Love is our new reality

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Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, May 26


Ashtar on Leaky Boats, The Ashtar Command and NOW!

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are indeed Joy-full, and we will tell you this – this is a time to look ahead!  We understand the significance of your Memorial Day holiday.  It was originally instituted to commemorate the war that ended all wars, so they thought.*  And then what happened was that more and more wars were initiated, managed, and literally conducted to the very last ounce of money and sacrifice and disruption that could possibly be created by those who wanted to keep everyone under control.

“But that has changed!!!  And it is now for us to join with you in looking ahead at the bright, bright Light. You call it your future, we call it, it’s all happening NOW!  It’s all here for you to look at, to examine, to savor and, most of all, to celebrate with us that you’ve gotten this far and that you’ve made it!!!

“You know, when I first began speaking through this Voice, I spoke about leaky boats.  Some of you may remember.  I spoke about how the dark hats were all drifting around in boats that had holes in them, so they were leaking and they were going to sink, and that alongside of them – or in the middle of them – was a great big, golden white gleaming luxury liner ship.  And that all of those on board, being the Lightworkers, were throwing what you call the life preservers to all of those in the leaking boats.  And some of them did take hold and come up.  A few, a few have done so over the years.

“As you probably know, the boats have been very, very full and it has taken a lot longer for them to sink than we originally foresaw. That is because of their tenacity and because – let’s face it – the consciousness of Humanity had to come to a point where there was enough Truth showing in their faces, as it were, that enough would be welcoming NESARA and welcoming us!!!  And this has taken longer than we thought, also, because you have to understand perspective.  Our perspective is that we see it all!And it is very clear, but it has not always been clear to those who have taken the veil.

“Sometimes it’s not even clear to those who have committed and are indeed living the Lifestyles of the Lightworkers.  This is true.But the main thing that I am wanting to convey here with all of this is, yes, we know this has taken longer than you thought it would, but we have been right here with you this whole time, never veering away from our course – even when 9-11 occurred!
“We have stayed the course and so have you, Beloved Ones!  And so it is that enough Lightworkers, enough ground crew have waked up, enough of you Family members, have waked up -Ashtar Family members, and by that I mean, you are members of the Ashtar Command!  You may hail from different planets, and suns and stars, moons and systems, and so on and so on – the Group we are united in is the Ashtar Command!

“And yes, even beyond this Galaxy – they are coming!  And they are coming more and more.  And more and more of Humanity is aware, not just when they are perceiving from their Higher Dimensional Selves, but in their, shall we say, their 3-D selves. They are knowing that, yes, we’re for real, we are here!!!
“I like to say, ‘We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere!’ Because there is no point, no location whatsoever on Planet Earth where we are not covering in our ships.  And our ships are sometimes several deep and this is because of the importance ofwhat is happening here!  This is about moving into the Golden Age and that HAS to happen, because how on Earth can Humanity be ready for Ascension when they don’t even know what’s going on?

“How can Humanity – or members of Humanity who are unaware -deal with the various changes that are going on in their very own bodies?  It’s all very well and good if you have a pain or a twinge or something that doesn’t seem to be functioning quite the same way it was yesterday to go and seek medical advice.
“But there are some doctors who do not know what’s going on and so it is always wise to ask for someone who can sort out what is happening and treat you accordingly, because there are some who would say, ‘Oh, I think I need to prescribe a rest in a place where they have nutcases,’ you know, if you tried to tell some of them about Ascension and what’s going on.  And I mean no, no disrespect to the medical profession. They are like every other cross-section, or segment, of Humanity. There are those who are in the know; there are those who are not in the know.
“But an interesting thing is happening.  Those who know are finding each other more and more.  Are you not finding this true in your own lives?  It does not matter where you live. You can live across the World from someone and now, thanks to the internet, and these little phone devices and so on, you can communicate and bond and find brotherhood/sisterhood because you’re on the same wave length!!!
“Years ago, there were very few who spoke in terms of energies and the effects of energies, and incoming energies, and powerful energies, and energy dynamics among people.  Now it is very common to hear, ‘Oh, I really like the energy of that one. I want to spend more time in the energy fields of that one.  I’m drawnto this one or that one.’  You see?  It’s coming alive and it’s finding its way into every aspect of your Lifestyles!  And this is absolutely the way it is to go into the next era.  We call it the Golden Age.
“Feeling with your minds and making Heart-based decisions are going to be the way to live.  Now, we already do that in the Ashtar Command.  We have our telepathic communications quite highly developed, so I can communicate with most members of my Command no matter where they are!  They can be on the ground, so to speak, or they can be somewhere in the atmosphere.  And it is a level of communication that goes beyond the computers!  However, there are some still in the Command who reply upon the computers – very, very sophisticated computers with human kinds of elements, so as to be able to communicate with me.

