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“Yes” – GCR/RV Clarion Call – Friday – June 16, 2017

“Yes” – GCR/RV Clarion Call – Friday – June 16, 2017

Matthew 19:24

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


Is it time yet to let all things President Trump and the bizarrely idiotic Trump Administration go?

Is it time yet to give up the idea that Wells Fargo is somehow a more benevolent and morally innocent bank than any other cabal fiat financial scheme?

Is it time yet to acknowledge that the RV is a military operation versus a banking organized transaction, and accept that highly trained soldiers with loaded guns are in position right now–in every exchange center across North America–prepared and authorized to act aggressively if there’s even a hint of pre-coordinated trouble?

Is it time yet to stop talking about sensational diplomatic geopolitical matters–like Russia and China backing out of the Paris Agreement (which they didn’t)–and inaccurately mislead the masses for others who have sworn their soul’s allegiance to a dark sun on the 33rd Parallel?

Is it time yet to give up random and meaningless intel nuggets about Iraq as being in anyway relevant to the global release strategy of the RV?

Is it time yet to stop taking pot shots at truly good people who are only trying to help others because you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Is it time yet to acknowledge all other currencies, in any amount, are spiritually unequally when compared to the pure volume of exchanging even one ZIM note?

Is it time yet to stop feeding Dinarland trivial digital treats just to feel as if you are somehow participating when lurking and study are your most efficient ways to spend time while you wait?

Is it time yet to exchange and start your life less all the mind numbing internet chat rooms and temporary blog buddies because you’re lonely and desperate for companionship?

Is it time yet to get brutal honest and deadly serious with yourself about the endless burdens accompanying the acceptance of the ZIM’s endless blessings?

Is it time yet to start paying attention to what really matters, and keep surrendering for continued divine guidance as the love of Christ is the only pathway through which such a dangerously narrow spiritual bridge can ever be navigated in form?

The answer to all of the above is yes.

So please wake up, Zimland! We are not mind numbed down Dinarians!

We are human angels graduating from a very long and difficult pre-flight training course; who will very soon, sooner than anyone here is thinking, get pushed out of the same poverty nest and be required to philanthropically hydrate the planet less any trace of ego?

The RV is real. It’s really here. And it’s really a galactic transition.

Everyone will really only get one chance to match the heavenly and unconditional frequency of Yahweh when redeeming His ZIM bonds.

Remember, this experience was always about your soul’s ascension and never about the accumulation of zeros for even the most noble of humanitarian projects.

You are either with God at this point or you are not. You are ready to serve or you are not. You have either surrendered to God or you simply refuse.

Just know you were offered truth as to make such a critical soul covenant decision–again, and agin, and again, and again….


God is with us.