Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot, April 23

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Earth thanks you for all the healing that it received yesterday. Much is unclean and needs to be cleaned. All your positive thoughts about how exactly it should look like here on earth, with clear water and lush plants, do more good than you think. It affects the collective, which in turn affects people’s thinking. More and more people are starting to work for a better balance in nature and of all life on earth. They understand how important the earth is for everyone’s survival.

Your positive thoughts are of golden value, it is them who start the changes. Hope you understand now that it is you who make it happen. The more you become, the faster things happen. Everything has now been accelerating thanks to you Dear Earthlings. You have kept the light high all the time without giving up and more and more have been added. We are so proud of you and see Earth’s future as very clear and bright now. The light has returned and started to take place in more and more hearts. You are many now Dear Earthlings who yearn for peace, harmony and light. One by one you find it in your hearts. In the end, the great masses also are going to wake up. It’s not long now before we all are there. From our perspective of vision we are already there. From yours, it may take a little longer. The worst obstacles have been overcome, it will go more smoothly now.

More and more people begin to see the truths that are served here and there. Some have even appeared in “regular” media. There are dissidents there also. Those who still believe in the media that are served to them via the “regular” channels will then have something to think about. The time is approaching when more disclosure is happening, so that everyone can share them. That’s when it can get a little uneasy in the camps, but it will be only temporary. It is prepared to proceed calmly. Our allies are knowledgeable and familiar with such situations, and they are able to create the calm that is needed.

The most important thing you have to do is to hold your light up so everyone can see it. Be in your heart, and spread the light and harmony around you. Hand out a helping hand if needed, speak comfortingly to someone who is worried. Just be, be there and do what your heart says. It knows your role when the time comes. Do not despair, you all have something to contribute. We need each other in order to move on now.

Mankind needs to find each other’s light and help each other to rise up into the higher dimension. Take responsibility for itself, each other and the earth you live on. It’s time to take back the responsibility of being the guardian of the earth and then you have no time to fight amongst yourselves. You must all help get Earth’s surface back into balance. This will be your largest challenge now. This is where we are right now, please send as much light and love you can to our earth. Let the brightest and most beautiful thoughts envelop her and you’ll see that soon she stands there in a new and beautiful raiment.


With so much love