Yosef Update – March 3, 2016

Yosef Update – March 3, 2016


Thursday – 3.3.16 – 16:00:00

Definition of PRIVILEGE

The right or benefit given to some people and not to others.
A special opportunity to do something that makes you proud.
The advantage that wealth and powerful people have over other people in society.

As we collectively wait on the formal 800# release moment (even though they have been already been sent out to intermediaries and bank executives) and wonder when the official gold backed announcement of the TRNs as being international (even though the timing was agreed upon at the G20 Summit in Shanghai over the weekend), it’s wise to take a deep breath and contemplate what a privilege it is to just participate in the GCR/RV.

Think about it…

If we were even one generation older or younger, we would never had the opportunity to experience this unprecedented event in human history. What a privilege.

If a series of events in our lives had not fallen precisely the way that they did–good and bad–we would have missed this blessing altogether. What a privilege.

If the dark cabal had not fought, clawed and scratched for survival, we would not have had time to amass more currency and disabuse to more friends and family. What a privilege.

If constant delays had not set us back until first quarter 2016, we would have early converted our currency at less than 50% of what we will this week. What a privilege.

If original dinar gurus had not fallen from grace, new benevolent information sources would not have risen up to pick up the slack with honest intel. What a privilege.

If this event had begun in December 2014 and then again in July 2015, we would know so much less about history, geopolitics, monetary systems and the cultures of our global brothers and sisters. What a privilege.

If we didn’t have additional time to research trusts, investment diversification, tax laws, negotiating strategies, contract rates and legal entities, we would have made terrible decisions that would have hindered our families for years to come. What a privilege.

If there was not those additional months to recalibrate our souls, and realign with God’s Creator frequency, all of this love now being given to humanity would have slipped through our finger tips because we were simply not ready to receive and hold onto such a massive blessing. What a privilege.

If not for the overly cautious nature of the Elders to dispense this mercy, slowly, inching forward step-by-step until it was safe to release globally, we would not have formed the professional bonds we have now, nor the lasting friendships we will covet moving forward. What a privilege.

If not for this elongated period of unanswered prayers, unsatiated desires and intense sufferings, how could we ever have fully understood, let alone remembered, this once-in-a-lifetime experience after all monetary needs are met for endless generations in the click of keyboard. What a privilege.

And if we did not humble ourselves, embracing the fact that we are indeed the 144,000 angels the bible speaks of (aka the meek of the earth inheriting Esu’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth), how could ever have become as powerful and righteous as we are now stand together in faith. What a privilege.

We are​ protected and favored beyond our own human comprehension.

Oh, what a privilege just to be participating in this event!

Thank you Father.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)



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