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“Treading Carefully” – Veritas Update – November 2, 2016

“Treading Carefully” – Veritas Update – November 2, 2016

Received via email by Veritas at 1:22 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

There is a lot I cannot say, so I must tread carefully.

Let me see what I can tell you.

Often what we see is not what is the cause or force behind something. Take the news, the focus is all on slaughtering Clinton’s slim reputation permanently. Easy to assume that is the hold up. That issue is solved. It is following a carefully orchestrated path.

The hold up is much more reassuring. If you comb back through all Intel and then take a good, thorough look at the IMF website, you will see my point. It is this; no one in the world is as meticulous as the IMF in documenting the legal basis for the orders and international agreement associated with the implementation of GESARA/NESARA and the changes in the global financial structure underlying it. I would use the word overkill. Thorough. Fanatical? They really are making sure that every single step is signed off by everyone else, if you see where I am going with this.

Let me say that all of the pertinent people that need to be in Reno to make this happen are there. Let me say that certain details were decided to be “enhanced” prior to release. Sometimes those simple changes to documentation require hours of discussion and agreement – consultation with international contacts and decision makers, etc. I cannot reveal the detail but I can say that it makes sense. Keep in mind that at times the current situation requires a different clarification that may not have been thought necessary before.

This is a mute point as it is all probably clearing away as you read this. The push is tremendous to have this done. We are all nervous that it will be dislodged by Obama, certainly with good reason as we are still discussing release when it should have happened many times over. Can it still be prevented? Yes. The ability to do so creates more and more complications for the O side though. There is increasing international pressure and WDS pressure.

I wait with hope as you do. My prayers are devoted to a clean release and to get on with things. I go to sleep every night seeing starving children in my mind’s eye. Please, Lord, let the opportunity to assist arise before more lives are lost, we pray.

It is a small thing, but while we wait to do great things and even though you may be in difficult circumstances yourself, why not find someone you can do something for? A small kindness will make you feel so much better because you can make a difference, even in some tiny aspect of this matter. You see, that brings those good vibrations, refreshes our vision of why we are being so very patient, and helps practice the instant thought of others that we will need to drive us in the future.

May tomorrow be the day it is intended to be with the release they are working through the night for.


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