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Brendas Blog

Brendas Blog, July 14

Brenda’s Blog July 14, 2015 Channel: Brenda Hoffman Dear Ones, Perhaps you recently surprised yourself with your thoughts or actions – knowing without completely understanding how you know something. Or were surprised with the new gentleness or loving kindness of others. All part of new you and New Earth. More new pieces will become part

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Brendas Blog, June 30

  Brenda˙s  Blog   June 30, 2015   Channel: Brenda Hoffman Dear Ones,   You are beginning to notice changes within your being. Perhaps you find yourself touched by someone or something as never before. Perhaps you approach a person or experience differently. Indicators that you are not the entity you were even a few

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Brendas Blog, June 22

Brenda’s Blog June 22, 2015 Channel: Brenda Hoffman Dear Ones, Perhaps you are finding it more difficult to concentrate in your 3D/4D interactions. Granted, you most often add the right tidbit during a conversation, but you seem to forget words, times and so many other 3D/4D pieces. Such is so because you are jumping between times

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Brendas Blog, June 15

Brenda’s Blog June 15, 2015 Channel: Brenda Hoffman Dear Ones, It is time once again to acknowledge and ponder the many small surprises you are starting to note. Because you are exhausted with your recent clearing efforts, you have barely noted the multitude of what you consider small surprises in your world.   You are beginning

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