Love is our new reality

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Brendas Blog, June 30


Brenda˙s  Blog


June 30, 2015


Channel: Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,


You are beginning to notice changes within your being. Perhaps you find yourself touched by someone or something as never before. Perhaps you approach a person or experience differently. Indicators that you are not the entity you were even a few months ago.


You have removed the cover of your being. New you is beginning to sparkle in ways you did not necessarily anticipate – and is as surprising to you as to those around you.


Some of you believe you are returning to the you of yesteryear – a younger, more loving version of you. So it may be. But you added elements the past few decades that ensure that new you experiences are deeper and richer in love and joy.


Perhaps you are not yet feeling love or joy. Such is to be expected as you heal/process those energies you so readily incorporated into your being earlier this year. Many of you are/were on the verge of “blowing a fuse”, burn-out – even earth death. You accepted as much energy as you thought your body could take and then asked for more. So it is you may need to heal a bit longer.


Those of you who did not accept as many energies or have a stronger physical being, are beginning to note feelings and action shifts. As if a cement wall around your heart is starting to crumble – so it is.


In this phase, you are adjusting to those new feelings you read about, but have not experienced before in any earth lifetime.


Perhaps as a child you felt more love for others – even yourself. But the years of wear and tear; of accepting that which was not acceptable within your being; of pretending to be something someone else wanted you to be and other earth experiences that created your cement wall of emotional protection, are fading to a memory with fewer feelings of fear, disdain, anger or sadness.


Those memories will soon feel more like a history book than personal reality. A history that is touching, sad or even joyous, but not directly connected to you.


Your heart cannot be free to float into new you until you accept and love all that is you. Such is not possible if you continue to ruminate consciously or subconsciously about all you did wrong earth life after earth life.

This shift from personal memory to an impersonal history was the thrust of the April/May energy bursts – gifts from the Universes that you en masse requested. For you realized you could not clear the many pieces of fear and pain related to your unique path in this lifetime without Universal assistance.


You accepted that Universal assistance only to discover pieces of former 3D pain you needed to address and clear before moving on. And so you are with astonishing results.


Some of you have become almost a new entity within your physical body. Your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and actions are as new to you as they are to others. You are discovering new depths, fewer fears and amazing directions almost daily.


Perhaps you are tired. Such would be understandable given all you experienced and are experiencing. Allow that to be. Do not push yourself to exhaustion. At the same time, know that the you that is starting to percolate, to feel, think and believe differently, is truly new you in all your glory.


Do not be frightened by new you. Relish the new soft, loving being that you are discovering hidden beneath your concrete protection. Protection that was necessary for you to maintain a physical earth life through your 3D fears and expectations.


Those new to earth – experiencing earth for the first or one of the first times – are not experiencing the shifts you are. Such is so because they do not have need for protective covers. But then, neither have they experienced earth love or fear to the depth you have or anticipate experiencing.


Perhaps you will better understand those entities who do not seem to care much about anything if you realize they are strangers in a strange land. They are from other places – not repeat earthlings as is true for most of you reading these words.


They are not interested in healing or expanding their love channels. They are merely noting the shifts – much as a traveler to a foreign country might. They find this or that intriguing, but not enough to dedicate themselves to earth or earth transition as is true for you.


To you, they feel disconnected because they are. They do not expect to become an earthling – at least not now. But instead, enjoy the novelty of a new land.


They are earth observers only. But once they entered the heaviness of earth’s atmosphere, they forgot their Universal purpose and became one of those distant earthlings you find astounding.


They do not seem to be attached to anything or anyone. Perhaps they say the right words or act the right way, but there is nothing you can sense beyond their facade. Even though they may have auras, they are a blank slate otherwise.


Some of you light holders have brought such beings into this world through childbirth or other means and are now becoming more and more astounded at their disconnect from you. Observe them for a few hours and you will note that they are also disconnected from all or most others. There is nothing there for you to tap into.


Those of you enmeshed with someone not of earth will likely feel guilty for not being able to connect with them. In truth, you have given them all they wanted – access to earth during this great shift.


You have completed your contract with them. They will learn what they wish to learn when they wish to do so. Your only role was allowing them to enter earth via your direction or invitation. Move on as they will. There is no ongoing bond. You will know such in your heart when you try to connect with them and feel little or nothing.


Perhaps you wonder if such an action is counterproductive to the phrases, “We’re all one.” “Love others as yourself”


You cannot force anyone into a love box. Allow yourself to let go of the guilt of trying to force someone to be something they are not – most especially those earth observers who have no intention of returning to earth or becoming part of the healing solution. Interact with those who feel love and loving.


Observers are not interested in that aspect of earth life. They are not zombies, merely observers – like those of you who visit zoos. Even though visiting a zoo can be enriching, you have no need to jump in a cage to interact with the animals or share their experiences.


So it is you are discovering another piece of yourself – guilt related to observer interactions – you can revisit and remove if you so choose. So be it. Amen.