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“White Knights” – Intel SITREP – February 13, 2017


“White Knights” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Monday – February 13, 2017

Received via email at 2:55 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The Elders finally flipped the proverbial and physical switch shortly after midnight on Saturday February 11, 2017.

This was their gift to humanity also signifying the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

All accounts worldwide went immediately gold backed, active with new rates and accessible in some countries on Sunday morning @ 2am EST–while all the banks and markets worldwide were closed.

General Dunford was also told at that time to “get his troops ready”–so he did–all day Sunday AM and PM.

We’re told all security and banking assets were mobilized and are right now in “jump position” on high readiness alert status.

Republic Oath Keeper White Knights (very different than White Hats) were told to “be ready for Monday morning activation.”

Donald Trump is no more the American president in charge of Republic affairs than Sesame Street’s Big Bird is an NBA superstar.

Trump was intentionally put in place as a distraction (flash bang), required to do whatever Republic handlers instructed him to do or say to gain his family’s amnesty.

Trump’s required media cycle tour of duty ends sometime in early March.

Paul Ryan will take over per Trump’s resignation followed by a Congressional vote in accordance with the Constitution.

Ryan’s Vice President is still unknown. It’s not Dunford however. Ryan was a long time secret military operative trained and committed for this exact task of restoring the Republic.

We’ve been told BiBi Netanyahu gave into surrender pressure last year around Thanksgiving when he thought the RV was immanent. Poroshenko in Kiev too.

The exit timing of all these sovereign national leaders who were late holdouts was always scheduled for this time period due to the changes required for our Republic to become GESARA complaint post-2016 election.

That’s why many of Trump’s ridiculous cabinet confirmations have been continuously drawn out–as the Chinese Elders were buying time untill the end of new year celebrations.

Look for several of Trump’s cabinet picks to be quickly replaced as soon as Ryan takes the Oath of Office to the Presidency.

People are gonna “freak out” when they see the screen rates–ZIM especially–high not low.

God is with us.