Love is our new reality

Where we are today, by Per Staffan, December 10th, 2018

Dear Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,

Yes, lightwarriors, since we are in war with dark side. How do we fight this war? Rather more like Archangel Michael. We raise our vibrations by anchoring the light that is arriving to our shores and generated by lightworkers who continue to dedicate themselves to love and light. We also fight by bringing out the truth with the help of Archangel Michael sword.

The truth must come out in the open. We cannot build a new galactic society without knowledge of what has gone wrong in the past, how we have been controlled and above all how we have given our power away to the dark quite voluntary. We have over the centuries decided to trust our governments and rulers, while not asking for proof that they can be trusted. They have said: “trust me” and we more or less have agreed, without asking much more from them.

On this website we continue to bring messages of love and messages of truth channeled from the masters and the galactics and others in the fifth dimension. Messages of truth are of course sometimes hard to come by. It takes much research to put the picture together. I would encourage everybody to do their own research, which will have to go much beyond the mainstream media in order to find a semblance of truth. You cannot put the big picture or puzzle together if you have not researched the individual puzzle pieces yourself.

Now we are about to see many truths coming out. The mainstream media will challenge many of these truths. Keep in mind that the mainstream media is controlled by the dark. It is used for propaganda and manipulation purposes. There are many followers and interpreters of Q that you can find on This can be a beginning if you want to reach a better understanding of what currently is happening on the outer planes of existence I recommend to search here.

We are now literally standing at the cusp of new developments. Trump has put in place executive orders, valid from January 1st, 2019, which will enable arrests to be carried out. Before or around the same time major declassifications will be carried out – shocking the world. Other early disclosures are said include the Clinton Foundation and 911. The private Federal Reserve Bank will be taken down in connection with a major slump in the stock market.

This might be considered a short description of the chaos on the surface that we are heading into. At the same time it represents cleansing – cleansing in order to fully usher in the Golden Age. During the chaos we will also see RV being enacted, followed by GCR and rapidly there after NESARA/GESARA – all part of the Golden Age. This represents the beginnings of the beginnings of our new Galactic Society. Many new technologies will be introduced, partially those that have been sequestered and then also new technologies from the Galactics and the Agarthans.

It is an exciting time and an exciting world we are moving into. Many of us are at the end of our rope when it comes to patience, particularly those of us who have followed this for the last 10, 20 or more years. However, we are privileged to be here at this time and to see how God’s plan is being implemented in visible ways in our outer reality. We have all the right in the world to stand up and be proud of ourselves and for what we have stood – what we still stand for. We will enter a new time after RV and when many of us are funded.

I would like to give a hint of our plans for next year. In early 2019 we will start a series of webinars for our members, with some people meeting locally as specific locations and others joining via a webinar meeting set up. This will give the opportunity for like minded people to meet and interact, which currently many of us are lacking the opportunity for. I will provide more details regarding this in January, as we are getting close to starting such meet-up webinars. I look forward to getting this on the road, so to speak.

Our donation button is always open and available for those of you that have the means to contribute in financial ways to the work done on this website. Others might have the skills, time and ability to spread the knowledge of this website in non-obtrusive ways to others, maybe via social media.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

Per Staffan