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Yosef Update – March 7, 2016

Yosef Update – March 7, 2016



Anonymous Intel SITREP
Monday – 3.7.16


​ Above is a historical photo of Grandfather, the actual global reset button pusher, somewhere in the mountains of China back in April of 2015.

Sure he’s like 500 years old in reality (is that reality?). In fact he’s so old some believe he has completely reversed the aging process so that now he hangs out as an infant to score babes. How Benjamin Buttons of him. But seriously, the actual RV button was pushed this year on 2.22, and is just now being released into circulation as of 3.3. Imagine what’s waiting for us on 4.4?

This is all so crazy, isn’t it? Worldwide financial collapse avoided with abundant benevolence delivered through the guidance of ancient sovereign families, ascended masters and extraterrestrial entities. Dude, pass the bong my way already and stop this insanity Susan Powter?

Yet, last night, during China’s wee morning hours around 08:08:08:08am CST, Grandfather finally pulled off the band aid and said “Go get’em fellas.” We are so humbled by your love for all humanity, Grandfather… as well as your patience to place us our lives on a foundation of bedrock versus sand our ancestors were forced to farm.

Everyone here in North America is eternally grateful for your wisdom and generosity. I know in my heart the picture above is a true representation of the joy you feel inside your heart on this very special, very earned day. God is with us. One. Always.

So what happens now? Is the Yuan is now the world’s reserve currency?  Yup. Are those pesky TRN’s now live worldwide?  Double yup. How about our old friend the Dinar?  Global release was 8am in Bagdad I’m told. Why else do you think Maliki suddenly resigned from public life?

China’s goal along was for a super subtle, invisible yet powerful monetary transition roll out. So if China started before trading opening on their Monday morning, that means a heavenly mandate was made to every country to either follow China’s lead or be left behind by brutal international sanctions. It’s therefore both safe and wise to assume that all nations of the free world feel in line and are now on the gold standard of currency valuation, with the baseline or spot price set in Shanghai, China as of right now.

So voila, and if by magic, all markets of the world are trading this morning with gold backed assets, including the FSTE 100, DAX and CAC 40 in Europe (as of 7am GMT).

Of course we here in the USA (DJIA, S&P, Nasdaq) must also have fallen in line because they’re not collapsing. So the once most powerful nation on earth, at this very moment, has been reduced to a second class diplomatic citizen on the global chessboard. Yikes. That escalated quickly!

Intel coming in is that we’re now waiting on our infamous announcement by someone in authority accepting responsibility for our new and improved gold backed TRN/USN currency. Now maybe the announcement comes tomorrow, so Iraq can go later tonight… but both are coming as defeat must be declared publicly for the Elders.

So unless you were up late and studying world events like a Phd of Marco Economic Theory, you probably missed the historic yet peaceful transition of global economic platforms, philosophies and value transition from paper to gold, fear to love, and dark to light.

This journey was a lot of fun for those of us stupid enough to follow such an event so closely. Honestly, intel providers at this point have no lives… as we’re collectively caught in a tractor beam of information until our good fiscal names have been restored back to a full and proper dignity.

But only the 800# notifications are left, be them from Reno or into Redemption Centers around the country. What a privilege to participate in history. I mean, why else would redemption center employees be sequestered again after a brief but appreciated Sunday night off. And why else would a tactical alert be issued to our nation’s military, national guard, special forces, police force and on site bank security to be watchful for nation wide suspicious activity against the Republic?

Seriously, if not an RV… why would they be doing all of this? Are they filming movie? Curious minds want to know? And Grandfather, we’re ready to be overwhelmed here in the West. We know now we don’t know what’s headed our way, so thank you for the additional time to prepare our souls so they will not be swept away by illusion.

Yes, private exchanges are going on all over the world are none are the wiser because this activity is so carefully thought out, so localized, and so quick… it’s nearly impossible to see the whole puzzle in real time without heightened clairvoyance. This is why so much of the intel people are providing is reactionary or after the fact, as how can anyone predict what they cannot see.

Hey, it’ll be tough for all of us to accept our blessing long after our exchanges are made–as going from nothing to everything in less than 30 minutes is a difficult construct to absorb mentally, let alone emotionally. And no, that classic little red Porsche will not serve as part of your therapy as true value always lies within.

The rule of thumb on giving should be as follows: It’s ok to reap tangible rewards to accomplish your life’s work, but you better be giving out ten times more to others or you simply won’t enjoy the stuff you got, and more stuff will only make you more miserable.

Also, let me offer one saving grace on the way out… when the sovereign RV finally does reach the street level, and private contracts are signed in redemption centers for people like us who bought or were gifted currency from on-line or in-bank purchases, it will move so fast you still won’t know what’s going on. And if the Elders have their way, you’ll never know the whole story until a decade after the fact.

So by all means enjoy the moment, but keep your head and heart on a swivel because things are going to change so fast, you’ll wonder where the misery, suffering and poverty went… and may even self sabotage to get them back.

Thus, it’s best to quickly learn how to lovingly let go and take great comfort in building anew.

Aloha ke Akua (God is Love)