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The Federation of Light via Blossom Godchild, August 20


The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

August 20th, 2015

I am still in England due to my mother’s passing and complications with my stepfather. I am hoping to return to Australia at the beginning of September. Therefore … I would be most grateful if you could notify sites etc. that you know post my channellings, as my mailing list cannot be used on the internet plan over here. Thank you. I look forward to being back in the swing of things very soon. Love Blossom.

Blossom: Hello my friends. It has been almost 2 months since we were in touch. I am hoping today is the correct time within my energies to speak with you once again. Apparently, there is much news spreading round regarding ‘The Pillars of Light’ that we ‘fell out’ about toward the end of 2011. There seem to be many appearing around the world (from what I gather from readers). Are these ‘Pillars’ that which you were telling us about? And if so, can you speak more of their purpose? Thank you.

The Federation of Light: We ‘arrive’ in your head with much compassion and fortitude*. That which you mention, is indeed that which we proclaimed would arrive and yet, from our point of view … they are right on time!

Blossom: Indeed! Well, what’s a few years between friends!

The Federation of Light: More and more of such phenomena are being/to be created for the Higher Good of All. As we spoke before … these Energy Beams are here to assist. They create a vortex within themselves that allow that which is to come through them … to resonate and blend within your Earth atmospherics, in order to oblige the moving forward of your Planet.

Merely by their presence … they are already sending and offering HIgher Energies … Not just to the surrounding areas from which they derive … Yet, the power that lies within them, enables their ‘purpose/work’ to spread much further afield.

They … so far … are positioned in such places that allow ‘growth’ from within your Earth to recharge and power them up into their full-most capacity.

Blossom: You spoke before, of knowledge being contained within them also?

The Federation of Light: We would use of the word ‘Information’.

Blossom: About what?

The Federation of Light: Information that is presented to One and All for the assistance in the progression of the Divine Plan.

Blossom: How do we receive this information?

The Federation of Light: It is through telepathic entrance to your Beings, that they shall offer you. It is not that One would suddenly be stricken rigid and be downloaded at a rate that would explode the senses. These are HIGHLY developed Light Beams that are designed to secrete at a rate compatible to those ready to receive … information required.

Blossom: So, is is that only some of us would be susceptible to this information … or is it for All?

The Federation of Light: It is of course for All and yet, they are designed to enlarge the thought scope for those who remain a little stuck in their ways … and, at the other end of the scale … they contain information of the Highest quality regarding ‘patents’ for New Awareness.

Blossom: Can you explain that a little more in depth?

The Federation of Light: Within the scheme of WHAT IS TO BE … much is needed upon your Planet to rejuvenate that which has/is withering and almost destroyed. These Pillars contain ‘Ground plans’ to enable the renewal of such things. There are many … of what we term … ‘The Ground Crew’, that may not be aware at this juncture … of their purpose. Yet, on another level … they have agreed to be the ‘Adventurers’ and to step out and re-introduce ways of technological advance … that will proceed in counteracting that which has been placed to NOT assist.

Blossom: So, by this do you mean … technology to clean up our Planet etc.?

The Federation of Light: Exactly. They work in the splendid way of containing much information/knowledge, yet … how would we put it in your terms of understanding? The knowledge is designed to be ‘given’ to the individual accepting of their role.

May we explain it this way? Rather like your computer … at your fingertips there is knowledge and information for all. Yet, it depends … does it not? … on that which a soul is ‘attracted to’ as to what exactly they choose to plug into to receive that information.

For instance … One who is passionate about flowers … would not plug in to receive information about rocket engines. It is ‘not their scene’. Therefore, they plug in to receive knowledge about flowers. The rocket scientists do the same regarding rocket engines.

Therefore … information coming from these Pillars will filter out ‘it’s wares’ … which are of a vast variety … so that the right information ‘finds’ the souls that have agreed … and most likely to make use of … a particular matter.

Whether some souls receive more information/download … would be an agreed fashion in order to carry out the next step/phase of the ‘programme’.

For those not so deeply involved in this way … they will still receive much Energy to uplift their souls and bring them into a place of ‘balance’ in order for them to continue on through … on their pathway. Yet, would we say … at an accelerated speed than they would have done … should these Pillars not have arrived.

Blossom: Well, these certainly sound very complex to have put together. And, there are some that say these Pillars are caused by atmospheric disturbances … i.e. weather conditions.

The Federation of Light: One must allow discrepancies to evolve … in order for one to arrive at their own decision of TRUTH.

It matters not to us. It TRULY matters not what anyone ‘decides’ to make of these PILLARS OF LIGHT’. For … THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE … and they shall carry out their mission … no matter what doubt and fear may be displayed.

Remember too, Dearest Friends … there … for now … are factors regarding untruths of many things that are bandied around your technical communication systems … designed to do exactly what they are doing … confuse and spread fear.

