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“Who Knows” – GCR/RV Update – Tuesday – April 18, 2017

“Who Knows” – GCR/RV Update – Tuesday – April 18, 2017

Who knows… what is #*£@ is going on?

Banks don’t know.

Politicians don’t know.

Cabal doesn’t know.

Republic doesn’t know.

General Dunford thought he knew.

Maybe Joe’s now having key personnel leak posts such as this to put pressure on the Chinese gatekeepers to stop playing games?

Just saying.

We know the NPTB do read and listen to everything we do in Dinarland. Even Martha!

We also know Joe thinks the NPTB are now running behind schedule in other non Republic matters.

The Ukraine being a big one. North Korea too. Pray they catch up. Serious penalties for not complying now. Harsh. As they ar the last two misbehaving or rogue sovereign nations left out of 209.

The Republic did everything asked of it including sending a nuclear battleship into the Korean peninsula to support China’s new aggressive foreign policy on North Korea.

The Syrian air strike was done by the Republic military too. At the request of the Russians who were setting up new Chinese strategy re: North Korea.

Genius move. As both nations looked liked victims and Trump overnight became the global irrational aggressor.

That’s why his foreign policy positions suddenly flipped so quickly.

Yep, Dunford and Mattis were told by the Chinese to dispatch warships to Korea because they wanted to pressure the North Korean government into surrender and blame it on Trump if they didn’t.

Trump then had to adjust his foreign policies on the fly.

Such a boss move by the Russians and Chinese. You want the USN/RV Republic, take this one for the team geopolitically.

Everyone should blame more on Trump really. He seems to be a wonderful excuse for benevolent calamity.

Poor overweight orange person. He wants to leave the White House so badly, but they just won’t let him go until they’ve completely destroyed his political reputation for their purposes.

Look, its either this or be jailed as a pedophile for DJT. At least he’s getting massive publicity to build his hotel and golf brand.

It’s all so ridiculous.

We also know both Trump and Dunford were pissed there was no RV “go authorization” in the US system as of this morning at 3:00am EDT. They were both told otherwise.

We understand it is there now and the Republic of the United States is free to RV as of noon today (HSBC), however that delay might have pushed everything back a day.

We’re not sure when now. It could come after markets close today or again in the early morning Wednesday. We shall see.

Maybe this was the Elders plan all along, one final pump fake just to be safe. A final fake even Dunford didn’t know about. Dare I say genius again?

Yet here we still are. RV less. Hopeful but well beyond annoyed. Sobeit.

But there’s lots of of irreversible pressure coming from both above the deal and below it for an immediate delivery of the funding mechanism to actually perform.

That’s great for us.

Now if you hold ZIM, don’t expect any guru to give you numbers or release on either their calls or post on their websites.

It’ll be complete word of mouth for the ZIM. All person to person contact. No digital transfers. Very inside baseball stuff.

There will be plenty of time to exchange ZIM so don’t freak out– it’ll find you if you’re paying attention and be utterly invisible if you’re not–this is by design especially for gifted ZIM holders who have no clue what is in their possession.

Much safer this way.

Some key gurus should expect couriers to arrive at their front door with full redemption packages that include NDAs. Others will get phone calls.

All will have a limited period to pass along ZIM appointment numbers. That will start the ball rolling without creating unwanted attention to the timing of the release kickoff.

Other lesser valued currencies will not have this problem as all the banks will be using their existing 800#s to make appointments.

Their even adding toll free numbers to help expedite the process for IQD and/or VND redeemers who make up over 96% of all redemptions worldwide.

Something will give here very shortly. Has to. But when? Ask Fighting Joe as it’s truly his call now because the world waits on him to allow the revaluation of the USN (not Abadi to internationally revalue the IQN).

Grandfather has given humanity his blessing to both prosper and live dynamic philanthropic lives.

Thank you Grandfather and to all Elders, please receive our sincerest appreciation.

We are deeply honored and humbled by your sacrifices and gifts. We vow to do no harm and bless the world in Christ’s name.

God is with us.