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“Wait” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Monday – June 12, 2017

“Wait” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Monday – June 12, 2017


New currency values are waiting to be released to the world. This is true.

But the deeper truth is that a global reset requires the entire globe to ready to receive such a blessing. And not all countries / governments are ready just yet to participate per GESARA compliance requirements.

But their all trying, as they all know what’s on the line.

Yes, there is some resistance, but it’s rapidly dissipating and will not stop human progress anymore.

So if you haven’t been allowed in yet to exchange, it’s only because the entire global community is not ready.

That’s all. Nothing dramatic. No special intel required. Making complaining or insulting others just wasted energy.

Trying to force open the RV door prematurely is simply illogical. It’s also a clear sign of panic and desperation–which never ends well.

The reasons you have not yet begun your new life may be vast and complex, certainly beyond anyone’s pay grade reading this post, but they are what they are for benevolent reasons.

And this “wait,” while difficult, is temporary, and needed to permanently reset the foundation of our country, currency and world community.

When this master plan is complete, we will be allowed in to exchange as the new asset backed financial system will be active for everyone in the world–not just Americans.

Our individual sacrifices for global freedom, security, abundance and morality is worth every minute we are asked to wait.

If you need something to focus on in the meantime, keep your eyes on Donald Trump’s impeachment process.

His demise is directly related to where the overall financial release process sits. As his exit from the Oval Office will be your simultaneous entrance to an exchange center.

This is all by grand design and necessary to achieve the common goal of human liberation we all desire–whether awaken or sleepwalking through life.

God is with us