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Brenda´s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, July 28

Brenda´s Blog
July 28 2015
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman
Dear Ones,
The next few days may be fraught with angst and pondering. Not because such is necessary, but that you are discovering new pieces that do not align with what you expect of yourself.
Some of you will discover you do not have the energy or interest to discuss your shifts in attitude, beliefs and perceptions with others. Which is to be expected during such a dramatic change in your being.
Until now, even though you shifted here and there, you maintained your known 3D being.
Your previous shifts have largely been about discovering others who did not mesh with your being. Even so, you maintained your 3D beings’ integrity. Perhaps you preferred a few different foods, activities or interactions, but overall you remained the you that you have known since entering earth in this lifetime.
Such will not necessarily be the case after the next few days. For you are beginning to splinter off from your known 3D totality.
 Such a statement likely makes your stomach turn, your blood run cold or any other phrase that indicates such a change will be for the worse. This advance notice is to allow you to glory in the new you you will create the next few days.
Splintering is little different from what was true for you during puberty. You perhaps evolved from a close or somewhat close relationship with your earth family to a need to interact with others of like age and interests. A growth stage your parents anticipated and you relished.
The difference is your shift of the next few days will happen all at once, instead of in stages for several years. Shifting from childhood to young adulthood with all the potential ramifications within your being from different foods to different friends to different reactions. You, in essence, will be flying through your new you teen years in a matter of hours. Meaning you will most likely appear petty, pouty and petulant to even yourself as you rapidly move through your processes. And then you will not.
Perhaps your concern is that such a flagrant disregard for all you have accepted and expected in 3D will create chaos and a loss of what you have created to date. Such is not true – for all who wish to be or are of the light will be moving through the same process. The difference is that those of you already of the light will now understand what is happening and those merely wishing to be of the light will be terrified that they are somehow wrong or need medication.
This is a short-lived event. For the time is now for you to become new you – requiring you and all wishing to participate to expedite your shifts. Even those of the light in past times such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed had greater preparation periods. For you are condensing that which once took years into days. And that which once took days into minutes.
So it is you will be a different person in days. Not a being so different you must live alone, but instead a mature young adult. Since this will be a condensed shift, the next few days will most likely surprise you as much as anyone.
Do you remember puberty when you were happy one moment and sad the next? Or childlike one moment and adult-like the next? So it will be for you the next few days. Do not place parameters around this shift or try to limit your emotional swings to “fit in” with what you expect of yourself in 3D.
You are evolving at warp speed which will be most dramatically displayed the next few days – most importantly to yourself. You are not losing your mind or your body. You are merely maturing both at a speed you are not accustomed to. Future beings will know such is happening and why. But as has been true since you started this wondrous journey to new you, you are New Earth scout masters.
Your initial reaction will most likely be of fear, even shame. Such will not be true in the future. For all will note the phase much as you now note the ‘terrible twos’ or teen years.
Allow yourself to play with this new you. And allow the same for others. It is a short-lived event that you will one day laugh about.
You are maturing and shifting more rapidly everyday. Those pieces that once took decades for you will be achieved within months for future generations. And those pieces that you achieved in months or days will be completed in minutes by future generations.
You are the first and therefore, less rapid group. Future groups will easily explore what you courageous souls completed with fear and wonderment. You are indeed New Earth scout masters fully as brave as any historical figure you can conjure up in your mind. For you are exploring your inner world and sharing the information you gather as did those who you speak of with awe from ancients who traveled the globe in wooden boats to those who created loving communities despite the hardships such required.
You are a brave lot. Know that you are completing as much for future generations as any explorer, wise person or god you now speak of in hushed tones. And you are allowing/encouraging others to know of your wisdom via the Internet, healing sessions, seminars, personal interactions and so many other means of communication that you created for this very purpose.
You are your own guru – and the scout master of the generations and beings who wish to follow. Pat yourself on your back, your leg and any other place that conveys to you how wonderful you are. So be it.

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman 

Summary of Brenda’s July 23, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  You’re finding it more difficult to be around those who do not share love – even those entities you assumed would be in your life forever. You’re also learning new concepts that don’t always resonate for/with you. Rather than continuing duality by expressing your need to be right, know that such is your unique growth process that doesn’t require shifting the thoughts of others.
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Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Brendas Blog, July 14

Brenda’s Blog

July 14, 2015

Channel: Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you recently surprised yourself with your thoughts or actions – knowing without completely understanding how you know something. Or were surprised with the new gentleness or loving kindness of others. All part of new you and New Earth. More new pieces will become part of you the next few days.


