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A New Special Message from the Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, December 9th, 2020


Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren 9 Dec 2020


On the occasion of the election in the United States, the incumbent President has ordered that this notice be issued to the people of the United States for information about election fraud in all the United States of America. It is of great importance that this announcement shows how great the corruption and fraud has been in the United States in connection with this election.

The Galactic Federation of Light has gathered evidence of a major fraud by the Democratic Party with the intention of winning the election for Joe Biden. This must come to an end before the time period of the incumbent president, who is still in power. This major fraud has been carried out by various actors who do not want to lose the power and influence that comes with having power in the United States and they wish to deceive the people with the belief that everything will be even better in the future. This fraud is evil. So far, none of their promises have contributed to anything better for the population but the opposite. It has contributed to the United States approaching the third world in poverty and suffering.

The president wants this fraud to be made known to the people as soon as possible so that they can decide which country they want. Either go back to the difficult conditions that currently prevail or get an America with a flourishing economy, a strong business climate and a housing climate. This scam has been allowed for a long time and people need to know how everything is in the US Constitution and how the country is in relation to other countries that have passed America long ago. America will become the greatest nation again in the world and be a role model for the rest of the world.

These frauds by the rulers of the Senate and of the Democratic Party in particular, owe to the people much of their freedom, prosperity and knowledge that have been withheld from them. This must end, and with the President and the rest of the population, there must be a change in many large bodies, companies and industries that have been governed by overly broad methods. The pharmaceutical industry, with its dangerous medicines that are primarily intended to harm the population instead of curing and helping, will be replaced immediately with medicines that cure diseases. The vaccines that are being developed now will be replaced by pure vaccines with components that contain substances that prevent diseases instead of severe side effects and deaths.

The evidence of this electoral fraud in all states will be presented to the people and they will get the evidence they want for this to be credible. The President is very careful that this has been examined by the courts and all bodies that have a control function for this election. This election must be an election with no or insignificant mistakes in comparison with previous elections that have been plagued by doubt over all the years. The President promises that everyone involved in this election fraud will be arrested and there will be many arrests so that this does not happen again.

The leaders of the world for all countries must now become aware that there is a shift on Earth and that there must be an end to these eternal wars that have ravaged the Earth for thousands of years. The President will have dialogues with all leaders in the world for a better climate, better life and equality between all countries. The segregation between different groups of people regarding race, religion, sexual orientation must end. It is of great importance that this work must be done in all countries for continued peace and for prosperity in all countries on Earth. This work will take time and there will be much unrest in the world when people find out how much they have lost and how many have suffered a lot unnecessarily as help and finances have been very close to providing a good life. The incumbent president only wants his people in America to have a good life with an economy that means not having to have several different jobs to survive. A housing market where everyone should be able to get housing at a cost that everyone can afford. With a health care system where everyone should have the opportunity for care, i.e. with a health insurance system that everyone can afford for hospital care. The infrastructure in America will change completely and with the help of the people and their election, the President wants this to begin immediately.


Galactic Federation of Light




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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