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“Transtender” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – July 26, 2017

“Transtender” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – July 26, 2017

Received via email at 1:10 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


It was revealed here that the USA, Inc. went bankrupt in 1933 after running out of gold, but was recapitalized in 1946 by Ancient Chinese Elders, then defaulted again and permanently in 2012; which was intentionally done to collapse the American economy while at the same time building up a global military force that could execute a cabal world domination master plan (motive for the 9/11 attacks).

It was revealed here that master plan did not work thanks primarily to these ancient Chinese Elder families who rallied the world’s sovereign families to defend humanity; and they selected Paul Ryan to run the restored Republic of the United States of America five years before he was ever sworn in as Republic President circa January 2016.

It was revealed here that Donald Trump’s tax returns would be the final nail in his orange coffin, and that “Donna” would be a necessary burner actor President who would ultimately usher in the RV as benevolent distraction.

It was revealed here that Wells Fargo Bank mislead the American currency redeeming public at both the back and front of the house windows, as to keep the RV from progressing–which is a flowery way of saying Wells Fargo senior leadership committed treason.

It was revealed here that the discontinued ZIM currency was really a secrete bond note printed on sovereign paper stock in Germany–which the cabal hierarchy immediately placed into historic status and removed said bills from the street back in April 2009.

It was revealed here that the Chinese Elders issued a temporary transition US currency back in gold or a “transtender” in April 2013; so that the RV could take place without having to issue new currency until well after private redemptions took place sometime in the final weekend of July 2017.

Never were dates offered about any of these massive revelations correct. Yet all of the above assertions will ultimately be proven structurally accurate and manifest into visible fact, especially the restoration of the original Republic government without public knowledge.

So when not if all this information proves out to be true, what’s the lesson to be learned here?

Never shoot the messenger just because you don’t embrace change and/or fear difficult messages.

You’ve all been lied to your entire lives and you must now come to grips with this horrifying truth so that all can begin living abundantly and free post-RV.

It’s a great time to surrender. Because it’s also the last. Sobeit.

God is with us.