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“ZIM Exchange Process and 800#’s” – One Who Knows – 4.24.17

“ZIM Exchange Process and 800#’s” – One Who Knows – 4.24.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 1:24 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Zim Exchange Process & 800#

“Don’t Call us… We’ll Call you” by (Anonymous) – 4.24.17

“Procedures Upon Receiving 800 Numbers by One Who Knows”

I understand the confusion. I will be putting out a more detailed explanation soon on the Zorra Call replay notes. I explained this contact process on that Zorra call as well:

“Zorra* Zaraya * Jane” Updates, Saraiya, One Who Knows. Q&A & Healings April 22, 2017

#1) The first 800# will either lead to an appointment for regular currency holders or will lead to a second Phone Number/Account number for zim holders. In short if you don’t have zim you set your appointment right on that FIRST call. However, if you have zim you are given a second (Very Personal and private) number to call. This is not complicated.

#2) The second 800#, is a Personal number that is only for the Zim holder. EVERY ZIM HOLDER WILL HAVE THEIR VERY OWN (2nd) PHONE NUMBER TO CALL. The (Zim) 800 phone number is both a call in number and will be also used as your personal account number at the bank as well. That is why you don’t want to give this special zim 800# (2nd number) to anyone because it is your bank account number also. After all, You don’t want to give anyone your bank account number to your multi trillion dollar account… do you? Again, this makes sense.

#3) Don’t worry…. Once the GCR goes “Live” anyone can call HSBC (The Main GCR Bank) and get the exchange number. So if you missed out on the Early-Segment plan, you can get the number yourself, after it goes live, and you will still have time to get your High Rate Exchange appointment. In short, You will either go “early” with the segment plan, or you will go “on time” when it goes live. Either way, you still have time to make your appointments and get exchanged. Easy.

#4) Emails can be sent out to “Contacts” that say: “I have important information for you, please call me ASAP.” Then when they call, they are given the 800# number. Very simple, and VERY safe. After all, what is an extra phone call when we are talking about Trillions of dollars…..? That is NOT too much to ask.

#5) The phone system is the safest way to verbally transmit the phone number. Texts, emails, etc., can all be hacked and can be forwarded to others who are not supposed to have access to the number. Safety for you and for the plan is the most important consideration. Respect that, and appreciate what is being done for you to keep this plan safe.

#6) This special zim exchange process is because the Zim is so EXTREMELY VALUABLE, and because there are very few zim holders compared to all the other currencies put together. Is it too much to ask that you make a call and get your contact number personally? After all, you are most likely talking about a multi-trillion dollar event for you and the bank. Frankly, I would be willing to call someone for a Million dollars…. No, I would be willing to call someone for a hundred thousand dollars. Come to think of it, I would be willing to call someone for a hundred dollars. So to make a phone call that leads to Trillions of dollars, is a “no brainer” for me. By comparison, I don’t think it is too much security, too hard, or too inconvenient, to make a simple phone call to get a contact number and instructions for a Trillion dollar increase in my bank account. Security makes sense to me, and an extra phone call is nothing, compared to what it leads to. Think about it.

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