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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, January 6th, 2017


Friday, January 6th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I have come today to congratulate you humans on Earth. You have taken a big step forward and you have been very brave in your quest to have everything come together. Up here we are so proud of you and we give you as much support that we can without impacting your free will and the karma you have shouldered.

This year will be the year of resolution. This is when all the knots are resolved. Blockages that have gotten stuck will be dissolved one after another. This is true globally as well as individually. Countries with much karma can receive a dispensation by providing help and recompense to the people they have caused suffering. This is true for animals and nature as well. At an individual level you will have to forgive yourself and help others that need your help. First of all you need to forgive yourself and dissolve your own blockages. Understand that you all are One and that you all have different matters to work on. We are all working on our ego to incorporate it with our soul. Our soul then works with our higher self and receives all knowledge from there. From this higher perspective it is then easy to work with what needs to be done here on Earth. It becomes easy to see one’s own part in the whole and understand which path you are meant to work on. We all have our own path to walk and no other than yourself know which path this is. That is, you from your higher perspective – it is already written in your life history. Right now we are turning a page and your own history emerges row by row.

It is a fantastic time you live in, where many prophecies can be fulfilled. Be proud you children who live on Earth today. You write your own history from darkness to light. All fairytales have a happy ending, also this one, dear children on Earth. My heart rejoices with yours. Your happiness is also mine and we walk together in to the Golden Age. This is what you have fought for and this is what you won.

A pillar of Light is now standing upright from Earth and is held there steadily by all fellow Beings all around the Universe. All that can and are allowed want to be a part of this pillar now. You resurrected it, dear Earthlings, and now you receive all the help you need to get it to remain and expand and it is expanding minute by minute. There are no words to describe this, it touches you to the bottom of your soul, where the most divine exists.

Yes, my dear friends on Earth your new life has started. We can see it up here, we see everything that happens, so do not doubt, you have already entered into the Golden Age. It is the beginning of something loving and beautiful, so bend your hearts to God and give thanks for this blessing and grace that he has showed you. You are all his children and loved for what you are. You are seen and understood. He sees your efforts and sends love to you. All that you do, you do for him, as you are all a part of his realm. Yes, dear children, we are all a part of his kingdom and this kingdom stretches all over the Universe. You can see how big it is. This cannot be understood at your level on Earth, but as you continue your development things will eventually fall in place.

The important thing now is to live in the now and to take the step that you now are about to take, the step of light that will lead to a better life on Earth for all kingdoms that reside there. It is a fantastically great step and Heaven is devoutly waiting to greet and welcome you home. Your mentors and guides stand ready to follow you during the last stretch home to yourself, the multidimensional beings that you really are. We all stand ready to greet you welcome you home and the longing is great up here to be able to meet you now. For each step forward that you take on Earth, the closer you are to us meeting.

I stand with open arms to receive you.

I love you so much.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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