Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot, May 2

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is a day of judgment in that way that the Earth is about to free itself from all darkness and let the light come in instead. Those who want to keep the darkness cannot stay on Earth for much longer now. It is the light that triumphs now – the roles have been reversed. Even if you can´t see it so clearly on Earth yet, we can see clearly here from above. All darkness is more and more pushed into the corners and they have a hard time finding a place to operate from. Their behavior becomes a little cloud of smoke here and there, it will not become more than that.

You grow with the light dear Earthlings, it promises to be a colorful bunch down there. It’s nice to see all the colors and more coming to every day. An amazing sight to behold, and one day you will get to perceive it yourselves. Earth is wonderful to see, no one will have enough of beholding all her beauty and grandeur. This is the life, dear earthlings. Enjoy all that is and all that will come. You have well deserved it. You have fought well, and now the time has come to harvest all that you have sown. Everything now comes with the wings of love -Joy, harmony, security, prosperity and peace, all that you wished to come true.

The New Age is here, dear friends. There’s no turning back now, so open your eyes and see with eyes of love that everything has changed and transformed from inside out. You are the transformation and with you, the world has changed. See the beauty, see what is bright, see the love, between people, and you may soon not see anything else. See the love in yourself and send out all your love to the world around you. Miracles are happening now Dear Earthlings when so many are beginning to understand how it works.

More and more people are putting their souls in the service of love and love is spreading with wave velocity. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it goes fast, sometimes tempestuous and sometimes it is calm. The calm reminds us that we have to absorb everything in our bodies before we can proceed. The energy undulates back and forth and affects you in many different ways now. The body needs plenty of water and rest now. Rest as much as you can and start no major project before the body has come back into balance. The balance is important for keeping the energy in a higher vibration. Rest, exercise and nutritious food is a great support for the body now. You must learn to feel what it needs for the moment and try to give it. The body is your companion on earth and must get what it needs in these turbulent times of light and energy. Your body is going through an incredible transformation right now so all credit to it. Give your body so much love that it is capable to receive and things will soon feel better.

It’s time to become one with yourself and your higher self. It is the first step to realize that you are one with everything.

You have made great strides Dear Earthlings and we meet in the near future.


With so much love