“Whatever differences there may be among us, starting with where each member of the Ashtar Command came from, is insignificant compared to the commonality of our Mission.  We were brought here in order to assist and facilitate in every way possible, the Ascension of Planet Earth with this intermediate step called the Golden Age, which will be officially, officially announced with the NESARA Announcement!**

“And there will be another Announcement, of course, which I am particularly interested in.  Well, I’m interested in both of them, but I will tell you this – it will be a grand day when I can stand before you on your television screens, or whatever, or do a broadcast to you!  I realize that to stand before you I will need to assume something of a recognizable form.  And I shall do that when the time is appropriate!

“For now, I have the honor and the privilege of being the Commander of the Ashtar Command. But it is a Command of a circular kind of a make-up, and as I have said, we have our telepathic capabilities highly developed, or we have very, very sophisticated communications systems on our ships with our computers. And we are really of one mind – one Heart, one mind.
“Now that may be difficult.  If you think about your military, you are used to the general at the top who gives orders and the orders trickle down to the private on the lowest rung of the ladder.  And it’s different in the Ashtar Command!  I am in the center and then we have the entirety of the Command in a circular formation around me.  And we communicate in our meetings – a lot of times, telepathically. Because everyone can come – representatives, that is, can come to my Bridge on The New Jerusalem, which will expand to hold as many as are in attendance.

“And we have so much to do.  We have so many areas to monitor, and in some cases – thanks to you, giving us the permission, and thanks to the dark hats who have been so reluctant to give up their control – we are able to do more.  Our Galactic Council has given us the go ahead, the green light, to do a lot of mitigating, for instance, damage mitigation!  You call it damage control; we call it damage mitigation.  You may have heard me speak of it before, but we are working to clean up the most harmful of the radiation that has been unleashed in your World.  Yes, Fukushima is an outstanding example, but there are many others.  For instance, the depleted uranium which has been used in many countries around the world, and other forms of nuclear contamination.

“We are monitoring the activities of all of the dark hats.  There is not one who can hide from us and there is not one who can escape from Planet Earth, because we have instituted a force field which prevents them from escaping, which was their original plan!!!  They didn’t see themselves as being in leaky boats.  They saw themselves as being in ships – space ships!  And when they had wreaked all havoc and destruction upon Planet Earth and run out of the very last of its riches, they were going to leave and set up operations someplace else, to live in paradise and leave the rest of Humanity and all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia to suffer and to become extinct.THAT’S NOT HAPPENING!… not going to happen, will not happen!!! And if you’ve happened to see a movie or read a story that shows us coming to invade and destroy Planet Earth, or invade and come and make slaves of you, that’s simply the dark hats in action.

“Young people are particularly impressionable and in a lot of cases this kind of propaganda is aimed at them, but they are more discerning of Truth than the dark hats allowed for.  And it is often times the younger people – the indigos, the crystals – who are rejecting the concepts of war, takeover, enslavement, etc., etc. and who are seeing the Truth shining through, which is, that all of us have been created out of the Light of Love and we are here to love each other, to honor each other and to be helpful to each other – whenever we can help – and to live in Peace!!!

