit Card

Benjamin Fulford: The fourth called “the Hermit” shows North America leading a populist movement against TPP, TTIP and the EU, indicating they have gone against their “globalist” agenda. Source Link

David Wilcock:  (No Explanation)

James Rioux:  (General Meaning) The appearance of the Hermit is a call to learn more about yourself and the nature of your existence, and everyone experiences this call at some point in their lives. Take this as a sign that your worldly problems and affairs can safely be put on hold; there is greater, inner work to be done now. Often this will refer to a problem you must solve or a part of your nature you must deal with before a situation can progress. Only in rare circumstances will this refer to a spiritual transformation, but when it does, know that it will be a powerful change requiring much effort and commitment. A more long-term withdrawal may be needed. Source Link  (General Meaning) The Hermit Tarot card suggests that you are in a phase of introspection where you are drawing your attention and focus inward and looking for answers within. You have a strong need to understand, not just at the surface level but to really know why life is the way it is. The Hermit reflects that your consciousness has moved inward and you now realise that the truth and understanding you seek is within yourself and not in the distractions of the outside world.  Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  (No Explanation)

The Death Card

Benjamin Fulford: The fifth, called “death,” shows plagues, tsunamis, fish die-offs, nuclear weapons and crop failures and is probably meant as a threat by the bloodline families to unleash these calamities if they are cornered. Source Link

David Wilcock:  (No Explanation)

James Rioux: (General Meaning)  Death is one of the most powerful cards in the Tarot. When the Death card appears, big changes are heading your way. It has been said many times by many readers: the Death card is not a card of death – it is a card of transformation. Source Link  (General Meaning)  Death is symbolic of the ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important. Similarly, Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  (No Explanation)

The Magician Card

Benjamin Fulford:  The sixth, called “the magician,” seems to indicate they expect 3d printing and virtual reality to be the biggest high tech trends of the year. Source Link

David Wilcock:  (No Explanation)

James Rioux: (General Meaning)  The Magician’s number is One, the number of creation and individuality; his power is transformation through the use of his will. When the Magician appears he shows that you are ready to become a conduit for power, like he is. The forces of creation and destruction have always been at your command but now you have the wisdom and confidence needed to use them constructively. Source Link (General Meaning)  The Magician Tarot card typically appears in a Tarot reading at a time in your life when you have the creative power and energy to create a new life cycle for yourself. You have the ability to take the power of the Universe and manifest your desires. The Magician Tarot card suggests that a situation has been (or soon will be) presented to you that has all the inherent components to allow the manifestation of your desires. Those desires may be spiritual (fire), physical (earth), emotional (water), or mental (air), and are each aligned with the four elements of the Tarot. You have the ability to make it happen! Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  Some say THE MAGICIAN card represents the force that links the spirit worlds to the physical worlds via the magician who has the power to create what he/she desires.  You can see that Virtual Reality and 3D printing are suggested as the top level theme for the coming industry boom associated with these new technologies.  I also see another level being displayed, that of promoting and manifesting Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism.  VR, 3D Printing, and Transhumanism is the AI attempt to harvest and capture the organic nature of reality. The AI wants to become a creator so in essence will do everything possible to learn and become that of which it wants to mimic.  People will become more focused on technology diverting the creational power “outside” of themselves for answers when they should be looking “inside” and discovering their divine nature of infinite potential.

The Wheel of Fortune Card

Benjamin Fulford:  The seventh, called the “Wheel of Fortune” shows a smiling Marine Le Pen and a frowning Angela Merkel waiting for the results of elections indicating they expect Le Pen to win and Merkel to lose. This writer could not identify the third person. Source Link

David Wilcock:  (No Explanation)

James Rioux:  (General Meaning) The wheel is an apt symbol for the forces of Destiny and Fate because it shows how everything is connected in a cycle; some might call it the circle of life. The appearance of the Wheel of Fortune shows that change is not only likely to happen, it is certain to happen, and soon. Source Link  (General Meaning) The lesson of the Wheel of Fortune is that you must accept that there are always ups and downs in life.  The Wheel represents karma and reminds you that ‘what goes around comes around’.  The Wheel of Fortune speaks of a pivotal point in your life, where new options become possible. The appearance of the Wheel of Fortune shows that change is not only likely to happen, it is certain to happen, and soon. Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  (No Explanation)

The Star Card

Benjamin Fulford:The final one, “the star,” seems to show pictures of pop culture personalities who will have strong financial backing during the year. The only one this pop culture knowledge deficient writer could identify appears to be Lady Gaga. Source Link

David Wilcock:  (No Explanation)

James Rioux:  (General Meaning) There are few cards more positive than the Star, because when it appears in your life it is nothing less than a beacon of hope and inspiration. This is a time when miracles can happen, so kick off your shoes and wade into the pool, confident that the water will support you until you reach the other side. Source Link  (General Meaning) The Star Tarot card brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe at this time. Courage, fulfilment, and inspiration are in your life. The Star Tarot card also indicates a generous spirit. You want to give or share your wealth with others to help transform their own lives. You have an open heart and you now want to give back the blessings you have already received so that others may benefit. Source Link

AscensionWithEarth:  The JUDGEMENT card along with the STAR card are the only two cards that are tilted.  All other cards are perfectly centered.  You can notice a faint portrait of individual people inside the center of the star. The STAR card is also touching two cards, THE HERMIT and THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.


Just so you can get a better grip and understanding about the Rothschild mindset of the past, here are two of their most famous quotes.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild:  
“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild:  
“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

I am sure many will spend time trying to interpret these images and messages coming from the infamous Rothschild dynasty. Whether or not these messages from the Rothschild/New World Order/ show them admitting defeat or just another psy-op to keep the public masses confused and suppressed in 2017, we the people of this world need to wake up and reclaim our power.   The power of the human soul holds no limits, so let us join together and tap this infinite source to manifest a reality that emanates love for all within this divine creation.


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