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Thor via Galaxygirl | October 29, 2023

Thor via Galaxygirl | October 29, 2023

Thor 10/29/2023

Greetings warriors of Earth and beyond. I am Thor, speaking to you from the 8th dimensional overlay of Gaia. You are warriors each and every one. Like the mighty bear you need nothing but your own strength and cunning to survive and yet there is great tenderness in bear communities, and we see this forming in your realm. Truly, you are all you need. You are taught otherwise in your religious circles of lack and judgement that create fear, hostility and hate. This was designed to create discord and lower the vibration of the participants. And yet can you see now that this is not needed? That as Source-light beings having an experience within density that you are no better or worse than myself, for we are all bothers and sisters of the light playing a game, inter-dimensionally within time and without time. This holographic experience is immensely more complex than the human mind can hold. Not understand, but can truly hold. This has nothing against your intelligence, it simply is designed this way. Within the game you cannot comprehend the complexity, no matter what level of human genius you are, you cannot fully comprehend the mystery. And that goes to say the same for myself in a way, for within each dimensional increase there is more unlocked but of course not all is unlocked for understanding, as eternity is ever expansive, ever expanding and ever learning. Eternity is learning, Source is learning, there is no end to the learning and self realization, and of the All within the self.

You are all your own suns of your own universes. Your lifetimes stacked up against each other hold great keys for unlocking and when on the other side you will remember more and more, but you will not understand all. There will be ‘ah-has’ but not all will be revealed. For you are ready when you are ready. That is the frustration I feel from this one and from so many others. The solar eclipse was intense and now you are dealing with a lunar eclipse, again, hidden and revealing, and processing have been profound for you all. And you feel you are ready. And most of you are. I do not say that you are not, you are mighty warriors, like myself, who also have several aspects within this earth game experience. I am with you, although those aspects of me do not yet know it. But it doesn’t matter. I am their higher self, and your higher selves are also managing your experiences, helping to guide you, coaxing you, soothing you, and helping with the frustration of the forgetting. My aspects are busy in various military positions, they do not need to know more than they know to do the job that they have been given to do. Do you see, you know what you need to know. This is unfortunately a need to know job. It is safer this way for you. It will ensure a smoother resolution if one only knows what is needed. And yet you can feel into this knowing and feel the more behind it, and surely this brings some comfort.

I Thor am speaking. There are tales of me in your world that are quite flattering, and yes I am from Venus and have been working with Earth for some time in various capacities of service. I love humanity. I love Gaia, and I am determined to keep working until this mission is complete. This mission is reaching completion. It is almost in the final stages, and this should bring you comfort and joy. But regardless it is taking place. Source has spoken and many green lights for go-aheads have been given. The giants are waking up, the landmasses are moving, the layers are revealing themselves. None of what you have heard of your histories is true, in a real sense. You have popcorn pieces of truth here and there within a mess of untruths so that you would not know what questions to ask, and earth domination was created in such a way that you would be too tired and afraid from keeping up with your lives to ask the types of questions and get the types of results that were needed for global harmony to be achieved.

This one is asking me about the wounded masculine. Yes, I am a fully healed masculine, and there has been much wounding of the masculine within the many layers of woundings on your sphere. Once the woundings have healed and the masculine and feminine can truly see each other in wonder will true harmony be achieved on your realm. It is coming. But it starts with you truly healing the deepest woundings of yourselves first. Then once healed you attract another who has healed, who has done the work. Twin flame unions will increase, rather than twin flame explosions (he is laughing). Fire keeps you warm or it burns a village. It is the same essence. You are mighty beings. When balanced there is great and tremendous opportunity for healing, peace, balance. When unbalanced, chaos ensues. Chaos and pain in a relationship, chaos and pain in a world. There is much that is unbalanced on your world and this is being rectified. This is part of the job of the light worker to be truly balanced within, as this assists with the planetary tilt, the planetary core, all of it. You are critical to the success of this mission. You are the light anchors, for the light you ground to the planet.

I Thor speak with tenderness and great strength to my warriors on the ground, and to the aspects of my selves that may read this in the higher ups. We are with you. You are not alone. Your higher selves, your teams, your galactic brother and sisterhoods are all watching out, and doing the work that you cannot, just as you are doing the work that we cannot. We are all one beautiful powerful cohesive army of light. And nothing can stop us. As nothing can stop the light and love that is being poured and bathing this universe in this time. Much more is coming.

I am Thor. Militarily, Galactically we are sound. We are solid. The light has arrived, is fully anchored and there are ‘hurrahs’ all around. There will be more to balance, and that is why we have the best of the best on the ground. I love you. I bow to you, my friends. I am Thor.

~ galaxygirl