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“Unending Work” – Intel SITREP – 08:08 EST – Thursday – March 9, 2017


“Unending Work” – Intel SITREP – 08:08 EST – Thursday – March 9, 2017

                                      Received via email at 8:08 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Zimbabwe is a bipolar country.

So much promise, so much war, so much beauty, so much bloodshed all in one little nation with less than 14 million citizens.

So rich and yet so poor.

In America, we too are rich, yet feel so poor for very different reasons.

On Monday morning of this week, the Zimbabwe currency was officially re-introduced into the global community of currencies in good standing. So too was the United States Note or USN.

Neither was publicly announced, at least not yet, but it happened and the world will never be the same.

It was a tremendous accomplishment for the people and nation of Zimbabwe given what they have been made to endure since 1980, and for many decades prior when they were occupied and called Rhodesia.

Whereas the people and nation of the Republic of the United States of America are far too wrapped up in their petty politics and bogus wire tap charges to even notice let alone care about the rest of the world.

Now that both national currencies have been restructured correctly financially (debts cleared and gold backed), aligned politically and militarily harmoniously (integral players within the BRICS compliant roster of nations), each nation is once again allowed to have meaningful diplomatic influence on the world stage.

As both now have the strongest natural asset sovereign wealth partner in the entire world (see the Chinese Elders); who benevolently agreed to enter into an eternal partnership, which in turn will manifest a 1,000 years of dreams and aspirations for the entire planet.

Interestingly, a chosen few in the west saw the resurrection of Zimbabwe coming, and we consciously or unconsciously positioned ourselves, our families, our communities and our countries in harmony with the Chinese Elder’s and Zimbabwe’s endless blessings.

The opportunity was very difficult to see at first, harder to believe, let alone assess risk accurately, but true none-the-less and so here we all are now ready to reap a portion of the greatest monetary investment in the history of the world.

Almost invisibly, nearly 7,000 off site redemption centers and 8,000 bank currency in-take points, specializing in currency exchanges, have been prepared for us and staffs fully trained in all aspects of the conversion process.

The global central banking system was completely reversed, and more secure technological improvements were made as well as oversight entities and mechanisms either reformed or quietly swapped out to a benevolent leadership majority away from enslaving malevolent management clusters.

New physical and digital currencies have been printed and/or loaded into bank computers and vaults worldwide, all 100% asset backed from an independent, patient and moral genetically human third party.

Fresh private placement programs (PPP) have been created to continuously flow resources off of initial exchange principal, and be an infinite source of grace to all of humanity.

Now if philanthropy is your unending work like mine, which personally I believe is the only logical earthly explanation for receiving such a divine blessing, then this indeed is your moment in history and precisely what your soul’s deepest desire has always been longing for.

At any moment, the floodgates of heaven will finally open for all good standing sovereign nations of the world and even bipolar nations like Zimbabwe and USA will begin their public healing process away from the scarcity and fear based governance of their past.

Much maligned ZIM investment believers will instantly have their dignity and reputations restored just as quickly as their currency redeems for once unimaginable values.

All because we walked by faith and not sight, as this test was spiritual in nature and our journey more a transitional process of surrendering to love and walking a path of hope and possibility wherever the Creator lead us.

The abundant financial transaction is simply a by product or result of our shared surrender.

So thank you for suffering alongside of me, risking at every turn, throwing out common sense and man-made logic with reckless and relentless abandon. Your consistency and passion to serve others infinitely has inspired my own sense of divine justice with earthy manifestations in my lifetime.

And if I had not lived this wild dream together, with you, my miracle would certainly have been much more empty. What a humbling and glorious road we have walked, yes? Yes.

With my work now complete as of 6am EDT this morning, I encourage all to keep following Dinar Chronicles for the final banking contact information we seek.

Together, ZIM holders will permanently and eternally change the quality, scope and ascension direction of all human life.

As it was written, let it now be done. Sobeit.

God is with us.

Christ’s Poet Servant,


* A special thank you to Patrick, who tolerated many late night rants and irrelevant postings to help us all figure things out. Know everything you have done Patrick had real, significant, meaningful purpose for all in this unique community. We always knew you held our greater good in your heart. And for that we are most grateful 🙂