Love is our new reality

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Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young, May 21st, 2017



As you continue upon your enlightenment journey, you start to recognize how important balance is, for it is through a balanced state you can better experience your alignment with Source, and from there navigate your life from your heart. So how do you stay in a more balanced state? You simply ask yourself, in any situation, “What do I need to add to this situation to get back to balance?”

This is such an important question, for several reasons. First it allows you to accept the situation as it is without pushing against what is unwanted. You are not trying to resist, or take away, or separate anything. It is not making anything wrong, it is merely assessing what is required to shift into a state that allows greater alignment and balanced movement, which is flow. It is focused on forward movement.

Adding to the situation is using your mastery. It is calling forth an energy you can choose for the highest good of all. It is simply turning up what is desired, so to speak, to support yourself and others moving forward.

So for example, you may find yourself in a situation where there is conflict. Rather than making people wrong for their emotions or behaviour, you can decide to bring the energy of love, calm, and peace to the whole, which would create greater possibilities for balance, much as a buoy can offer stability in choppy waves, should someone wish to grab onto it.

If you are feeling uncomfortable energetically, you can simply ask, “What do I need to get back into greater balance?” You will instant feel intuitively what to add, rather than pushing against, and perpetuating what is unwanted.

Think of experimenting with a recipe you are cooking. You know you cannot take away a level of spice that is too hot or overwhelming, you can only add other ingredients until the flavours reach a pleasant balance. So it is with your energetic states.

Adding an energy allows expansion, growth, and movement. It is how your world will eventually find its way to peace, when human beings start to understand that you can’t create change by pushing against what is unwanted, but rather by choosing to infuse situations with new energies, that create greater balance and alignment that then open the door to new potentials and possibilities. ~Archangel Gabriel

Channel: Shelley Young