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Why World War III?, by Anna von Reitz, August 10th, 2017

Why World War III?

12405-judge2banna  Justice Anna von Reitz

Because it makes THEM money, for all the reasons I have enumerated many times before. They get to use your money and more importantly, your sons and daughters as the gun fodder. They get to blame you for the war. And afterward, you have to pay for rebuilding the countries they damaged. It’s perfect— for them.

Not for you.

Each possible war scenario offers them different advantages, but with the DOD in bankruptcy along with the rest of the UNITED STATES, they can’t afford to be choosy.

They’ll take Iran or North Korea with equal glee. Those two countries aren’t part of their central bank hegemony, so they hope to get rid of two of the very last-standing land jurisdiction governments (competitors) on Earth. Just like Libya. That’s a bonus on top of all the war profits.

They’ll try to start an insurrection in the United States, too, so they would have an excuse to murder all of us. Why? (1) They avoid paying their priority creditors back for all the money they have loaned themselves out of our pockets; (2) They get to collect all the life-insurance money from the policies they have placed on each and every one of us; (3) They get to claim our land and homes and other possessions as “abandoned property” that once belonged to their “enemies” or which was “collateral damage”; (4) They get to charge the survivors for all this service they’ve provided; (5) They get to sell armaments to both sides and make loans to both sides that neither one will be able to pay back for decades afterward.

So whether you win or lose, you lose.

Wake up, children. Daylight in the swamps!

These are not nice people you are dealing with and they don’t have anyone’s best interests at heart, except their own. They have no loyalty as employees and no common sense when it comes to their country, either.

There is a lot of talk about military coups. I hate to break it to everyone, but the military coup we are dealing with is 150 years old. It happened when Lincoln placed the Grand Army of the Republic in charge and issued the Lieber Code in 1863. The Army has been in control of the Territorial United States ever since and the Municipal United States run by the Congress has played patsy with them to make the swindle work ever since.

And us? The actual United States?

We have been the great storehouse, the wealth repository, the raw material backing all their enterprises. They have stolen from us and “hypothecated debt” against our assets to fund their activities and interference and military operations against other countries and people worldwide, right under our noses.

They haven’t even bothered to reward or enrich us for all these risks and sacrifices. No, instead, they have benefited those colluding with them to create this situation: the banks, the British Crown, the British Monarch, and last but not least, the Vatican, which operates as a property management organization for the Holy See.

As things stand, we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors in the bankruptcies of both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States—-though they are trying their best to pretend that we are all still asleep, lost at sea, presumed dead.

Slowly, by choking off money supplies, the rest of the world is hoping to starve the Beast to death. This is made difficult as they have a vast crime network allowing them to make money from all the things that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is supposed to police —- drugs and booze, tobacco and armaments — all the traditional wares of the pirates, oh, and don’t forget slavery and human trafficking.

They made slavery part of their national “constitution” back in 1868 and enshrined it permanently. Private slave ownership was abolished, but public slave ownership (by the government corporations) got a huge boost; and then, they passed the so-called 14th Amendment and made a further tweak allowing them to enslave criminals—- with them in charge of defining criminality, of course.

With 80 million statutory laws on the books, they can find a crime to fit anyone. They could convict Jesus Christ, who only had to overcome slightly more than six hundred laws.

So here’s a thought—- the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE that is supposed to be protecting you and your land is now under the control of Secondary Creditors of the Municipal bankruptcy. The Department of Defense is likewise under the control of Secondary Creditors of the Territorial bankruptcy.

Wouldn’t you like to know who those Secondary Creditors are, since you are the Priority Creditors and are actually the ones supposed to be calling the shots? Who or what is usurping your authority at this point? By definition, it can’t be the usual culprits, because they are all in bankruptcy.

Enter Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraff, a lawyer for a former Fiscal Services investigation called—- appropriately enough — the Paradigm Project.

Now, Heather is a Bar Attorney, so by definition, she is a Federale. Not one of us.
So everything she does and says and promotes is for Federales — federal employees and dependents. Not “the people”. And if you follow the Pied Piper and apply for Treasury Direct Accounts and you aren’t, in fact, a Federale, you will get in trouble because you aren’t actually eligible for discharge of YOUR debts in bankruptcy.

You are eligible for discharge of YOUR debts, but via a completely different route. You are eligible to claim back your actual birthright ESTATE from the Municipal Bankruptcy Slush Pile via identification of the heir (you) and probate action. They
have to give back your name, your land, your home, your business — and all else that is yours that they have “borrowed”— unharmed.

That’s according to your own law.

So if all the Federales get is the discharge of THEIR debts as bankrupts, what– you might ask— becomes of all the land and homes and names and copyrights and patents and other assets rightfully belonging to these “lost” Americans? It all gets rolled into a gigantic global trust called the One People’s Public Trust.

Read that— all your private property is seized and rolled into a global version of the Public Charitable Trust — the same method they have been using to “hold” and profit from the assets belonging to the “freed slaves” ever since the so-called Civil War. They just won’t stop trying to defraud you and everyone else on Earth. It’s one scheme after another, and at every step, they make you an “offer”.

Sign up here and get all YOUR debts released! (They never mention that those were never your debts in the first place and that you will be admitting to being a Federale or a Federal dependent) and that your actual assets would be seized and thrown into yet another “public trust” to be plundered.

Sign up there and get defrauded some other way.

These guys are the definition of crooked. They worship Satan and they do so very diligently. Every lie is a prayer, every false contract offer is a sacrament.

If they can herd you along the super highway to perdition, they will. And they will promise any amount of “candy” to get you to go along like good little sheep instead of being forced to give you back what is actually yours—- your freedom and your assets.

Just say no. Don’t sign anything. If they say, “It’s a government mandate! You must sign!” Ask the important question— which government?

And the next time someone starts talking about “the” Republic, please slap them for me? A gentle little slap as you best think necessary to wake them up? There is and never has been “a” Republic. There are fifty “Republican” states organized under statehood compacts occupying this part of the North American Continent. Fifty. Not one.

Those who are promoting “the” Republic are promoting yet another scheme and not telling the truth, obviously.

You must wake up. You must start thinking for yourselves. You must undertake the responsibilities of self-government. There is no other “safe” route out of this mess. There are too many schemers out there ready to grab and plunder your inheritance. You can’t just stand there like sheep and “let George do it”. There is too much at stake.

If you want your lawful government restored, you have to organize your local county and then your state government yourselves. Nobody can do it for you. You have to take it on, hold the meetings, and do the drill.

The Michigan General Jural Assembly is here, ready to help you do what has to be done. I can’t say that it is easy or pleasant. I can’t say that you will be richer than Midas at the end of the day. I can’t say that you will be happy with what you find out about the past or that you will be cheerful about the circumstance, but you will have the pleasure of steering your own boat away from the reef and you will know what is going on, because you will be making it happen.

The Michigan General Jural Assembly hosts a Thursday Night national call-in program. The call in times and names and numbers for that and for their national hot-line (open four days a week) are posted on my website: and here it is again: Nine o’clock Eastern Standard Time, call in number is: 1-712-770=4160. Access Code for Thursday night call is: 226823#. The Hotline is 1-989-450-5522, Monday through Thursday, 2 to 7 pm EST. They can also be reached at

Take an oar and start paddling.

Also, if you can, please make a donation to our cause— via PayPal using address: or by snail mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, in care of Box 520994, Big Lake Alaska 99652 — we are still operating on our own resources and every bit that comes in, helps prevent World War III.