“The Galactic Federation has the Ashtar Command.  We are somewhat like unto a military organization, but we are not militant!!!  We are a peaceful organization and as soon as Planet Earth comes fully into the Golden Age and finds a way to have Peace everywhere – and there are a few other things, too, but those are the main things – then Planet Earth will be invited to sit on the Galactic Council with a full membership, which is very soon to come in your time, but is not quite your reality.You have representatives but you do not have a decision-making membership just yet, because it is not appropriate as long as there are wars of any kind being fought on Planet Earth.

“And the warmongers are being put out of control.  The warmongers – who are they?  They are the ones we call the dark hats, the ones who profit from war.  History has repeated itself way too often and the herstory of it is, there has been suffering, almost unimaginable suffering, everywhere where there has been war.

And Mother Gaia has been attacked and these attacks will stop.What do I mean by that?  Well, pollution, nuclear contamination, radioactivity, all of the toxins that are dumped into the waterways, buried in the land, sprayed on your foods and, of course, we have the fracking and the drilling.  Just imagine!Mother Gaia is a living, sentient, loving being, so how would you feel as a living, sentient, loving being, if someone drilled into your body to access your blood from your veins?  Well??This has been going on and Mother Gaia is ready for it to stop.  Actually, she has her Kingdoms well situated for transition into Higher Dimensional permanence, and they are already there, in part!Just like you are!!!

“I am not telling you anything new.I’m telling you old, old, old, old Truths!  You came from the Higher Realms and that is your destination when you ascend.  But, that’s your consciousness we’re talking about and you are already finding ways to move into Higher Dimensionality – when you meditate or when you sleep.  Even now sometimes you’re having visions – just one minute you’re washing your dishes and the next minute you’re off on Venus.  It’s happening more and more.  Why?  Because you are R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R-I-N-G and connecting in with where you came from or where you would like to visit.

“And more than that, farther back than that, in your existence, you were a Being of Light.  Very simple – a Being of Light!  But you have lowered your vibrations to come into the human body while at the same time a part of you has remained in those Higher Places! Congratulations!  You’re all multi-locating, even now!!!And when you have finished in the third dimension, you will simply move up into a reunion with yourselves, first and foremost!

“So this may be a bit if a different perspective on it – maybe a different way of looking at where you’re headed, what your destination is – but it’s always been the goal or the Mission of Humanity of Planet Earth, to return Home, in full, completely! And this is, Beloved Ones, this is what is happening, even as we are here gathered.  This is happening and there are many, many manifestations.

“Your mainstream news media are now carrying headlines and stories on all of these different topics about how the dark hats are losing it and how the Truth is coming out.  And it is Joy-full, if you keep the Higher Dimensional perspective, which is that it is a way of putting Light on everything so that all is revealed!  And then comes understanding of why NESARA and all of these changes are necessary in order for Planet Earth – all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth – to move up into a Higher level of vibration and, indeed, loving Lifestyle!!!

“So, we’ve taken a bit of a look back.  That can be fun to do, but mainly we just want you to keep the visions of the now moment in your now moments, and to more and more bring yourselves into the now of the Golden Age.  That is what we mean by the visions of the now moment, because it is bring that into your NOW!  That is so important, such a grand assistance in moving us further along in bringing forth the NESARA Announcement and the Announcement of our real presence and all of the wondrous, Joy-full and peaceful days and nights that you have ahead during the Golden Age!!!

“So we thank you, Beloved Family Members, beloved Ashtar Command Members, Angels – oh yes, there are Angels here present, and members of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms, Mother Gaia herself and all who come from the Heavenly Realms, the Realms of Light, the Masters, the Teachers!  We all thank and honor you, Beloved Ones, for coming and being with us in this Gathering of LoveLight. And we assure you that even more Joy, even more Light, even more Love is on your path, as we proceed into the reality of what some have called the Age of Aquarius – we call it the Golden Age!  Thank you, Beloved Ones, for your attention, for your presence, and for your loving energies!  And so it is.Salut!”
*   World War I
Transcription by Marta.
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