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Saint Germain via Ann Dahlberg, June 21

Saint Germain

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Saint Germain and I have some news for you today. A lot of money has now been transferred to funds to be used for various deserving projects necessary for the earth and people in need. This was the first step when it comes to funds. Currency revaluation has taken major steps forward and are being introduced in more countries. There is not much talk about it yet, but there soon will be, when the dollar is becoming less important. This is a big step for the planet and the first breath of relief can now be taken. Humanity is now heading toward the peace that they so long have been waiting for.

The announcement of NESARA will happen shortly after the change in currencies has been recognized by most countries. You have done a fantastic job and we are all so proud of you. Our allies who have been working to produce this change in the world of currencies and funds are worth a great tribute. Send light and gratitude to them for their selfless work and their great courage. They have only the best for the earth and humanity in mind. Despite major setbacks, they have restarted and used a new and better strategy.

This can apply to all people who find themselves at different levels in life. Despite the troubles and setbacks you still continue to learn and move forward on a hopefully better way. Otherwise, there will follow a new learning, and wise from this experience, you will do it better and better, until you are fully instructed and the ability is incorporated into the self and becomes automatic.

Have faith in the future, folks. The major changes have begun to leave traces and will shortly become apparent to all. Do not be afraid if it gets a little unruly at first. Know and understand that it soon passes, and it’s for your own good. That it is the best for the whole planet and its inhabitants.

Our allies have this connection and know why they are here. They do not need to find their true selves, they are already in their true selves. They just need to concentrate on the work they are doing and they do it very well. They get the advice they need from their “higher self” and the guides who are around them.

Now it’s your turn to wake up collectively and be one with each other. All must continue the work that has been started and pull their weight. All are needed in the work to restore the earth to her former self, the paradise that she always was meant to be. You will now continue this glorious work as a collective entity. You should return to become earth guardians and protect her fragile ecosystem. Everything should be restored to its proper element and balance. You have a big job ahead of you, dear earthlings, but we trust firmly in your ability. Together you have many gifts and all these gifts come to good use in the work that lies ahead.

It is as we have always said. It is together you have to rise up, for it is together you can do wonders with yourselves and your dear planet “Earth” or “Gaia” which actually is her real name.

It was nice to talk with you.

Yours sincerely,

Saint Germain