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The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, November 30th, 2020

The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, November 30th, 2020


Dear light bearers and pioneers of the new earth.

Now there are many events that follow each other and we want to get your attention for a while to remind you of: That no matter what happens on the outside, it’s all about your own frequency, vibration and energy. And even if the ascension process of the earth is in full swing, it is through yourselves that it can and will be fully realized. We have said many times that it starts with you, and we say it again.

Dear lightworkers, it is within yourself that the five-dimensional vibration and consciousness first begins. You are the pioneers who anchor and hold the energy through your own awakening, enlightenment and ascension. And the ascension process cannot reach its full goal if you do not complete this task. This is because you are the balance and light pillars that hold the space and anchor the light to the rest of humanity. External events will continue to border your reality, just as it has done throughout almost all of human history. And we ask you to leave that work to us, trusting that you are well looked after and that all beings and aspects, even the darker agendas, have a divine plan.

Also remember that you can never lose, your existence is eternal and infinite, and the only thing that makes you believe otherwise is that you are currently experiencing a lower frequency and consciousness. You do not have to fight, but are at the same time free to do so, through your own free will to choose whatever experiences you want. But what we are trying to guide you towards is the full understanding that you are the creators and those who manifest the five-dimensional reality, through your own awakening, enlightenment and ascension.

This creates a chain effect of loving ripples that vibrate from your whole being and the miles around you. And the more you shine in love, trust, self-love, joy and happiness, the stronger and farther away these loving ripples reach. Your greatest task is thus to heal yourself and the emotional wounds you carry from this lifetime and all your lifetimes. Your greatest task is to become happy, free, harmonious and loving beings, who consciously create their own reality. A five-dimensional reality, and even if you do not see it in the outer, you will see it anyway, through being in the love within you. And this being heals humanity, holds the light, anchors the energies and creates space for your fellow human beings to follow in your footsteps, which in turn creates space for more fellow human beings to wake up.

And it is on this path that the earth will reach its ascension, step by step, man by man. But ALWAYS together, in fellowship and in love. And when Sananda walked the earth like a fully awakened Jesus, his loving ripples reached lands, waking up millions of people. And even today, those vibrations live on in the hearts of all mankind. Dear lightworkers, you now understand that the greatest weapon you have against what you call darkness is your own aura and the vibration of your whole being. And that the greatest work of leading the earth and humanity into its full awakening is about yourselves – You the pioneers of the new earth.

So keep peeling layers and transform everything within you that is unhealed. And continue to raise your awareness by letting go of low-frequency thoughts, drama, behaviors, and emotions. If you do not know how to proceed, ask for help and be open to the guidance you receive. Follow the cold and the feelings that are aroused in your hearts, because even if you do not hear us, see us or perceive us, we create a feeling within you. And it’s usually hard to miss.

With all our deep devoted love. We love you //

The Ascension Guides




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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