“Top Down” – GCR/RV Conceptual – Saturday – August 12, 2017

“Top Down” – GCR/RV Conceptual – Saturday – August 12, 2017

Received via email at 8:54 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


When did the world flip upside down?

When did sanity and insanity changed skins?

When did sweet became sour, and day night?

Feels that way doesn’t it?

How can so much chaos somehow be benevolence manifesting?

Makes me wonder if my aunt is really my uncle and serving in the US military? Well, she/he used to be anyway…

Where has grace and normalcy gone in America society?

Or is everything right on track… on pace… on time? Is heaven just transitioning the entire planet from the top down all the way to the bottom?

Are the illusions of man being not so discretely being replaced by the realities of an all loving and eternally patient God?

Has Great Grandmother (Quan Yin) returned to reset justice and beauty again in this specific dimensional plane?

Is Gaia ascending us ever forward at rocket like speed?

How can everything have been so broken yet suddenly be instantly healed?

The only logical example is Christ back in the day. His 33 years changed everything and those Romans in power had less than a clue as to how or why.

Honestly, I’m now a fan of Trump. I get what’s happening. I now pray he continues on his trajectory faster so we can have our moment of awakening like only those followers of Christ might have experienced back in the day when Esu turned over the temple tables.

An epiphany of consciousness, a teleportation through ages of understanding. Whoooosh.

Back in the day Yeshua affected not just a lot of lives, but every life. Top down living through bottom up service.

It’s happening again today–hence the bizarre reversal of fortunes for the perpetually meek to the seemingly all powerful.

We are now they, and they now we. The bottom and the top exchanging lives, a redemption of lost souls at last.

And we’re alive to harvest in such a blessed time, on the front lines in fields of gold to witness such a sacred transition–regardless of what we’ve been through, how we’ve suffered, the scars that have been burned onto our bodies and souls.

This is the reckoning. And you it’s hero.

The day is today. Up to the plate we step. United in service we are. Human Angels in selfless formation.

As it was written, so shall it now be.

The return. The rapture. The reconciliation of man’s will with God.


God is with us.