Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain by Bewdah, August 24th

AUGUST 24 2016

A Message from St. Germaine
Guest Post by Bewdah

Entry Submitted by Bewdah at 1:10 AM EDT on August 24, 2016

Greetings and Blessing unto you all, for this is Saint Germaine.

The Blessing of God Almighty is with you and shall be, shortly. Yet I must start this message with a statement to hopefully remind you that in the scheme of the Almighty God that a blink of his great and caring eyes are simply a thousand years and though time is different between the Creator and mankind, He is aware of your needs and will place no greater burdens upon ye than that in which ye can handle.

When ye come together in one mind and one accord without the drama brought on by outside forces into your groups, then the Blessing will be manifested unto thee.

A few short weeks ago we looked into the RV and brought to you not only a message of love and forgiveness, but of understanding and comprehension.

Yet, weeks have passed and you have forgotten these words.

Since most want to know what is the cause of the delay and cannot look unto themselves as the possible reason as to why, Yes it is understood that most of ye have been patient and wait for the blessings to unfold, and they shall. Some of ye would yet still stir the pot and without knowing, cause the delay. Taking this and that from sources believed to be true and accurate but are part of the organizations that want no changes into the world and ye pass them along to the others that are patiently awaiting God’s Great and Bountiful Blessings to this world and it’s rightful heirs and inhabitants!

The Blessing that can right the wrongs that have occurred for generations. Correcting world poverty, famish and other economical and social issues. RIGHTING THE WRONGS brought on by greed, selfishness, jealousy, anger, frustration and other such emotional out bursts.

Now take ye a moment, and ask yourselves these questions:

Are my/our actions, when passing on or reading this information that which is negative or a positive outlook towards the Creator’s Blessing filled with anything other than love and blessings to the world? After all, are we to judge others? Is that not God’s responsibility? We can understand the frustration and difficulties that have occurred, but do ye wish to act like Christ, or worldly? The Masters have looked into the hearts of ye and see the possibility of great compassion, love and gratefulness. We see that some of ye are truthful to your desires to help humanity, while others are playing lip service to it and will become greedy, selfish and full of vengeful righteousness, thinking it will be your time on the top of the world. Over forty percent of you currently have goals of truthfulness to help society and the world, and yet only 3 percent will follow through to the end. Yet you wonder why there are delays and blame others instead of looking inward. Love yourselves and you would expect others to love you and love others more! Give now ye with an open heart as if the blessing has already arrived for it has, it is awaiting upon ye to grasp it within yourselves.

Am I/Are we worthy of this great and mighty Blessing from God, when I show anger or frustration over this Blessing (delay) in your minds? All great things happen in God’s time not ours nor yours, in the Creator’s time. Do ye make demands upon the Creator, whom has seen to all of your needs great and or small. The Blessing sits before you and as stated waits upon ye to control yourselves in a Christ like manner. Forgiving others, Blessing others with love and compassion.

Am I/Are we not being greedy in our desire for the Blessing now? Yes, ye have waited patiently for years but God’s Blessings come in His time and in His moment not Yours! Yet look upon yourselves and ask will ye be true or greedy? As stated forty percent out of all of you will start humane projects and yet only 3 percent will follow through, is this not greed, yet ye all want the humane rates of exchange out of what? False compassion and Greed, this is not the reasons for the Blessing.

Yes the questions above and statements are harsh, but they are not meant to be blameful either. They are made to awaken ye to the reasons of the Blessing which seems to have been forgotten. If we can read an article and have no emotion towards it fine; however, if you buy into the article and start sending out energies of negativity, then you have become part of the problem and not the solution.

We say these things in Love and Compassion unto ye all. The Blessing is close, closer than what ye may realize and can be manifested by ye and your actions and reactions. Let us accept responsibility and go forth with Love foremost in ye hearts and claim this, together as one in His name, not our own.

Compassion, Love and Blessings upon ye all,

Your Brother St Germain