Love is our new reality

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“Torus” – GCR/RV Philosophy – Tuesday – June 13, 2017

“Torus” – GCR/RV Philosophy – Tuesday – June 13, 2017


Revenge is a very primal reaction.

To lash out when things don’t go our way or there’s massive disappointment, or hard delays that appear out of nowhere to now here.

Sometimes there’s seemingly nothing one can do to change the situation except stomp around and wait for things to change.

Know hat anger and disharmony are bottom up emotions, entering from the lowest bodily chakra (root) and then moving towards your heart, where it is either transcended or absorbed until it exits the body as waste (returning to your root chakra) or soul understanding exiting through your highest chakra (crown).

Be aware all emotions, thoughts, ideas, tastes, touches, visuals and sounds are processed in the heart no matter where they first enter the body.

Each either adds or subtracts to the sustenance of your life and/or its destruction.

Now when love and gratitude enter the body from the top down, they nourish the heart, enriching the entire body and emanating infinitely out in all directions creating unexplainable synergy.

So focusing on material that feels “top down” (blessings) versus information that resonates as “bottom up” (burdens) is really a life or death intake situation, and one we all make constantly.

This is what is meant by the universal flow of life force, represented wonderfully in the sacred geometry shape of a torus (as seen above).

Therefore, to obsess over the burdens of life versus the blessings is a life ending choice as determined without prejudice by universal laws of applied energetic physics.


Top down = life, love, God.
Bottom up = death, fear, not God.

Pretty simple.

However, it’s not always so simple to control what we intake, let alone process or transcend it into positive energy–and at least to me–that’s my greatest challenge with participating actively (by choice) with the GCR/RV.

Remaining positive and upbeat… at all times… no matter what.

Because at the end of day it’s not about what currencies we hold, what they are worth or when they convert per se; it’s about learning to remain in constant gratitude regardless of my temporary environment with the good/bad news of the day–so as to always be strengthening and sustaining my life experience, moment by moment, versus weakening it.

The opposite to me is unacceptable… killing myself by choice is also illogical and not how I desire to experience this lifetime–possibly my last.

No thank you I say to those thousand little bad thought paper cuts the cabal has prepared for us all like land mines each day.

They desire I feel all their horrific and “not-real” burdens about this upcoming, very real epic new reality of infinite blessings.

I desire to feel all the goodness it has to offer and transcended all that is negative into powerful human angel acts of mercy for all souls to be enriched, hydrated financially and heal.

Knowing that, we can choose to fight their fight, on their turf, or change battle field and extinguish all past energetic holds over our species by just remaining in a state of constant appreciation.

Just being alive and fully awakened during such a monumental and transcendent period in human and planetary history is enough to harvest endless joy.

That’s a top down mentality. That’s what I choose consciously and subconsciously.

Because their “as above, so below” mindset simply doesn’t equate or create the same energetic results in terms of expanding or sustaining the human life experience.

So today, let’s together choose to remain grateful and loving at all costs, rather than spitting venom and swinging our mighty but heavy swords of revenge.


Blessing or burden is our call.
Love or fear only but a choice.
Redemption or revenge both options.
Heaven or hell just one decision.
God or not God a surrender in either direction.

The choice of where we place our attention and what we claim as our sacred belief is entirely our own.

Either way… we’re right.

God is with us.