You already know your unexplained time gaps are indicators you are exploring other frequencies or dimensions. Now you will likely start experiencing sparks of light, time travel and/or crunches of sound or colors. All former 3D indicators that something was amiss with your brain or other parts of your physical being.


Such is now merely part of new you. For it is one thing to travel to various times, dimensions and frequencies in your sleep state allowing either a lapse of memory or a convoluted definition upon awakening – and quite another to experience two different times, places or sensations in your wake state.


It is unlikely that a full picture – either in terms of seeing or experiencing – will immediately be available to you in your wake state, but it soon will be. For you are practicing the skills to do so with a flash here, a sound there and other sensations that might surprise you.


Perhaps you wish this test process to be complete tomorrow for you feel you have waited long enough. So you have – eons. But again, this process will be at the pace correct for your being.


Human birth is approximately nine months following conception – give or take a few days or weeks. So it is for you now only with a greater time span for you are now on Universal time – which is no time in your reckoning and warp speed in ours


So give or take a few months and you will be zooming to various frequencies, times and places while allowing specific segments to “hold down the fort” of your physical being. Knowing in your wake state that you are in more than one location at the same time. If you experienced such a transition before your physical and intellectual being was ready to do so, you would question your sanity and/or physical health. So you will adjust somewhat slowly to your new dream wake state.


Perhaps you wonder if others will know you are experiencing more than one location in your wake state. Some of those at the same or similar place in new you development might even elect to join you or to help you create more experiences. Others, who have not yet reached this bifurcation stage, will not note anything different. Just as those who experience earth death might visit you if they wish even though you do not necessarily know they are doing so for they are at a different frequency.


So it is that your dreams can be visited, as is true for dimensions, frequencies and times. Does it not make sense that you explore your creative ideas – testing them before you create? Think of your creations as complex dreams that you play within by shifting a wall, piece or person – evaluating the rightness of your dream and starting over if that creation does not produce joy.


New you is starting to create your personal test lab. For it is one thing to slip into new dimensions and times, but quite another to use those dimensions and times for your creative, fun ventures.


That is how those of other dimensions create. No longer will you pine for a specific house, job, spouse or event only to discover it is not quite right. For you now have your personal lab to test pieces, places and people before the final creation. That is how you will ensure joy throughout your day. Not only will you have the joy of creation, but also the skills to recreate, shift or change any piece that is not right for you.


Such will happen somewhat frequently at first for you will create dreams you are familiar with in your 3D world. After a bit of time, you will throw away all creation parameters – to create new colors, people, places and things. All creations to bring you joy. As you become more skilled, you will create new environments, even new dimensions and frequencies.


Do not the Universes determine the number and level of dimensions? Yes, but you are the Universes. Not only can you play with time frames and outcomes, you are fully skilled to shift dimensions and frequencies.

When we first spoke of you creating new objects, you limited those thoughts to that which you understood – people, places and things within a 3D framework. Meaning you could visit different dimensions and frequencies, but you had no ability to create anew within the parameters you understood.


You probably know you can shift your history to something more peaceful or joyful via time travel. Now it is time to learn you can create, shift, expand or do whatever you wish within dimensions and frequencies.

You assumed you would create within limitations. You have no limitations. Your are creating a new world. You have a blank canvas. What type of painting/life do you wish to create – traditional, abstract or something entirely new?


Your being, your world is a blank canvas in all dimensions, times and frequencies. Your role and your freedom is to create something that has never been before – in joy and love. So be it. Amen. 



Brendas Blog, June 30


Brenda˙s  Blog


June 30, 2015


Channel: Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,


You are beginning to notice changes within your being. Perhaps you find yourself touched by someone or something as never before. Perhaps you approach a person or experience differently. Indicators that you are not the entity you were even a few months ago.


You have removed the cover of your being. New you is beginning to sparkle in ways you did not necessarily anticipate – and is as surprising to you as to those around you.


Some of you believe you are returning to the you of yesteryear – a younger, more loving version of you. So it may be. But you added elements the past few decades that ensure that new you experiences are deeper and richer in love and joy.


