Judas Iscariot, April 17

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. I have good news for you today. The dark had now hastily left the Earth, so now all that has been prevented from appearing can finally come to fruition. Change is occurring now dear children, so it’s time to celebrate. The energy of the earth is already significantly lighter and this can quickly clear the way for new technologies. Mother Earth now draws a sigh of relief and is working very intensively to get her surface in order. That´s where you are dear Earth People, so it’s time to help out now in every way you can, whether it be physical or mental. Whatever we do for ourselves we will also do for others. Clear your inner sphere and turn all the negative patterns into positive. Now you have the chance, it is much easier now and you will get all the help you need.


Mother Earth cares about all her life forms and is ready to receive all the help she can get to continue higher up now. This is a moment she has been waiting for. She has been waiting for you dear Earthlings so that you could follow. The step is not far now so take the step into the lighter zone. Your dream is being fulfilled. Harmony and peace is what so many have longed and hoped for. It’s been tough here at the end, but now the darkness finally has given way to the light. It’s time for champagne now dear children. Your tremendous quest for a better world is now starting to come true.


The joy is great now both up here and at your place on earth. All space crafts that have been followed you on the earth now rejoice in ecstasy. This means a lot to everyone, because we’re all one. Everything will change now and this applies not only on the Earth, but throughout the universe. There are many laughs and tears of joy exchanged up here now. The longing is great to finally get to see their loved ones again. This breakthrough for light opens up this possibility and accelerates the development so that it will soon be possible. So work with yourselves and release all judgments and shortcomings now. You are love dear children, and it is love that you should spread all around you now. When love comes to you and when we all come together in love that’s when the great miracles happen.


It is therefore very important how you relate to life. Anything that you send out into the universe comes back to you and what do you want back? For myself, I just want love back. What shall I send? Well of course LOVE. It isn´t really that hard even though it´s hard enough. Many of you are beginning to see that now and are correcting yourselves and it can only be admired. Before one sees it, you cannot do anything about it. You are on your way dear children, and you just have to carry on. It is easier now to release old patterns and we are there to help you.


You are so incredibly loved that it would surpass your comprehension here on earth but in time you will understand. There are lots of beings around you now, so just take the shovel and start digging. Digging deep inside to free yourself from everything that has accumulated throughout the passing of time. It will give great results and you will feel lighter and freer in both body and soul. Those of you who have found your soul are at home. It shows unconditionally the way and every step you take gets brighter and brighter. At the end of the path we are waiting for you. It is not far to go now. Our arms are open and longing for you to enter.


With so much love




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