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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, December 6, 2020


Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, December 6, 2020


I am Judas and I remember when I walked the Earth with Jesus. I remember his charisma, his gentleness, but also his firmness and determination. Jesus often said that his life was in his Father’s hands and there it was safe and quiet. Your lives, dear Earthlings, are also in your Father’s hands and there they are safe and quiet. Your Father has never forsaken you, nor has he ever left you, he guides you slowly but surely home.

Look beyond the world and see the light within yourself. In that light you can reflect your Father’s light, for his light fills your whole world, your whole universe, everything that moves and is created.

The light that reaches you is only a small drop of the light that exists in the space to which you belong. The immensity of this light in this space cannot be experienced in our senses, it can only be felt in the “being” in the stillness that exists within us in our most sacred space. In that room there is no time and no space. It just “is”, it is not possible to define or specify in any way, it just “is”. It is “being”, it is all or nothing or something that some express it. Here, right here, when you are in your sacred “room”, everything else loses its meaning. Here you are safe, here you are happy, here you have everything, here you want to stay if possible. You can take a little bit of this feeling with you to your outer world and to the world that is now slowly waking up, to its true “being” – the light that goes beyond the world that you are used to seeing.

Your eyes will be opened to a new world of light and love. It will radiate from the hearts of men and it will radiate from the Earth. You are blessed dear children on Earth, you are blessed by Your Father who now leads you back to the light of which you are all a part and of which you will always remain a part. A fairy tale has ended to be replaced by a new and brighter fairy tale – A fairy tale that lives in the light and is full of miracles. You have begun your journey in the time of miracles, where nothing is impossible but everything is possible. With certainty of faith and true love in your hearts, a new and beautiful world can take shape, where the foundation of all life is based on joy and love.

Now fill your hearts with all the joy and love that you can feel and share it with everyone you meet on your way. Feel gratitude as often as you can, for all that has already been given to you. This applies not only to the physical gifts you have received but also to the mental ones. All the insights you have gained over the years are the greatest gifts ever given to you. You have grown in spirit and are now ready to shoulder the role of master for yourself and the Earth on which you walk.

These are great words and great insights that I have come up with today, so carefully consider the messages that are conveyed in this text.

Much love




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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