Love is our new reality

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“Sovereigns” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – February 12, 2017



There’s a price to pay for your new fortune.
And you’ve paid it. Congratulations!

Maybe your entry cost was 1 year, 5 years, 10 years… no matter, as that was your spiritual fee into the game of endless sovereign wealth.

Another hour, another week, another year… whatever the start day and time of the RV it is irrelevant because its the lessons inherent in the journey that are the true reward.

In the final analysis, everything is really about how much life you are willing to give up in order to exchange your present for a better possibility.

So many began this journey wanting to cash in on the RV, only to conclude it now desperate to cash out for humanity.

Interesting, yes?

Just know with every zero you negotiate brings with it an equal value of responsibility … as if the eye of God is decimal point hearing your request, and creating an equivalent struggle no matter the size of your monetary harvest.

Oh, but there are no short cuts to evolution. No express lanes or gimmicks to usurping universal law when it comes to soul ascension.

Rather, the higher the rate you receive, the greater your burden shall be, yet also the greater the lessons attached will yield. Hence the free choice trade off.

Vice versa, the smaller the amount you request, yes the easier your journey will be but also the less credits your soul earns in heaven.

So there’s that…

The truth of the RV is that it was all one big cosmic test, based in spirit sure, but playing out in reality… and in real time.

How much did you believe in a benevolent source? How far did you allow your heart, mind, body and soul to trust in the infinite? How much were you willing to endure in order to position your life to serve others?

You see, what you are really redeeming here is your soul. Your claiming or reclaiming your life’s sacred sovereign truth beyond anything the world of man has ever offered.

So know what you are truly signing up for in this unprecedented opportunity is the chance to experience a deeper connected with God, in every possible and glorious way, just amid the constant suffering of other souls who are less fortunate.

Therein lies the rub…

For there’s no benevolent or heavenly truth in having more money versus having less. It’s after all just a number. Thus, the RV is probably not what you thought initially. Rather, it’s but a test of how much mercy you could dare receive, and ultimately, how much grace you might imagine disbursing to God’s Children … in Christ’s name.

Love therefore is the only answer to the RV test, with illusionary fears surrounding your choices at every turn.

The RV was your final exam of divine calling. As many were called, but only a few chose to surrender completely to God’s Will and do so unconditionally without limitation or end.

These are the true sovereigns, as they have committed their lives to the perpetual service of the masses. And only these souls will reap sovereign rates as this was God’s test to sort through all contenders from pretenders.

Everyone else will receive what their choices have yielded, regardless of what they ask for.

Because if anyone thinks the scope of this abundant wealth is going to make your life better, more enjoyable, euphorically heightened in some carefree way–dear child, you are dangerously mistaken.

Know that earthly wealth equates directly to spiritual weight. And so the larger your sudden financial blessing, the greater the earthly burden shall be placed upon your soul forevermore.

Ready for that kind of heat? Prepared for that epic challenge? Trained for that length of marathon? Hope so, ’cause if not… your soul is burnt toast.

Please do consider this humbling truth when negotiating and redeeming your currency. And leave the sovereign rates for the sovereigns. There’s absolutely no disgrace in taking less, just slower ascension.

God is with us.

“Sovereigns” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – February 12, 2017