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“We’re Winning” – Intel Update from Tank 11-30-17

“We’re Winning” – Intel Update from Tank 11-30-17


1:15 PM EST 11/30/2017
  • Last night the Admiral was paying out his people when Wells Fargo made some noise about one thing or another and stalled the process. (Seriously?)
  • They started the process back up but hadn’t finished in time to release as of early this morning
  • Table top meetings are being scheduled for the ZIM groups today
  • All sources say that when those funds start moving we will be released
  • We know that something was released this afternoon but we don’t know exactly what it was. Our hope and expectation is that the Banks released the 800# or alternative notices so that we can make our appointment to exchange
  • WELLS FARGO-You’re breaking my heart! Just do right! We would have put so much money into your bank and now I have to advise people not to.
  • I would not recommend using WELLS FARGO. They keep demonstrating a lack of concern for humanity coupled with greed and desperation. They probably aren’t equipped to handle this kind of money or this kind of mission. 
  • Wells Fargo I gave you a chance, but you’ve demonstrated no integrity. The age we’re going into has no room for that kind of shallow vision.
  • HSBC is supposed to be contacting their long time clients to schedule appointments to come in for Private exchanges today.
  • I’m certain I will be a long time client of HSBC for years to come, along with every other ZIM holder, so New York if you’re reading-CALL ME.