Perhaps you are not yet feeling love or joy. Such is to be expected as you heal/process those energies you so readily incorporated into your being earlier this year. Many of you are/were on the verge of “blowing a fuse”, burn-out – even earth death. You accepted as much energy as you thought your body could take and then asked for more. So it is you may need to heal a bit longer.


Those of you who did not accept as many energies or have a stronger physical being, are beginning to note feelings and action shifts. As if a cement wall around your heart is starting to crumble – so it is.


In this phase, you are adjusting to those new feelings you read about, but have not experienced before in any earth lifetime.


Perhaps as a child you felt more love for others – even yourself. But the years of wear and tear; of accepting that which was not acceptable within your being; of pretending to be something someone else wanted you to be and other earth experiences that created your cement wall of emotional protection, are fading to a memory with fewer feelings of fear, disdain, anger or sadness.


Those memories will soon feel more like a history book than personal reality. A history that is touching, sad or even joyous, but not directly connected to you.


Your heart cannot be free to float into new you until you accept and love all that is you. Such is not possible if you continue to ruminate consciously or subconsciously about all you did wrong earth life after earth life.

This shift from personal memory to an impersonal history was the thrust of the April/May energy bursts – gifts from the Universes that you en masse requested. For you realized you could not clear the many pieces of fear and pain related to your unique path in this lifetime without Universal assistance.


You accepted that Universal assistance only to discover pieces of former 3D pain you needed to address and clear before moving on. And so you are with astonishing results.


Some of you have become almost a new entity within your physical body. Your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and actions are as new to you as they are to others. You are discovering new depths, fewer fears and amazing directions almost daily.


Perhaps you are tired. Such would be understandable given all you experienced and are experiencing. Allow that to be. Do not push yourself to exhaustion. At the same time, know that the you that is starting to percolate, to feel, think and believe differently, is truly new you in all your glory.


Do not be frightened by new you. Relish the new soft, loving being that you are discovering hidden beneath your concrete protection. Protection that was necessary for you to maintain a physical earth life through your 3D fears and expectations.


Those new to earth – experiencing earth for the first or one of the first times – are not experiencing the shifts you are. Such is so because they do not have need for protective covers. But then, neither have they experienced earth love or fear to the depth you have or anticipate experiencing.


Perhaps you will better understand those entities who do not seem to care much about anything if you realize they are strangers in a strange land. They are from other places – not repeat earthlings as is true for most of you reading these words.


They are not interested in healing or expanding their love channels. They are merely noting the shifts – much as a traveler to a foreign country might. They find this or that intriguing, but not enough to dedicate themselves to earth or earth transition as is true for you.


To you, they feel disconnected because they are. They do not expect to become an earthling – at least not now. But instead, enjoy the novelty of a new land.


They are earth observers only. But once they entered the heaviness of earth’s atmosphere, they forgot their Universal purpose and became one of those distant earthlings you find astounding.


They do not seem to be attached to anything or anyone. Perhaps they say the right words or act the right way, but there is nothing you can sense beyond their facade. Even though they may have auras, they are a blank slate otherwise.


Some of you light holders have brought such beings into this world through childbirth or other means and are now becoming more and more astounded at their disconnect from you. Observe them for a few hours and you will note that they are also disconnected from all or most others. There is nothing there for you to tap into.


Those of you enmeshed with someone not of earth will likely feel guilty for not being able to connect with them. In truth, you have given them all they wanted – access to earth during this great shift.


You have completed your contract with them. They will learn what they wish to learn when they wish to do so. Your only role was allowing them to enter earth via your direction or invitation. Move on as they will. There is no ongoing bond. You will know such in your heart when you try to connect with them and feel little or nothing.


Perhaps you wonder if such an action is counterproductive to the phrases, “We’re all one.” “Love others as yourself”


You cannot force anyone into a love box. Allow yourself to let go of the guilt of trying to force someone to be something they are not – most especially those earth observers who have no intention of returning to earth or becoming part of the healing solution. Interact with those who feel love and loving.


Observers are not interested in that aspect of earth life. They are not zombies, merely observers – like those of you who visit zoos. Even though visiting a zoo can be enriching, you have no need to jump in a cage to interact with the animals or share their experiences.


So it is you are discovering another piece of yourself – guilt related to observer interactions – you can revisit and remove if you so choose. So be it. Amen. 


