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“Why Is This On Us?” – One Who Knows – 5.10.17

“Why Is This On Us?” – One Who Knows – 5.10.17


Why Is This On Us?

The short answer is that we are the Best of the Best. That makes us the MVPs of the Light Workers Home team, and the highest value targets of the Cabal. We literally have the power to shift the Energy of this World. It is a tug-a-war between the Light and the Dark. So, How does this work Energetically?

3 Sides

There are 3 sides in this Global Tug-a-war. As you might guess, there is the Light-Worker Side (Home Team), and the Dark Cabal Side (The Invaders), but in the middle, are all the rest of the World and the World itself. Each side of this Galactic Event has a part to play and all of Creation (The Universe) is watching to see who is going to win. (Spoiler Alert: We The Home Team, Are Already Winning!)

The 3rd Side (The By-Standers)

While a Third side seems weird at first, it is easy to see that it is as big a player in the game as the main participants. These “Watchers” are the sleeping public who are not directly involved in the actual tugging on either end, but they affect the game more than you know.

Technically speaking, their energy range, or should I say belief range, will support a Good Outcome and a Bad outcome. If you showed these people, the sleeping public a Beautiful World, full of peace and prosperity, they would believe it, and say, I always hoped for this and thought this was possible. However, if you showed them a World full of death and destruction, disease and poverty as Hollywood continually does, they would say Yes I knew this could happen and feared that it would. These people have NOT taken a stand either way. Technically, their reality, fate, has eligibility for either outcome, and since they are NOT decided their “Votes” DO NOT DECIDE anything. Instead, their “Energy” or Votes, go to the winner of the contest. This is the mass consciousness. If things start to look good, they easily swing into a good energy, positive outlook. If things start to look bad, they again easily swing into a pessimistic view and their energy is contributed to the not working out team.

This may seem a bit hard to understand, but this concept is so easy to see in sporting matches. The home team, the good guys, start to do very well and the crowd is excited and shouting their support while their personal energy is shifted to the working outside. However, should the home team fall behind in the game, the crowd falls silent and the support is no longer there. Their energy is shifted to thoughts that the invading team may defeat their beloved home team.

Where is their hope? Why can’t they stand in confidence that their team will win even if they are behind by 100 points? It is because they are NOT DECIDED, and will change their feelings, energy, and expectation of the outcome, on a moment’s notice. They have no stand on the matter, one way or the other. For them it could go in either direction.

Winner Takes ALL

In a universe where Manifestation is a matter of EXPECTATION, then those who have the greatest expectation wins. But, in the grander scale, the team who has the greatest EXPECTATION not only wins the small game, they get (win) all the energy of the undecided as well. That is winner take all. Because no matter who wins, the undecided will allow and agree with the winner.

In our game, if the Dark, wins this tug-a-war, the sleeping public will so quickly succumb to the dark agenda as their fear of it has made it easy for them to agree to be slaves. NOT one of the ones who are sleeping, and undecided, will fight it. They will be taken down so quickly and easily because it is a possibility in their reality, Hollywood has made sure they had seen that possible future many times. That is what all this public show is about, trying to get the public to DECIDE that they want a change. To call for it, to demand it, to chose a side, and that they want change. It is working but is it very slow for the sleepers. Most will give up at the slightest push back.

If the Light side wins, the sleeping public, the undecided, will again so easily be pleased and revel in their dreams coming true. Not a one of them will fight it and claim that the Dark is the victor. Because they are undecided, uncommitted one way or the other, they will cast their energy to whomever shows them a reality that they can see. In short, they will agree to agree in thought, and energy, with the outcome no matter if it is good or bad.

Momentum Swings

We hear about momentum, especially in sporting events, but what is it anyway? It is so simple, and yet profound, it is nothing more than Confidence. More confidence = More momentum. Less confidence = Less momentum. It is strange at first, but it has HUGE ramifications. So when one team in a sporting event begins to make some good plays, and they are feeling more confident in their eventual win, they have more momentum. But why does Momentum, or confidence make such a difference?

