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“Va-Va-Voom” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – May 30, 2017

“Va-Va-Voom” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – May 30, 2017


The last remaining Middle East Gaia energy portal, found in the Old City of Mosul, is again controlled by benevolent forces.

This was the QY requested hold up and it involved the Nation of Iraq, not the IQD per se.

Aleppo, Syria had a similar Gaia portal held hostage that had to be recaptured, and was also a very tough ISIS nut to crack.

There’s a time automated release roll out process that began on Friday evening 8pm EDT of last week.

We are told to expect completion sometime tonight by a trusted source direct to Fighting Joe.

800#s should then activate with package deliveries commencing and va-va-voom… away the world goes like a rocket ship.

Ever since the French Presidential elections on Sunday, May 14, we’ve been on 24/7 guard for an any second release knowing the second half of May was the targeted release period.

It’s May 31, 2017 already in China and why Wednesday is such a big performance day we are told.

We’re praying this is not another slow roll good guys pump faking the bad guys moment, as this past holiday weekend was brutal.

We do know the Republic, Russians and Chinese are holding back all nail in the coffin evidence on both Trump and Netanyahu.

As their administrations are scheduled to expire together in concert with 800#s going live.

Flash Bang 101.

Crazy world we live in folks. Portals, invisible RVs and infinite digital wealth — but this is the business we have chosen.


Maybe a positive way to spin the heaviness of our burdens is knowing there will be equivalent blessings delivered as the Lord has always promised to the most righteous of His flock.

God is with us.