Brendas Blog, June 22

Brenda’s Blog

June 22, 2015

Channel: Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are finding it more difficult to concentrate in your 3D/4D interactions. Granted, you most often add the right tidbit during a conversation, but you seem to forget words, times and so many other 3D/4D pieces. Such is so because you are jumping between times and places and are merely a visitor in your 3D/4D world. For you are claiming your CEO totality role.


Such a statement has many ramifications. Not the least of which is that you direct your being – not the Universes, gods, friends or your society. Accepting that piece alone is enough to create your current short-term memory loss.


Have you ever been so busy you forgot the basics of self-care or activities common to you? So it is for you now. You are moving between veils, frequencies, dimensions and times. Checking out that piece, reviewing another and determining how yet another piece fits within your personal mission statement.


You have long prepared for this role – but along the way, you deviated some in areas you are not necessarily yet aware of. Your preparation to date has most often been learning to accept yourself and others in activities and realms. A preparation that did not necessarily clear those pieces in which you deviated.


Given the density of 3D earth, often those exploration pieces shifted to a self anger or self-fear that you are now just releasing. So it is you trust yourself more than was true just months ago. And you believe you are indeed qualified to be CEO of your totality. Yet, you do not completely understand how your other segments fared throughout your 3D experiences – and most likely, this transition. So most of you elect to visit your various segments to gather information applicable for the whole of you to accept your new being.


Think of yourself as a new CEO of a company with many unique divisions supporting the whole but autonomous.


Prior to this transition, most of your segments were discovering pieces for this transition in other dimensions, places, frequencies and times. There was no cohesive whole other than the need to move “blindly” in a certain direction. Now that you have created the framework of new you through your CEO role, you wish to visit each segment in the format that segment requires so your cohesive whole creates the totality of new you in New Earth.


Each of your segments has most often been a stand alone segment. There was no need to join the various segments in a cohesive whole for each segment was tasked with gathering as much information as possible for this time, this transition. Information gathering that included all aspects of fear, experiences of 3D joy and opening to possibilities dreamed of, but not thought reality.


Your dream realities are now.


For as you visit each segment, you function a bit as a fairy godmother with a magic wand relaying information that it is time be fully awake. Helping your segments understand how their piece is instrumental in new you – how their courage, stamina and diligent work was key in creating new you.


In a sense, you are your totality motivator. You are the one visiting those of the past proclaiming the wisdom and courage of those segments as they shift their thoughts from fear to love within the framework of the time they are living in.

Some of you have experienced messages from beyond or dreams, AHAs or teachers who altered your thoughts about you and the Universes. For the most part, those were the messages from new you to your various segments.


For indeed, there is no time. Even though your visitations to various segments, dimensions, times and frequencies appear to be happening now, you have done so for eons and in what you label the future. There are no time constructs as you now think of them. You are changing you. You are supporting and learning more about your segments – and therefore, creating the AHA moments you longed for once you received your first AHA. All necessary to fully become CEO of you.


You are your personal motivator and have been for eons. Just as time has no relevance, you have played your CEO role for eons – even though it seems as if it is an extremely new role/thought process. You have always been you in your totality. It is just that you emphasized specific segments in specific times. Now that you are returning to a wake state knowing of your skills and capabilities, you feel more comfortable claiming your true title of CEO of your totality.


You have practiced this role for eons – one segment at a time – with all segments reporting to the totality that is you. Those reports were in a memory bank until it was time to unite all thoughts, fears, joys and brilliance. That time is now. So you are finding yourself a bit more spacey than expected as you visit your various segments, motivating and informing them that once again you are a totality instead of numerous information gathering segments.


You are not losing yourself. You are merely visiting long-lost and forgotten segments of your totality assuring them that the time they have waited for is now. Just as you are visited by entities throughout the Universes including animals and nature reminding you that the time is indeed now.


You are in an exploratory/motivation stage of your CEO totality role. Perhaps you are discovering some creation surprises along the way as you visit your segments from past, present and future.


Know that you soon will complete this motivation/exploratory stage. And when you do – nothing or no one can shift your being/your direction/your beliefs. You will be locked into your CEO role of New Earth. And thereby, a Universal being with full exploration/skill development capabilities. So it is. So be it Amen. 

Copyright © 2009-2015, Brenda Hoffman.

