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Ashtar Command via Beatrice Madsen, December 6th, 2020


Ashtar Command via Beatrice Madsen, December 6th, 2020


Dear co-workers!

We send a ray of light to you and want to say; be strong, be fearless, be optimistic.

We know and we understand that it feels like you are groping blindly with your light, that you are trying to light up such a dark world. I want to tell you that this is also exactly what you are doing, on your level. We are around you all the time, but on the earthly plane where you are, it is YOU who lights up and sets the tone. It is YOU who brings light in Mother Gaia’s dark night.

YOU are so infinitely important, dear ones. There are not enough words to describe how important you are. Only the most courageous, stubborn, dedicated souls chose a long time ago to be here at this very turning point and help turn the entire planet to another level. YOU chose this mission, just YOU, even if you do not remember it in the consciousness you currently have.

Do not give up! You will reap the fruits of your hard work in this life as well. We know that you work with blood, sweat and tears and have done so for many, many years, basically your whole life. As a child your frequency was about changing the prevailing circumstances and we have followed you ever since.

Think about how easy it is for you to absorb the channeled messages and how easily you feel if they are right for you. You are a star seed and you absorb the light whenever you can. Life after life has given you karmic trials and darkness that you need to heal and that process is going so much faster now. Think of those you help and will help who are so far from being able to absorb these messages and light from various sources. They are stuck in the left hemisphere of the brain and they are the ones who do and give the greatest resistance now. In your light and in your strength, you are such an outstanding threat that you can ask yourself how it can happen. They need to re-create and restructure their whole being to make contact with their spirit and spirituality. They throw sharp arguments, mock you and refer to science. They think of themselves as being on a higher platform intellectually and can not think of anything more provocative than you.

If you can say what you think and stand for and send them a wave of forgiveness and ask their soul to be awakened. You do not have to have the last word because your vibration, your light and your being are enough.

We are so infinitely grateful for your work and your tireless work in contributing to the victory of light over the old, dark hierarchical patterns that have prevailed for so long. Those who are still in the highly dualistic thinking have such a hard time with you who lift yourself above it.

Eventually, it will be even easier for you to connect to the “jet stream” of light that is more established on the planet now. This already happens sometimes, even if it mostly happens unconsciously. The more people who are awakened and dare to go the way of the heart, the stronger the flow.

You should know that we honor you highly and it is not at all for the same reason that you honor and give status to the faculty on the ground.

You have developed a brilliance, we see it. This brilliance is connected with your hard work on the inner planes as well as the outer and your awakened crystalline cells give you a brilliant radiance on the etheric plane, which is visible to us. Oh, so you shimmer my friends and co-workers. Diamonds and flares that light up the world and have contact with each other. You emit light and sometimes only have darkness to absorb .. But then you take it in and use it in your transformer for light. It’s wonderful to behold. Light is not always to be a friend and smooth – it is a misconception. It can be to be clear and concrete, self-strong and firm, also small and vulnerable to dare to be weak, it can be in so many ways but one has it in common – the light is the truth, ALWAYS the TRUTH.

Dark forces do not want to see your crystalline growth and are now urgently finding methods to affect you at the cellular level, be aware of that. Be careful and cautious when it comes to their innovative methods. They are also in such a hurry because their time is running out. Be aware that it is not as urgent as they want to pretend, – their dystopian world future is about themselves and no one else.

Turn off the TV when it thunders too negatively. Leave reading and indulge in beautiful music, walk in nature or take a refreshing bath. When your fellow human beings propagandize the dark unrest, turn a deaf ear, listen but still not. Turn to your inner source and your inner light and see the most lovely little angel in your hand.

Talk to you soon,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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