Love is our new reality

Brenda Hoffman, May 1

You´re Rebuilding You


Dear Ones,

Every part of your being is shifting rapidly from what was to what is. Some of you question that statement for you have not felt joy to the degree you expected – as 3D you understands joy. Instead, your joy is happening in milliseconds as you adjust to new you.

Have you ever bought something seemingly not quite right for you only to discover that object was exactly what you were pining for but did not realize such was so? So it is for you now. The fear, the discontent of wanting something to move to, are all part of you becoming you.

You probably have glimmers of joy and fun that may even radiate throughout your body. But overall, your sensation is one of, “Is that all there is? Did I work for decades shedding my 3D being only to come to this point of not quite joy or fun – just there?”

You are trading in your dominant fear modules for new vibrant joy, fun, love and abundance modules. It is just that you have not fully accepted those modules because they seem uncomfortable now, but will be your totality as soon as you allow them to be.

Such a statement appears to mean you are wrong or at fault. When you receive new computer software, do you not allow yourself learning time even though that time can be frustrating? So it is now. Instead of berating yourself for not feeling wonderful as you believe everyone else is – even though such is not true – allow yourself learning time. If you have not yet experienced a sudden rush of love so deep you need to cry or such fun that you giggle for hours after or such silliness that you cannot remember what fear is – you soon will.

For most, your new you being seems cumbersome without a sense of fun or joy. Perhaps you even feel a sense of drudgery when you awake in the morning.

Such is so because you are learning about new you. Learning that never stops. Unlike your computer, you cannot turn new you off and hide it in the closet until you have energy to learn how to use it. New you is functioning 24/7. You requested new you and so it is you are learning how to be new you.

Because such seems inappropriate for some, you can stop and/or slow the process.

The difficulty is you are no longer comfortable in 3D. You have spent months, perhaps even decades removing yourself from that fear-based world. Yet, your new you world is not comfortable either. You feel as if you are in a war zone within yourself. And so you are in a certain sense. For you are rebuilding your being after the war within yourself to remove your 3D you. Perhaps that statement appears a bit dramatic, but it is not.

This phase is not necessarily easy for you do not yet know what buttons to push or pieces to add to make you the joyful, fun-loving being you envisioned when you started this transition. How do you create new you?

You are now the president/CEO of the totality of you. So first you must adjust your beliefs and activities to that of one who is managing the totality of you. Then you must decide who among your segments is best prepared and interested in the multitude of roles that are new you. Do you or one of your segments wish to be a participant observer? An observer? A full participant? Do you wish to maintain the bulk of your totality of earth? Or to do the same by floating through the Universes? And how do such assignments relate to your new role? All factors in your decisions and sensations.

Likely, your new you is overwhelmed with fears of, “I don’t have the skills. I’m not brave enough, bright enough or whatever enough to do so.” Of course such is not true or you would not have introduced New Earth and so readily welcomed new you.

Think of this phase as the first day of the job of your dreams. Of course, you are overwhelmed. You need to discover and use new skills. You need to relate to a new group of entities. And to know deep within you that even though the first day seems overwhelming, those helping you understand can see more in you than you now see in yourself. Allow yourself to stumble, be frustrated and to grow into new you. And so you will.

You have removed new you from the box and are randomly clicking buttons hoping something will happen. Yet, all you have to do is be and the buttons will automatically click at appropriate times for you.

Those of you feeling you are in a void that never shifts – most of you – are clicking too many buttons trying to move out of the void with little success.

Allow yourself to float more. To rest a great deal more – for your introduction to new you is indeed 24/7. To play more – for is that not how children learn? Do earth children wake up with objectives as is true for many adults? Do earth children not instead wake up with thoughts of, “what will be fun today?”

So it is that most of you are trying too hard. New you is a process – not to be completed in a rush. But to be tested and retested and played with when and if you feel like it. For indeed, much is happening without your knowledge. Not because it has to, but because your sleep state is as much a learning/growing piece as your wake state.

Every sleep period is a growth arena. Every wake state in which you are frustrated is a fear piece that need not be. Allow yourself to grow/learn/reshape your being. New you is not a forced march. It is a self-loving piece, growing into a new totality that is you. There are no employers cracking the whip of, “You must complete this by tomorrow or you’re fired.” Instead just gentle new you saying, “Maybe this would be fun and loving. Maybe I want to try this or play with that.”

Gently, softly, peacefully are words that describe how you will move through your void. Must, now, have to, are words that will help keep you in your void. So be it. Amen.

Copyright © 2009-2015, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved.


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