Update on Banking and Currency, March 28th, 2020

Please listen to the X22 report below.


David who is producing the X22 reports on a daily basis is a good interpreter of Q messages. Q has now come out and said that the Treasury Department is starting to assume control over the Federal Reserve via various financial instruments. The goal is to have the Federal Reserve merge into the Treasury Department and Donald Trump would effectively become the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Most observers had expected Trump to take down the Federal Reserve after he won the 2020 election. However, the Corona Crisis, started by the cabal or deep state has given him an earlier opportunity.

As many of you who have followed various information trails over the last five years are aware The Treasury Department will issue a new gold backed currency – The US Treasury note or UST –  soon after the Federal Reserve is taken down. This will also be the basis for the Global Currency Reset or GCR, followed by NESARA and the New Republic. Somewhere in this process and prior to GCR the RV will take place.

The point i am trying to make here is that because The Treasury Department has started to exercise control of the Federal Reserve the start of the RV period is close in time.

For those unfamiliar with these terms and concepts I suggest that you read the many detailed messages and information on the subject collected under the category “Disclosure – Banking and Currency” on this webpage. There are close to 800 of them. I suggest starting with the first ones.

We are heading into very exciting times indeed and beyond the Coronavirus.

Per Staffan