Love is our new reality

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St. Germain: “The Dominoes are Falling Fast!” Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, May 12

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, St. Germain.  Can you feel the excitement, the exhilaration, the knowing that we are so close?And make no mistake!  We would not be so close were it not for you and all of those who hold the Light for the great changes which are coming.  Now I have a major, major responsibility in not only effecting the changes which are on the way, but, shall we say, the results of those changes for each and every one of you and, indeed, for all, all of Humanity and, by extension, for all residents of Planet Earth, and by extension further, out into your solar system and beyond!!!

“I have had lifetimes upon Planet Earth.  I have experienced, witnessed and, indeed, been a participant in many of the events which were organized or orchestrated for the purpose of enriching, by their definition, those whom we call the dark hats.  I learned something many, many, many years ago.  And that is that they felt that they were somehow empowered to rule, to control, to contrive every program that could possibly be conceived, to support this agenda of theirs.  And so it was going to be quite difficult, I could see, to convince them otherwise.

“And indeed, those of you who know the story of NESARA* know that even though they signed agreements – presidents signed on to the Law, the Divine Law called NESARA* – they went back on their word.  And the biggest of these betrayals took place on 9-11-2001.  Now, you all know that story.  Suffice it to say that NESARA* was to have been announced that very morning at 10am Eastern time.  You all know what happened.  Blame was placed on people who were not the perpetrators.  It was the inner, or shall we say, the higher group of dark hats who again – with no thought whatsoever to the many lives that would be lost, the devastating results, indeed with a callous indifference – they went ahead with their plan.  And the World changed forever on that day.

“But we saw on that day also, that there was a capacity for compassionate Oneness, for people to connect in with their Higher Selves, with their Spirit Selves, with the One We All Are -the Light of Heaven.  And that was a beautiful thing to see, because we knew then that Humanity could do it for sure!Humanity had already started on that course toward NESARA’s Announcement and other Announcements and the entry into the Golden Age and so on.  But that was a shining moment, as tragic as it was for the World.

“And make no mistake, we were with you and we felt what you were feeling in your Hearts.  And there is no way that we can possibly diminish the damage that was done that day, other than to tell you that there was a shining Light that burned in the midst of all that darkness.  And that, Beloved Ones, was the Light of Humanity’s Higher Self!  And so we have worked diligently to bring you to this very moment.  And when I say, ‘bring you,’ make no mistake, you have been right there, partnering with us!  But we have been engaged in some rather delicate maneuvers – an infinite number, in fact, in order to get this far.

So what is life going to be like for you after NESARA is announced?  I shall tell you this:You shall have Freedom that you have never had, not for the last thirteen thousand years on Planet Earth – Freedom to be in JOY, or shall we say, to en-JOY your lives as you never have before; Freedom to be out from under whatever financial burdens you may have been feeling, but that is only the start!  Yes, I know, I know.  Even for this one whose voice I am using now, to be free from financial challenges will be a most wondrous state of being!

“That’s just the beginning!  You will have the Freedom to go where you wish to go.  Ashtar and Company will hasten the development, the evolvement of the technologies that will even take you out into space, if you so desire!  You will be able to enjoy Peace.  Now, Peace within your own Hearts may not come immediately, but these high energies coming in are very uplifting – as much as you allow them to be.  And we do advise that you allow them to be so!

“When you are feeling Peace in your Hearts, then you truly know that you are Love and you are Divine, and that you can go anywhere and do anything that you choose so to do so long as it is peaceful to all!!!  In other words, just be Love, be loving and enjoy the Peace that comes to you, even as the World lays down its weapons – weapons of mass destruction and weapons of self-destruction.

“What is it that the drug and chemical companies have inflicted upon the population except self-destruction – self-destruct methods with all of the inventions and techniques and modalities?  And there are better ways.  Oh, it’s not that ‘the baby should be thrown out with the bathwater!’  It is simply that there will be a complete review.  Those among you who are knowledgeable are invited to be in consideration of what it is that you see as needing to change in that area!  And nutrition -nurturing yourselves with good, wholesome foods.That will become the way of life everywhere in the World when the control that these companies have had is no more!!!

“And what about energy?How are these spaceships going to be powered?  Well, they will not be powered by nuclear fuel and they will not be powered with anything that is toxic.  Imagine trying to power a spaceship, even a shuttle, by filling the gas tank!  It’s not going to happen, because that is not the way it is!  Oh, yes, these spaceships are in existence right now.  And everybody will be able to afford a ride, if they so choose – a ticket, for as long as there is money in existence!!!

“Now, isn’t this wonderful?!  I have created a bank out of which I will be paying each and every one of you a grand amount of dollars, or yen ,or whatever it is that is your currency after NESARA is announced.  And it will have real value, because it will be backed by gold and other precious metals.  And there will be no more speculative money markets!!!

“Everything will be the same value.  That will take a month or so to finalize, but the computer programs are already there.  And, yes, the banks are already aware of it and it will be, as I see it, a very smooth transition.  So that’s a big domino to fall, as Ashtar would say.  So here I am, making sure that there is plenty of money so that everyone will have enough, probably more than most people have ever dreamed of having!

“And now I tell you I will give you enough so that you can be completely free of any debt, or any worries about how you’re going to pay for something.  And, yes, before everyone gets theirs disbursed, those who are partners in the humanitarian prosperity programs shall be receiving sufficient funds to get the various changes implemented.  Those are the new dominoes -cleaning up the air, the land and the water; making sure that everyone has shelter and food; making sure that every child has a family; making sure that those who need medical attention shall receive it.  And the Arcturians are standing by to take it to a whole new level!  And everybody will be able to afford all of these things, and more!!!

“But what is my goal in doing this anyway except to do away with money completely?  So after all these new dominoes of the Golden Age have fallen, at the end the last domino will be that no one needs money because you will have evolved sufficiently that you can simply create whatever it is that you choose to create!!!

“Now that’s, shall we say, a little way off for most of you.  It is not real for very many of you in this moment.Well, we do have many, many Masters from Higher Dimensional levels with us, and you can do this too, when you are conscious on that level, or even when you’re not – your focus is in 3D and yet you’re up there.  But not many of you can gaze upon the palm of your hand and bring forth a diamond.  There have been Masters walking this Planet who could do that.There are Masters right now who can do that!  But not the most of you, and quite frankly, that’s not a very practical skill, unless the diamond is worth a lot of dollars, and we’ll leave it at that!

“There are other things that you can do and you do very well and you will eventually have the skills to do all of these kinds of things, readily available to you, shall we say, 24-7.  You won’t hardly even have to give it a thought, much less work at developing it!!!

“So you can see that YOU are changing; YOU are evolving.  And we understand that it is difficult sometimes to assimilate all of these energies or to what you call, ‘wrap your minds around’ how you will be as you continue to evolve.  So I just want to assure you that it’s all wonderful; it’s all happening; it is coming very soon, this open doorway to the Golden Age, just as fast as we can open it for you!!!

“We shall continue with our services in this matter.  We invite you to continue with yours.  And how best you can serve, most Beloved, and most Honored Family, is to be Love – to express Love, to create out of Love, and to walk with us on this Joy-full, Joy-full Path that you have ordained.  And so I thank you for your attention and I assure you that we are working together, and that the Golden Age is just ahead!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, May 12, 2015.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.