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“Sitting on Intel” by One That Does Not Claim to Know – 2.11.17


“Sitting on Intel” by One That Does Not Claim to Know – 2.11.17

Entry Submitted by One That Does Not Claim to Know at 6:34 AM EST on February 11, 2017

Sitting on Intel I have to share.

Its late but got to share.

My Intel comes from people who have submitted very large boxes of bonds and currency.

Turns out we do have access to the Admiral sometimes.

No special treatment but we are sometimes able to back up our Intel when the Admiral responds.


Chinese Elders paid. Stated that was the way it was to be and agreed too six years ago.

Reno is counting currency to be ready for disbursement of gold back US currency over the weekend. RV go could be Thursday Friday next week. Maybe sooner!

May have to do with Mnuchins being sworn in, has to sign off on new gold back currency. So Thursday Friday we have a good shot.

Mnuchins is a total crook, One West Bank was a new bank that was designed to foreclose on property and made huge money during the real estate implosion. I know I tried to work with them to do loan mods for my clients loans and they never returned a call. And in fact if a prospect called and they where with One West Bank I told them I just could not help them out. The bank was owned by a who’s who elitist club who was backed by the Bush administration.

That being said he is Trumps appointee and we may need him, hopefully for just a little while to get the RV done.

Trump will have to announce the new gold back currency middle of next week to get the go Thursday or Friday.

My Intel states there will be an announcement.

Had to share.

“Sitting on Intel” by One That Does Not Claim to Know – 2.11.17