Brendas Blog, June 15

Brenda’s Blog

June 15, 2015

Channel: Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

It is time once again to acknowledge and ponder the many small surprises you are starting to note. Because you are exhausted with your recent clearing efforts, you have barely noted the multitude of what you consider small surprises in your world.


You are beginning to test your new personal creation software.


It is time to put aside your exhaustion, fears and anger. For you are at a much different place than was true even last week. You have completed all you need to complete to add your new software to the mix of your new totality. You are ready for this stage of creation.


Even though many of you wish to create what you consider large pieces, you are beginning to note small creations. Intellectually, you know there is no Universal distinction between large and small. Yet, that knowledge does not necessarily yet apply to new you. So it is that you are testing your creation software with bits of your new totality.


You have been at a similar place within the past couple of years. Perhaps, you created a parking space or discovered a lost item. All creations of your former being.


The software you are now testing is of your new totality. Your “small” creations of the next few days are directly related to new you – rather than creation for creation’s sake as was true just months ago.


Allow yourself to play with your creation software. Yet, note what you create as those creations are ties to new you.


“Who are you?” is a question of the ages. An answer much different for you then was true just months ago. You accepted the new role of CEO of your totality. You cleared pieces that prohibit you from connecting to your new role. Now you are starting to create those people, things and places necessary for you to move into your new role with ease.


Of course, you are pondering that last statement with many naysaying thoughts including, “This is yet another Universal carrot with little reward.” Some of you will discover that such is true. Not because it is, but because you refuse to acknowledge that you are a powerful creator. That no one knows you better than you. That you are the only one who can create that which is required for the new you of your totality. So it is you are beginning to create such now.


Perhaps you do not yet understand how the creation of a new dress or friend helps you create your new role. We can only counter lovingly with the fairy tale of Cinderella. Did that fairy tale not detail the importance of Cinderella’s attire? That Cinderella could not enter the world of a princess with the rags she was wearing?

Many of your fairy tales and beloved movies and books such as The Wizard of OZ were “planted” as it were on earth to help generation after generation remember their truth even if on a subconscious level. So it is that you, as was true for Cinderella, are creating various pieces necessary before fully claiming you. Pieces that do not necessarily make sense to you now, but they will.

So we suggest, no urge you to follow your inner creation being. Perhaps you wish to create a pen to sign documents. Or shoes to better walk through the forest. Or a house to allow you to retreat when you require downtime. It does not matter. No creation is better than another. Merely pieces that are necessary for you to fulfill your new CEO of you role.


Enjoy this puzzle of creation. Why do you need what you need? Why are you attracted to something and not another? Why are your creation tastes shifting? All wonderfully fun puzzle pieces leading to new you.


Yes, you have been at this place before. But not in terms of your new CEO role. You are entering a new creation stage.


Allow whatever it is you find interesting to be created. And at the same time, anything that feels cumbersome or not right to be negated from your life.

Creating new you is a wondrous process, but a process that requires dedication to you.


Allow yourself to be extradited from the 3D clutches that no longer bring you joy in whatever form that takes from entities to places to creations. Many of you believe you cannot leave your job, community, friends or home. If such is so, it is time for you to shift your perception of those entities, places and things. For if you find no escape from those entities, places or things, they are providing something you yet require.


You continue to review your life with a SMALL lens. Forgetting that you are all-powerful and all loving. Throw away your past perceptions. It is time to accept what is and who you are.


You are starting to do so with your initial creations. Perhaps these initial creations are necessary to shift entities, places or things – or to perceive them differently. It does not matter. All that matters is that you KNOW with every fiber of your being that you are the CEO of your new you totality. And that you are fully capable of creating what you need to explore that role. Just as is true for the wealthiest CEO you can imagine.


It is not an accident that we created the image of a CEO when helping you better understand your new role. For indeed, CEOs are today’s kings and queens of yesteryear. It does not matter what title is used to describe your new totality – only that you realize that you have no limits, that you can create whatever seems most fun for you at any given time.


That fun is now most likely related to creating pieces of your new role that do not necessarily push you into that role, but instead offer glimmers of the joy of creating within that role.


So it is that you are at a new and delightful phase of self-creation. One that allows you to shift those pieces that prohibit you from being new you in all your totality.


You created the energies of the past few months to help you expedite your clearing process. So you have. Now it is time to play with your new you role. So you are – one puzzle piece of creation at a time. So be it. Amen.