Blossom: May I now segue nicely then, into your opinion regarding the end of Sept? I know we spoke about it briefly, a while ago … yet , that ‘time frame’ seems also, to be spreading like wild fire … and I wondered if you could give us a little clarity … obviously, from YOUR aspect of it … and I accept that it will not necessarily ‘match’ that which others are channelling or speculating.

The Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls … that which we choose to acknowledge regarding this ‘time’ is naturally the design that WE are aware of … regarding the follow through of all that has gone before and therefore, leading up to a certain climax.

We repeat … that which we have mentioned before … that by the end of your year 2015 … there will be a whole lot more to shout about.

Blossom: So, you are not game to state that great changes will come at the end of Sept?

The Federation of Light: We are The Federation Of Light. That which we choose to offer in ways of Ascension for the soul is on an individual level … for the individual.

In much of our information given … it is designed to work on many levels … assisting many … and reaching them on a balanced understanding … no matter whether One is more ‘aware’ than another. The messages are designed for ALL … and yet, depending on One’s depth of awakening … they are received on different levels. Some … understanding on a much deeper level … their meaning. Others … merely skipping over the surface.

Without question … we state that there is a time coming in the near future when your Planet Gaia … your Divine Mother Earth … is to receive an explosion of LOVE ENERGY that has not yet been experienced.

This ENERGY OF LOVE is that ‘magic potion’ that so many of you have long awaited. It will SHINE like nothing you have experienced … in your hearts first and foremost.

This deliverance of this Energy is to come to you in order for you to … as you often say Blossom … ‘Get this show on the road’. We do not give a date … yet, we do acknowledge that your word ‘SOON’ is much SOONER than you think.

Blossom: An amazing thought just popped into my head … did you put it there?

The Federation of Light: Yes.

Blossom: You go ahead with sharing that if you would? You are far more eloquent.

The Federation of Light: The Pillars of Light that are to become far more noticeable over a short period of time … are very much a part of this Higher Energy coming in. They shall be activated at certain prominent times … when, not only will they be visible to the eye … yet, by their very activation … they shall emit their Energy ‘out’ … in a pulsating Vibration … that indeed, shall make One shed tears of upmost joy.

Blossom: Yet, as far as I am aware … when they appear … they do not remain for too long.  So, how can that be?

The Federation of Light: The Universe works in mysterious ways Dearest Blossom. Even where ones have appeared and then disappeared … they have left their ‘blueprint’ … shall we say. Their Energy is still there. As more and more blueprints are put in place … they are preparing.

Blossom: For what?

The Federation of Light: For their time of activation.

Blossom: Are they all going to ‘Go off’ at once then?

The Federation of Light: No. For different Pillars are composed of different degrees of Energy.

It is rather a complex involvement as to the ‘when and how’s’ … and in all TRUTH … it might get a little difficult for us to explain the workings regarding the ‘Setting off’ … the ‘Activating of’ … these Treasured Beams.

Blossom: So, we are to expect many more of them?

The Federation of Light: Many more.

Blossom: The words ‘Light Show’ once again dance through my head. Are The Pillars part of “The Light Show’ you have mentioned in the past?

The Federation of Light: They are a conduit in the procedure … and we choose to leave it there … for now.

We leave you this day in the knowledge that ‘THE HEAT IS ON’.

Go within … deep within your souls and FEEL WHO YOU ARE.

The excitement of such TRUTH shall build … as you prepare for times that you sometimes lost faith would ever take place.

Blossom: Oh! Just before you go … just quickly … I wanted to ask … and I ask for many who appear to be experiencing the same as myself … This ‘I’m done’ feeling … This ‘void’ … This ’emptiness/numbness’ we feel … has it presented itself to us … so that we are indeed empty and therefore, ready to be filled with the HIGHER Energies that await us?

The Federation of Light: We would give you ten out of ten for that deduction.

Blossom: Yet, there will obviously be some that are not experiencing this … How does that work?
The Federation of Light: Each one of you is an individual case. Not One … we repeat … Not One … shall miss out on this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Many paths are walked … Yet, they all lead to the pinnacle of your choice for BEING here.

We now must remove our Energies or you will find yourself rather exhausted.

Blossom: So many thanks to you. I was wondering if my vibration would be High enough within my surroundings at present. It appears they were. LOVE LOVE LOVE and more LOVE to you.

The Federation of Light: We receive that LOVE from All … as you blend with our LOVE … and we merge the ENERGY into the Highest.

*I had to google the word ‘Fortitude’.  I knew what it meant yet, didn’t feel it was correct in the sentence. However, I feel they were expressing this way, as I have recently been through a particularly difficult time and it soothed my heart that they used it. ‘Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage’.

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