Confidence = Expectation

Realizing that Expectation is the basis of Manifestation, then if you have more confidence in winning, then you have more expectation, and as a direct result, you are engaging the forces of the Universe to help you win. When you expect to win, you make better plays, you think of better ideas, and the opposing team makes more mistakes. Since confidant expectation means Working out, then part of the working out, is your oppressors who work against you, fail again and again. That “nature” of Momentum, or confidence, is that the more confident you are, the better things work out and the more confident you become and on and on. You gain more and more momentum (Confidant Expectation) and from that place you are manifesting more and more successes, until, the momentum, confidence, expectation is so great, that nothing can sway you, or stop you. Only victory is acceptable. NEVER SAY DIE!

Strength = Holding Your Own

So back to the sporting team explanation. We know the crowd will swing their energy in a moment’s notice. If the invading team scores the crowd suddenly goes silent, in despair, and fear (=expectation) that the invaders will win. That actually shifts their energy to the invaders.

Do the Home team, the good guys go with the crowd, or do they stand in their own knowing anyway? Remembering that Momentum = Confidence, but so does DECISION! The home team could be 100 points down and IF they still had CONFIDENCE (BY DECISION) anyway, they would elicit the working out results of Manifestation. I don’t care how far behind you are, if you hold the light of CONFIDENT EXPECTATION, you WILL MANIFEST IT. That is the law of attraction. Abraham-Hicks likes to say that “one person who is aligned (Confident in their expectation – DECIDED), they are more powerful than a million who are not.”

The undecided who swing their energy and beliefs back and forth, have NO POWER. They start to manifest working out, then they see something that looks bad, and then they start to manifest not working out. But then they see something good again and then start to manifest working out again. The NEVER HOLD THE LIGHT LONG ENOUGH to manifest what they want. EVERY TIME they swing back the other way, they nullify all the good they were doing. That is the “Nature” of the undecided manifester.

You have seen it over and over again in history. Those who stand in their beliefs and WILL NOT waiver one bit, end up being victorious no matter the opposition, or the odds against them. “Providence favors those who stand against the odds in their conviction and expectation.” KNOW IT!

Their Team Is Loosing

Getting back to our tug-a-war example, the opposing team, the dark ones (Invaders), are suffering a great defeat at this time. They have lost their militaries, their banking, their drug money sources, their power over governments, and their top Cabal structure. Frankly it is only the lower minions that are still fighting this game as it is the only thing they know. They are hoping against all odds that they can somehow regain it all back again. Sorry, minions that will never happen as it is beyond repair.

The Wrong Side Of The Split

It makes me think of a lizard that breaks its tail off as a protection/escape technique. Interestingly, the tail part still jumps around and “Acts” like it is alive and the real thing. The predator is pre occupied with the jumping tail, and then the lizard gets away. Importantly, the lizard simply grows back the severed part and is no worse for the experience. It is designed that way, and thus when it happens it is not going wrong, but going very right.

Here is the interesting part. The big part, the lizard itself, The light side, with the Military, the Financial system, the real government and the Heart, is alive and well and can recover easily. But the tail part, the Cabal, who have no body, no resources, no more support, no heart, are just jumping around, “Think” they are still alive, but the end is already decided. While we, the Light Workers and the Restored Republic, can grow back the tail part, The tail part, the remaining Cabal, cannot regain a military, a financial system, a government, or any support what so ever. However, in their delusion, the show with Trump, and what’s left of the cabal minions, think they can get back to where they were, but final death is all that awaits them. The lizard can grow back the tail, but the tail cannot grow back the lizard.

You Are The Prize

Clearly, we have seen that influencing the undecided public, is of no consequence, in the end their vote and energy will go to the victors. The cabal could create a false flag and scare some of them, but then something good happens and they are back again on the working outside. Clearly their votes do not count and cannot be held for long one way or the other. Thus the only prize and most highly valued targets, are you, the (Decided) Light Workers.

If they can convince you that things are not working out, that the zim won’t revalue, or that the GCR will NOT go till the end of the year, or somehow get you to lose faith, that is a win of Monumental proportions! That would be like convincing someone on the home team that they weren’t going to win. It not only takes out a person on the Home team, but corrupts their energy to then believe, support, and energetically help the invading team.

If we were talking tug-a-war, it would be like getting a person on the home team to stop trying, or getting them to switch sides in their beliefs. You can see that it doesn’t take to many to stop believing and switching sides to change the momentum of the game. And remember who ever winds the tug-a-war between light and dark, gets all the sleepers on their side automatically. That is why it is so important that you decide once and for all that it is working out and NOT allow doubt or fear to creep in.

