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“St. Germain Regarding NESARA/GCR: It is Close – All of it” by Sierra (NZ) – 2.27.18

“St. Germain Regarding NESARA/GCR: It is Close – All of it” by Sierra (NZ) – 2.27.18

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 2:44 AM EST on February 27, 2018

St Germain gives a reassuring update about NESARA and GCR in this channeling via James McConnell. One Who Serves talks about big shifts happening before 20th March, and the safety of redemption centers…

St Germain (16′ 30″): ‘Many of you are awaiting the announcement of NESARA and the revaluation of currencies. I tell you now that it is close – all of it. Before this can come into fruition completely, before you can fully realize this dream, those ones that have blocked this up until now must be removed one way or another. Once they are no longer in control then you will realize your dream – OUR dream – of a new Golden Age here on the planet.’

One Who Serves (36′) answers a question, “Will our blessings come before the Spring Solstice on 20th March?” ‘We can tell you…by that point there will be many revealings that have come forth and much by that point will be in motion…There will be a great many shifts and changes that are going to likely, based on possibility and probability that is occurring right now in this moment, there will be many changes that will have happened by that point. Yes.’

One Who Serves (48′) talks about Obama and Trump: ‘President Obama played one against the other. He appeared in many cases to be of darkness but he was almost always of the Light…Now there is the one who cannot be bought (Trump). They (cabal) could not control this one. Trump is being guided by the Alliance and the Galactics. He is bringing down the curtain on the cabal, like in the Wizard of Oz. Trump is doing the exposing. He is draining the swamp. He is bringing down the old paradigm so the new paradigm can come in…’

One Who Serves (53′) answers a question about redemption centers, “Will it be safe to exchange our currency at redemption centers?” ‘Under the new paradigm, after the cabal has been removed from the situation, you will not need to be concerned. That is why it has not been released. If it were released now before the cabal is curtailed completely, then it would be a concern.’

St Germain and One Who Serves are confirming Patrick’s daily Intel Alerts: As soon as the cabal is contained, the RV will be released.

So be it!

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)