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“Velvet & Steel” – Intel SITREP – 21:00 EST – Wednesday – March 8, 2017


“Velvet & Steel” – Intel SITREP – 21:00 EST – Wednesday – March 8, 2017

Received via email at 9:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Be on the lookout for a “soft currency” announcement overseas tonight.

From China or Europe or both, and possibly Paul Ryan on Fox TV–but that’s doubtful–way too obvious.

RV currency rates are steadily rising on front screens.

Rates started very low and are working up to their back screen values.

T1, T2, and some select T3 banks now redeeming the ZIM.

Off site redemption centers are still your best bet for obtaining the highest possible rates, along with signing an NDA.

Keep your currency in-hand until you’re in a safe and professional bank redemption situation.

Do not give away or send out your currency for any reason now. Consider it like hard cash.

Remember, you’ve earned the right to receive this blessing due to surrender of self, loyalty of faith and righteousness of purpose.

So go harvest your “God Number” with a clear mind and open heart, and be as strong as steel wrapped in velvet.

Equally confident as you are humble.

God is with us.