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A Virgin Mary meditation via Jennyli Gustavsson, November 29th, 2020

A Virgin Mary meditation via Jennyli Gustavsson, November 29th, 2020


The time of resurrection is here.

You have without a doubt come to the most exciting times of all. Many, if not all, of you have chosen to be born in this time in order to take part in the ascension that is now taking place. It is the first time that the communication between eternity and time is so strong, so alive and so influential. May your will be done, as in heaven within, so and on earth outside. Interdisciplinarity is about remembering who you are, where you come from, and what your mission is.

However, the events have a special sequence. The tone in heaven sends its vibration to the world and communicates with you all in a certain order. You can perceive a vibration that is close to your own. You can read the eternal words after you have sharpened your glasses so that you can perceive them. What is then more difficult is to understand what the eternal words mean. You do not have to understand everything with your physical brain. It is enough that the heart understands. The list of sources that you carry in your heart consists of a coded language. Awareness is about decoding this source list.

Take the words in your mouth, and let them come. Enable the eternal words to sound from heaven within, all the way to the earth beyond. Respond to your desire to make the quotes come alive. The ground you walk on holds you, carries you and protects you. Respond to the call of heaven to be united with Mother Earth. Create a channel between heaven and earth, through yourself.

Respond to the desire of eternity to be manifested on earth. You carry the list of sources to the words of the eternal source, there in the depths of your heart. Do justice by proclaiming the greatest and most important truth, that in the end I speak the divine word of eternity through my mouth, and therefore I understand that what I say is very important. What I am saying is a manifestation of the divine source within me. What you say is usually preceded by a thought or impulse. This thought has been shaped by the knowledge you carry. Therefore, you are really only reproducing the knowledge you already have.

If you speak condemning words, it reflects a list of sources that carry such knowledge, and therefore condemnation has become part of the divinity. Condemnation is not a very high vibration, which means that you reproduce a low vibration, and recreate the source with this energy over and over again. There are many other such words that recreate a low vibration out and back into the source. Therefore, it is important to reverse this trend. The words of the low vibrations lay a gray blanket over the original and highest source. It is there in your heart, but for some reason you have put a gray blanket over it, completely unknowingly.

First of all, I want you to speak empathetically. Draw a deep sigh of relief, and feel the warmth of the highest divine love spread in your chest. Then take the words in your mouth. See what words want to come. An aesthetic vein is not necessary here. Beauty results from sincerity. Create beautiful, vivid and uplifting words with your mouth. Say them out loud. The result is that you recreate something that may have been hidden. And by recreating something that sounds deep in your heart, it comes to the surface. The spoken words resonate. They reason with the eternal words under the blanket. This captures a vibration within you that shakes off the gray blanket around the heart.

You have put on this blanket to protect the source’s genuine, eternal and true words. Now it’s time to say the words that through their vibration will resonate with the real thing within you, which you thought was vulnerable, and worth protecting by wrapping a wet blanket around. It is time to pull away the blanket and gain access to all eternal knowledge, directly and unedited. You just have to say these words out loud. When the pain in the chest has released, then the blanket is gone, and the self-healing journey begins. Then you will have access to the true words of the eternal source of God. Mark my words! So, say these words out loud:

“Inside me shines a sun of truth, with eternal and loving rays. These rays prepare me to remember who I am when the calfskin blanket is gone. Forgive me, I say to myself, because I thought I was worthless, as the veils in front of my heart made me not see the truth about myself. I will now gratefully utter the true words about myself, because then the veil has played its role. When I know what’s behind it, I might as well throw away the gray veil.

My inner Self is the knowledge of all that is. I am connected to the Source of God through my sincerity. The beauty of my heart is spelled “sincere love”, and frees me from all shackles and all suffering. These words will bring forth the great truth about me, which is that the abode of the soul is my body, and the resurrection of the soul is the little baby Jesus there in the manger of the solar plexus. I am the resurrection and the life. I will once again shine my light on a dark world. It is through me that the light comes back to the world. No one but me has the ability to lift the tone from the heaven, and let the song spread over the world like a new dawn, like a new world to wake up to. It is I who carry the children of the resurrection in my bosom. I am the one who will save the world. It is my good words, which will create sincerity, love and certainty that the source is now discovered, and audible to the world. I am the tone that creates love and sweet harmony. Mark my words!”

My most humble and heartfelt love greeting, I give you!


Virgin Mary





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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