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“Unplugged” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Tuesday – February 21, 2017


“Unplugged” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Tuesday – February 21, 2017

Received via email at 2:00 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The proverbial geopolitical, military, diplomatic and financial plugs were all pulled over the weekend.

The cabal is officially off of life support. Unplugged from relevance if you will.

Whatever remaining oxygen left in their their lungs was gut punched away–at once–and their breathing machines removed–also at once–also over the weekend.

Several final and decisive death blows were made, successfully, specially at the United Nations, Knesset and our own US Congress.

The accumulation of those blows leaves no option but total surrender or full extermination for remaining cabal leaders–and in the shortest order possible.

The saying, “If you want peace, prepare for war” has never been so true given what transpired in just the past few days. They pulled the band aid off folks.

That includes the European Union, NATO, Euro and Middle East Peace–as all were clearly chosen without any further discussion. Adapt or die. Sobeit.

FYI: Obama was benevolently in on both the planning and implementation. It turns out he set a lot of “traps” before leaving office in November. Liberals rejoice!

Putin is now allowing Ukrainian refugees into Russia so they will not die from either hypothermia and starvation because the humanitarian situation in Donetsk and Luhansk will grow so grave the United Nations will be forced to step in and provide aid a la Syria.

China and South Korea are busy preparing for millions of refugees to flood out of North Korea after that economy collapses due to China no longer buying North Korean coal–which basically was their economy.

Little side note, North Korea was a Rothschild created nation state broken off from a unified Korea in 1945 lost WWll (much like Israel was taken from Palestine in 1948); and North Korea was used to test national mind control programming theories on an entire population from the countries origin… without limitation.

Talk about being asleep!

The vast, vast, vast majority of North Koreans are both completely impoverished and absolutely unaware of what’s really happening in the world, or how far humanity has progressed since the fifties and sixties, when the majority of their nation’s infrastructure was built.

They only know what they have been told, which was not much and totally inaccurate. So sad. Yet kinda amazing. Certainly very Truman Show-esque.

Some real hard core stuff is still going down folks, so I’ll keep that close to the vest for discretionary purposes; but stuff you really don’t wanna know, yet would agree is needed to finish off such this heinous, multi-generational enemy of humanity (aka cabal).

That said, the first wave of final military operations and attack assaults were achieved successful (on the whole). And the feeling now is that the patient (cabal) has been so fatally wounded its currently bleeding out rapidly, and death is immanent.

We are now just bearing witness to the final cabal moments of relevance as this octopus monster with seemingly endless tentacles is in an end-of-life hospice situation.

Remember this assessment when watching the mass media–it will crystallize your vague conclusions and help separate truth from fiction.

As for your currencies, there are 3 redemption strategies: Dinar (volume), ZIM (specialty) and everything else (public).

All private and public strategies will be activated and utilized at some point in the month of February.

On the ground, National Guard troops have been called up and deployed specifically for the RV release.

From the air, drones are being used to monitor the roads and exchange centers.

Day and time for the release still exclusively sits with General Dunford. When don’t know his preferences other than a “night time” roll out.

Don’t worry about NDAs unless you request a structured payout settlement (which includes a non disclosure agreement inherently) .

They’re treating us all like lottery winners basically.

Either take a smaller lump sum payment up front and have complete freedom, or sign up for larger amount with an annuity payout and learn how to live in a more discrete way.

There’s no initial redemption taxation with either pathway you select.

Clawback provisions are only relevant if you use this money to harm others–so most just don’t need to worry about clawbacks.

As a result of these three strategies, opening rates are coming in very high, with sovereign rates hovering right off the charts–should you know about or want them for your project funding. Most will not–which is fine. But a few will–so go for it!

This event really is what the Old Testament spoke of as a “jubilee.”

What a bizarre and wondrous journey!

God is with us.

VICTORY TO THE LIGHT! ~ Dinar Chronicles