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GCR Historical Overview, Part 2/10, August 20

GCR Historical Overview – Part 2/10

Bretton Woods

Please be aware that no one here at the Golden Age of Gaia claims to have the ability to advise you on financial matters. We do not endorse or not endorse the views expressed in this booklet.

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Most are aware that planet earth has been made to exist in an unsustainable manner for centuries, both in terms of abuse of natural resources and through the use of economic mechanisms via a well entrenched fiat Central Banking System.

But no country, even the USA, can continue to print money without having tangible assets collateralizing debt. Yet this is precisely what the Central Banking System has done. In effect, they have attempted to privatize global wealth, monitoring and restricting the world’s money supply, including bonds, banking instruments, stocks, digital, paper and coin currencies.

This private global monetary control framework was introduced to the world during Bretton Woods Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, June of 1944.


At this conference, NATO introduced a global monetary and military strategy that was agreed to by 44 Allied Nations in treat. “The Allies,”, who won the war, declared that the United States of America was the world’s liberator, and should also therefore be the world’s future military enforcer and top economic power player. All this, in compensation for winning the war for humanity.

Thus, the USA was granted the right to print the de facto global reserve currency, calling it the United States Dollar (USD), whereby all other currencies of the world would be held in  comparison to determine their own international value.

The almighty USD quickly spread as said de facto global reserve currency—replacing the British Pound Sterling—and the United States suddenly was allowed to “print” as much USD as they deemed necessary without any international oversight, except those same families who owned the Central Banking System.

Knowingly, our own US Congress secretly voted in favor of allowing a new private bank named the Federal Reserve (FED) to print the emerging nation’s physical money for our own United States Treasury. This act of treason was called the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the FED alone would be allowed to have full global monetary authority over the rest of the world.

This “blank check” mentality that directly financed all of the current global monetary debt/insanity humanity endures today. However, also during Bretton Woods (1944), the NATO Alliance and the United States needed collateral to “put up” in order to launch their world domination plan.

So they asked the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family, who agreed in the spirit of a greater good vision for the reconstruction of society in the age of the new world. It was this same Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family who had also funded the American war against the British Empire in the late 1770’s, and why to this day Americans still shoot off Chinese fireworks honoring their gifts every 4th of July.

So the Red Dragons agreed to lend their gold to the Central Bankers for a maximum fifty-year period, ending in 1996 (plus a 5 year transition or grace period, making the back wall return date September 11, 2001). And with this benevolent act, the global Central Banking System was born, allowing all good standing sovereign nations to borrow redevelopment capital, and/or leverage through trade, in order to rebuild their war torn countries post WW2.

Now to fully understand the amount of gold loaned to the free world by the Red Dragons, one must first understand that gold has been mined across Southeast Asia for over 5,000 years. And these 26 different factions of Red Dragon Families hoard, maintain, grow and protect their assets with unparalleled commitment. So when they agreed to lend their gold, albeit benevolently in favor of the greater good of humanity, they expected to get it back at some point in time.

So the Central Bankers began leveraging the vaulted gold assets as early as in 1946, and began the reconstruction of societies worldwide. This was the golden era for America… late 1940’s through the mid-1960’s. Growth and possibility seemed endless in the USA. But sadly, absolute power always corrupts absolutely, the central bankers decided to keep the gold for themselves, and began devising a strategy to accomplish this evil end.

So they manufactured a few wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq. Then came 9/11, which led humanity down its current military and financial pathway into Afghanistan, Iraq (again), Egypt, Syria, Israel/Palestine (again), Libya and finally the Ukraine.

All of these wars were in direct response to giving the Red Dragons back their collateralizing assets to a rapidly defaulting Central Banking System. This discrepancy built to a head when the Red Dragons demanded payment for derivatives debts on Lehman Brothers in 2007—and insisted that their gold interest must be paid backed.

But when Lehman could not pay off the debt call, the USG declared a global financial emergency, borrowing $700B from its citizens (T.A.R.P.) in order to maintain repayment schedules negotiated by Federal Reserve Bank to the Red Dragons.

As of March 1, 2015, neither the FED nor the United States of American Corporation (founded in 1871) has the liquidity left to satisfy its debt repayments, and thus have turned over the USG to White Knight Military leaders within the US Pentagon, and they now run the country’s affairs. This transition has quietly been rolling out going back to 4th quarter 2012.

So if you hear the term “Global Currency Reset” or “Revaluation of Currencies” in the future, simply understand the world is resetting back to an economic balance between sovereign nations, whereby each nation agrees to “revalue their currency” in harmony with a pre-agreed, common gold standard of value to both measure and trade wealth.