The Good News

The good news is that we have everything going on our side of the game. It is so funny really. If you think about the lizard example, it would be like the Lizard part, that is alive with all of its functions, Military, government, financial, etc, fighting the tail part that has nothing. They are yelling at you saying that you are going to lose. How ridiculous! Frankly, they already know they are done for and are being pulled into the oblivion that awaits them. In that regard they are no longer fighting to win, they are only fighting for days left of freedom. They cannot stop what is happening as it is way beyond that now. They can only slow it down so that they can avoid the inevitable end that is coming to them. In that matter they are giving it all they got.

The REAL Situation

The real situation, is that we have already won. We have control of everything that we need to control. We have implemented financial reforms, and are already rolling out the new GCR standards. Iraq for example, already has higher rates in country. Zimbabwe has already introduced their new money back into circulation. There are fully functioning Governments standing by ready to take the stage when the time is right. Frankly we are days from the GCR, then NESARA/GESARA, then Disclosure and then, even the sky is not the limit anymore.

The real situation is the fight and determination of the remaining few who see their end coming and still are fighting as hard as anyone could possible fight, not to win, but to slow down their end. They are doomed and they know it, and a cornered rat, that is in a life and death struggle will fight its greatest fight even though there is no hope of survival.

The real situation is the GCR is the end of game and the end for the remaining Cabal minions. Will the GCR happen… PLEASE! Will we have the Republic and NESARA, of course, it is already being implemented in ways that you don’t know yet. The only “Thing” in play right now, the only fight right now, the only issues right now, is will the GCR happen today, or tomorrow some time?

Go Time

When the energy for GO TIME is so powerful that it cannot be stopped, it will happen in the blink of an eye. From that place of certainty, the energy will cause the remaining cabal minions to give up. They will feel the end is here. They can no longer convince anyone that it is not going to happen. They can no longer have an impact or influence on the World. That will be go time, and I feel we are here now. Minions with fear in their hearts are already being banned from our House. They no longer have a way to spread their agenda. That causes them to give up, what else is there? They have been shut out and shut down. “FEEL” THOSE WORDS I JUST SAID.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are the Lizard side of the fight. We already have all the working parts, the military, Power over the money supply, the governments who are really in control of things, the infrastructure, and the Changes are already done, just waiting to go public and be announced. We often say when will the GCR start, but the correct perspective is when will it end, since it is at the end, that we exchange. If you realize that, then you know that it is already done, and just waiting to complete by the public changing of rates.

The cabal, as the jumping tail, are already defeated. They have nothing going for them and there is no way to recover all they have lost. All they fight for now, is days of freedom, for once this GCR is finished, they are as well. In that regard, the only weapon they have left is fear, worry and doubt, but we are immune to that nonsense. It is time to finish the GCR and finish the remaining cabal.

We are the ones on the Home team that hold the most confidence and the most power to shift the energy. To understand why this is, realize that even the once great COBRA, who had many followers, also destroyed the power of those followers by keeping them in fear of the nonexistent bombs and energy weapons. We on the other hand, are DECIDED, cannot be sawed by those who say the sky is falling, and thus, are the greatest, most powerful, Light Warriors on the Planet.

By keeping our house clean, we have kept ourselves STRONG in our knowing, and Powerful in our energy. We are DECIDED and thus UNSTOPPABLE. When a troll enters our house, it pleases me to no end, to see how we all jump on them and throw them out. We don’t play that fear game, NOT IN OUR HOUSE.

Since we are the strongest, most determined and incorruptible of the Light Workers, we were asked to fine tune our energies, and further strengthen our power to make this happen. Since the call when out, the energy in our house has sky rocketed! I know you all can feel it. I sure can! No more trolls! No more Cabal! We built this house together and together we will defend it! One day, I will be permitted to tell you who personally asked for your help, as the greatest, most powerful group on the planet. They may even make a post to thank you for your service. Frankly I expect it.

You deserve high praise, and I am so proud to be one of you and serve with you in this Galactic fight of all times. Someone should write a story about this and call it “NOT IN OUR HOUSE!”

All My Love To Each And Every One Of My Fellow Light Workers.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows